Drones may soon be in sky around here; creepy child; fundraiser for autism sufferer; and more

A look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 12, 2013


Drones may be in the sky soon

According to people who watch such things, and promoted via Twitter, Lorain County Community College has applied to the Federal Aviation Administration for drone licenses? Do they plan to attack BGSU Firelands? Weird. The Medina County Sheriff’s Office wants a drone, too.


Police Test Drive

The New London Police Department is testing out a new vehicle for possible purchase and showcasing it on Facebook.


* * *

Fund raiser at Fairgrounds

“BlockONation tweeted that benefit fundraiser for autism sufferer Jason Runkle of Plymouth will be held March 9, at the  Huron County Fairgrounds. Looks like a good cause.


* * *

Creepy child

Karen Brewer via “Sara” on Pinterest has posted a photo of 4-year-old Nellie Simmons of Norwalk. The photo is from 1858. She’s wearing a pale yellow dress with dark green trim and green and red polka dots...and she makes your reporter’s skin crawl.




More government aka big brother........just what we DONT NEED!!!!!!!


Hmmm, so if some dudes running from the cops, the drone can just blast his a$$ like we do in the other countries as well huh. So much for land of the free, when the government is using the war weapons on its own citizens......

Richard Russell

I've seen creepier children running around late at night at Wallyworld - lol!

Seriously, click on the collection that that child was in and you'll find many interesting photos in that collection:


jack langhals

Can we shoot them down?How do we know they aren't Terrorists?

hit the road jack

I think I remember someone posting this on here a while back and everyone said I was goofy,well now who's the goofy one? they won't be flying around my house I can tell you that! hell,they been flying them in Medina for a few years now,Akron too,they want 30,000 of these things flying in this country by the end of the decade.


Here's a "fun" website for ya:


Take a look around. For one, click on the "Interactive Timeline."

We're gonna need more drones - lotsa terrorists.


"creepy child"? Really? smh