UFO sighting in Monroeville; more 'Kitchen Nightmares' fallout; and more

A look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 4, 2013


Mill Street: ‘Where Can I Spit This Out?”
The Web site Reality TV Calendar caught Kitchen Nightmares with Mill Street Bistro, and was unimpressed, to say the least. Here's the story.

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Monroeville UFO sighting
area51.org tweeted a link to the site below describing a UFO sighting in Monroeville recently.

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Homemade sangria
This will quench your thirst, Timbers Smokehous and Grill, via Facebook:

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Tweet of the Day
Michael ‏@miketcetera
WTF is a restaurant in Norwalk, Ohio doing putting Oysters Rockeffeller and "catch of the day" on its menu? #KNonFOX