Michael Vick dog-fighting — CSI style

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


To quote Michael Jordan: I'm back.


OK, my return to the Reflector blogs might not be as anticipated as the iconic MJ's return to "da Bulls," but I can at least hope I was missed.


Whoah. A couple weeks off watching my show and man, things are cooking. I thought "This can't be good" when Warrick was being interrogated about the death of a confidential informant with whom he had sex. To make things worse, the undersheriff apparently had told him to stay away from the case.


Help out the cops & courts reporter: What in the world is an undersheriff? And what does he do? Have we ever seen this guy on the show?


I had a feeling Warrick was going to go too far. He shouldn't have ever talked to the lab tech when she was processing fingerprints from his car. The techie was just as much at fault when she tipped him off at getting "a hit." She should have stuck to her instincts when she initially said: "Should I be talking to you?"


Warrick deserved every bit of his two weeks' suspension after he burst into the room where Grissom and Brass were interviewing the homeless suspect. It was great to see Grissom be so decisive.


Now help out the "CSI" blogger: What case is this that Warrick shouldn't have been investigating? And who is this creepy crime lord manipulating the situation?


On to the main story. Dog fighting is just despicable. This is no sport. Sports are where you root for an athlete to do something physically spectacular in the context of competition.


Dog fighting is simply a sick way to rationalize gambling as you watch two dogs — which have been trained to kill or maim — kill each other. Disgusting. Inhumane. I can't think of any more adjectives, but you get the point.


Nick nailed it; Juries can't stand two things — child abuse and animal abuse.


A regular "CSI" watcher told me the show is not about solving the murder anymore, it's about shock value. There's some truth to that.


But last night's episode is a good example of shocking storytelling used to get people talking. Maybe even taking action. And that's a great thing.


Now I want to hear what you have to say about dog-fighting and animal abuse.