The reruns keep running

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Another week, another repeat.


That should be our mantra in the midst of the writer's strike. It's a sad state of affairs when I have a better chance of watching an episode I've never seen on Spike TV than I do on CBS.


When I did watch Spike TV last week, it was yet another episode I'd already seen. (Naturally; you never know where Murphy's Law will strike next.) The good part was I hadn't seen the beginning apparently.


An aside: How can anyone think it's a gift to your wife to kill yourself and stage it like a hunting accident so she gets the insurance money? I'm not very good at keeping track of such things, but doesn't anybody read their insurance policies? Staging one's death to make sure one's wife inherited a million bucks would be a good reason to make sure one knows for sure what the policy says on suicides, or deaths later ruled to be suicides.


Back to the topic at hand, I doubt we'll be seeing any new shows after the new year. I checked a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly that included a countdown of the amount of episodes listed for various shows; no "CSI" listed. That either means EW didn't have the information available when the writers did their research or there just won't be any new shows. I'm betting on the latter. That's a shame. The last newest episode really looked we were going to see the promise of some intriguing subplots.