Racy photo spices up Norwalk Truckers page, new business in town and more

A look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 22, 2013


Not safe for school … or anywhere else

A young lady is coming under some fire from commenters for spicing up the “Norwalk Truckers” page on Facebook with a racy photo.


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Cut your grass...or else

City of Norwalk is reminding it’s Facebook fans that they better keep their grass cut: Do your part in keeping Norwalk beautiful! Residents are required to keep their properties in compliance with NCO 1306.12 - grasses, weeds, or vegetation must be maintained at a height of less than 6 inches.


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New business in town

Main Street Norwalk shared Dirtsandwich Music Company, LLC's photo.

Welcome to Dirtsandwich Music Company, LLC= our newest District business opening soon! Like their page to follow the progress and learn about their new venture!


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Prescription medication drop-off

New London PD via Facebook: This Saturday April 27, 2013 the New London Police Department, in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration, will conduct its semi-annual prescription medication drop off program at the Police Station located in the rear of 115 East Main Street.  The hours will be 10:00am- 2:00pm. Any medication will be accepted and no questions asked. If you are unable to drop off your medication call us at 419-929-3504 and we will pick it up for you.




the reflector helps spread the porn.Racy photo spices up Norwalk Truckers page.
WHAT TRASH you guys want to take this back into the locker room where it belongs. NO COMMUNITY VALUE,NO NEWS VALUE JUST CHEAP BULL.Garbage.






I believe the photo is a spammer. It is not someone local - just someone who posts on open facebook sites.




Is it to much to ask from a local paper to print actual news? A spammer posts a pic on a public school web page and this is somehow news worthy? Pathetic at best.


Who cares about a photo. Have you seen the sexual dances from most of the school dance squads? Volleyball shorts? Grinder dances? If it weren't for all this, life would be so boring at school and at school events, especially losing teams. Shake that booty girls and shake it good. Make your parental sponsors proud. Tempt that math teacher or that coach. Some of you gals can now even tempt your female gym teachers. It's a new world where God lives and stays in Gatlinburg Tennessee. So quit whining and take the opera glasses to the next game.