BLOG EXCLUSIVE: 'Curse of the Flesh' interview extras!

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


The DVD age has spoiled us by letting audiences see extras AFTER a film is released, but how about getting the extras from a newspaper story that hasn't been published yet?


Read on for more from the interviews I did with the director, editor and star of the local horror movie "Curse of the Flesh." (My story will appear on the bottom of the "Reflections" section in Thursday's Reflector.):


Norwalk director Jim Welch sounds a lot like a Hollywood director: He was in charge of a movie that went over budget. He originally anticipated his film to cost about $10,000.


Welch, originally from the Castalia area, said that number "at least" doubled because of unexpected expenses such as buying editing equipment and related software.


"As usual, the final budget was a lot more than originally anticipated — and then some, but it was worth it," Welch said.


Saturday's premiere at the Sandusky State Theatre also was more expensive than he expected.


"(The) print cost was phenomenal," Welch said about promotional posters. "I'd like to sell it out. It holds 1,500 (people)."


The first-time director already has received some positive feedback from the Tim Kostel, the technical director for the Sandusky State Theatre. They were listening to "Curse" through just the speakers attached to the film projector — not the theater speakers — at the time.


"He said he was impressed with it," Welch said.


There were 83 scenes in the nearly 110-page script. Welch's niece, Renee Matthews, the manager of Ghostly Manor, edited the film to make it 104 minutes long.


"Unfortunately, you can’t use everything you film. We had a few sound and visual problems, but I was able to work around it," Matthews said. "I enjoyed editing the movie, along with everything else I did. Some days were long and tiring, but it was well worth it. I learned a lot along the way and I’m sure the next movie we do will be even better," she continued.


What next film?


As of last Thursday, Welch said the script is done for another horror movie called "Hell's Lake." It will make references to an area myth, the urban legend known as the Lake Erie Monster.


"It's going to be totally, completely different from this one," Welch said. "It's going to be a custom-made creature that's being developed. In fact, the head is already done."


The director laughed when he pointed out how much blood there is in each of the promotional pictures on the back cover of the "Curse" DVD. Welch promised there will be more of the red stuff in "Hell's Lake," saying: "After all, it's a horror movie."


Welch hopes to start filming locally in May. "It's going to be a more graphic one," continued the part-time Ghostly Manor actor, who also builds sets and props.


"That's who we are; we are haunted house people." Norwalk resident Hope Wilhelm, who plays the main character in "Curse," hopes her first-time acting experience will mean Welch will cast her in another role.


"Just by doing this, I've met some wonderful people," Wilhelm said. "It turned out to be a lot of fun," said Welch, who has a basic storyline for a possible "Curse" sequel.