Racing beauties, new Ohio carp record, sneak peak and more

A look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 9, 2013


Racing’s impact on community

The Mansfield News-Journal did a story on the economic impact Summit Motorsports Park and it’s half-a-million-a-year visitors have on Huron and Erie counties. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.

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Racing beauties

Natalie Jahnke, via Tweet: Successful Weekend in Norwalk Ohio #NHRA #harleydavidson

...and this

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New Ohio Carp Record

Caught at Sandusky Bay and tweeted by

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Norwalk Furniture sneak peak

r1productions via tweet: Here is a sneak peak of the advertising campaign we shot for Norwalk Furniture. This is by far the…