Sara's departure inspires grassroots petition

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


The person behind the online grassroots campaign to keep Sara Sidle on "CSI" must have it bad for Jorja Fox — or must actually enjoy the painfully non-romantic, chemistry-less so-called romance between Sara and Grissom. (I still can't believe they're engaged! Ugh.) (Internet Movie Database — hands down the greatest resource for movie and TV fans) had this to say Friday: Fox's departure sent "shockwaves through the program's avid global fan base. Her character, Sara Sidle, is a fan favorite and website has been asking fans to send in letters voicing disapproval over Fox's departure. … The unnamed fan behind the site then promised to forward on the letters to producers. He has already live up to his word — producers claim they've received over 3,000 unhappy letters from Sidle fans."


While I've grown to appreciate Sara more over the years, I'm not protesting her leaving. Honestly,


Fox simply doesn't add as much to the show as George Eads (Nick), Gary Dourdan (Warrick) and the amazingly sexy Marg Helgenberger (Catherine), etc. do.


I don't like seeing long-time cast members leave any of my shows, but it sounds like Fox truly wants to leave. My advice to the anonymous protestor: Let her go. It's true "CSI" is showing its age, but it's still entertaining, in a watching-a-car-accident kind of way. The only thing, besides the Sara-Grissom fiasco, that could be worse for the show is forcing an actress who doesn't want to be there to remain.