Ooops — I did it AGAIN?!?

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


I must have been channeling Britney Spears. Actually, that would be the slacker part because she obviously has been choosing the night life over her family.


You can't blame me, on the other hand, who was focusing on time with my family instead of watching "CSI." (Oh the horror of it all!) And who would have thought there actually would be a new episode on Thanksgiving anyway? Oh, that's right; some people spend the holiday watching TV (which they could do any time of the year) instead of being thankful for time spent with their loved ones.


For those of you who want to spend time squinting at your computer screen, choose "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" under the "full episodes" portion of the CBS Website to watch last week's episode, "You Kill Me." And I know I'm killing you. Stay posted and one of these days I'll be back to some weekly blogging.