Black Triangle sighting in Norwalk, roofing rocks, pictures posted and more

A look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 26, 2013


Artistic Revue

Norwalk Dance Center posted some cool photos on Facebook of their students participating in the Kids Artistic Revue.

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Bowl-a-thon pictures

St. Paul Catholic School on Facebook: Hope you are enjoying your snow day. Here are some pictures of the 3rd grade during bowl-a-thon.


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Roofing Rocks

Certainteed via Youtube: Watch the lastest webisode installment Maximum Definition with Landmark™ PRO” of the CertainTeed $75,000 Exterior Living Spaces® Home Makeover. Follow the Pohl's as their roof is transformed providing the home with a richer, more vibrant appearance and depth of color.

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Black Triangle sighting in Norwalk

Dept of Phenomenon ‏@RichardVonQuest, via Twitter:

#UFO REPORT - Black Triangle Sighting in Norwalk, Ohio on January 17th 2013 - Jan 03,10,17.