Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Life is full of ironies


. As an English major and a fiction lover, I dig ironies. You're reading one now.


On Fridays, I try to write up a blog to talk about, dissect, analyze and critique the previous night's "CSI." Last week, I caught the preview for last night's episode about Sara's final episode. Though I don't want to see her go, I was looking forward to watching it. Since Oct. 4, I have written seven blogs that either focused on, or touched on, Sara's inevitable exit.


Well, guess what. In the excitement and hustle and bussle of getting ready for a date, I forgot to set the VCR.




Regardless, I wish actress Jorja Fox the best. I'll catch her in the reruns. For Entertainment Weekly's perspective on Sara's swan song, read the Nov. 16 entry under Popwatch titled "What did you think of Jorja Fox's 'CSI' exit?"