Bubba ‘Jump’ Shrimp, dueling Tweets of the day and more

Here's a look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 28, 2013


Bubba ‘Jump’ Shrimp?
Bubba Blackwell @hdjumper, a tweetist who claims to “jump stuff on a Harley-Davidson XR750 and stunt shows promoting HD and Screamin Eagle,” tweeted that he added a new jump in Norwalk, OH on Aug. 10. Would that be the Huron County Fair?

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Vintage outhouse
Jean Jasinski via Cheryl Darr pinned a photo of a vintage outhouse in Norwalk.

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Shamrock Tavern Tribute
MrVinnister posted this tribute video on youtube to a one-time favorite Norwalk watering hole.

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Dueling Tweets of the day
Kasey Kramer ‏@_Just_inKase
Doesn't get any better than norwalk, ohio my friends
Kasey Duncan ‏@Kay_Dunks
I'm planning my future and it has nothing to do with Norwalk, Ohio



"Norwalk Viral"? Doesn't Norwalk already have one virus named after it? :)