Missing dog, 'Kitchen Nightmares' fall-out and more

A look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 11, 2013


Missing Dog
Taylor Heitsche of Wakeman took to Facebook to try to locate her missing dog. “He's been gone since Wednesday and we think he's in the Collins/Wakeman area. his name is Lou. Lou is a shar pei, tan in color and about knee height. He's a very good dog. Any help you could give us would be much appreciated. If anyone has any information we can be reached at 4195776747 or 4196688616. It's very important to my family that we get him home. We miss him very much. Thank you so much, The Heitsche Family.

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Treasure Hunt
Main Street Norwalk is promoting its upcoming ‘Norwalk Great American Treasure Hunt” event on Facebook:

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Nightmare Tweets
Here are some of the Tweets from the recent Kitchen Nightmares episodes featuring Mill Street Bistro:
psheddy ‏@psheddy
@GordonRamsay01 So what led you to tiny Norwalk Ohio? Seems like a random place to have the show go.
Kiss Mill Street Bistro goodbye Norwalk Ohio.... #StupidOwner#KitchenNightmares @GordonRamsay01
Jimmy B. ‏@boomcicle
@GordonRamsay01 Thank you for coming to Norwalk,Ohio. I truly enjoyed the episode and sadly even you can't fix that kind of stupid.
Mike ‏@ClevlndsCapo21
2 part episode of #KitchenNightmares of this arrogant fool fromNorwalk Ohio.
Justin Bieber ‏@F_MY_BELIEBERS
Watching #kitchennightmares for the first time. Highly entertaining#MillStreetBistro #NorwalkOhio Who was the girl with tattoo on arm?
Annette Lawless ‏@annettelawless
Watching #KitchenNightmares, featuring Norwalk, Ohio's Mill Street Bistro. This show makes me never want to eat out. Ever again.
John N. Stutsman ‏@jnstutsman
@annettelawless That place is in my hometown. I've never been there & never will go there. Owner is such a jerk, prices to high, & bad food.
PsyberspaceSuperstar ‏@psybrspcsuprstr
watchin' : Kitchen Nightmares s6e12 ‷Mill Street Bistro,‴ Part➋ :This owner is NUTZ❢ and a Fraud❢ http://www.millstreetbistrobar.com/
J.A. Bell ‏@sixcupsofcoffee
In fact, looking on Yelp shows the Mill Street Bistro will not last. Not a single good review in the last six months.
KAYTE ‏@Ms_Kayte
Mill Street Bistro, WOW!! Just wow! How is Ramsay even able to stay there knowing this... #kitchennightmares #GetGluehttp://getglue.com/tv_shows/kitc...
Stacey Witkowski ‏@StaceyWitkowski
"You never know what the future holds 4 the Mill Street Bistro" Translation:I'm not gonna listen 2 Ramsay! #ShortSighted#KitchenNightmares