RR Donnelley closing plant, suspicious males, International recognition and more

Here's a look at what's news on the local social networking scene.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 23, 2013


Two suspicious males
Via Facebook, the New London Police Department was on the trail of two suspicious male hanging out near First Street.

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Ghost Tour Menu
Via Facebook, courtesy of Main Street Norwalk and Berry’s Restaurant:

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Donnelley lays off in Wisconsin
A Greenville, Wis. printing faciility operated by RR Donnelley is closing its doors, leaving 47 workers without jobs, according to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

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Scholarship application deadline
Via Twitter, Firelands Electric has issued a reminder that the deadline for its scholarship program applications is Feb. 1.

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International recognition
Via Facebook, the Glasgow, F.L.E.A. (Furniture Looks Exciting Again) a furniture, fashio, fabrics, film and fragrances firm in Glasgow, United Kingdom, is touting furniture from Take Two Interiors in Norwalk.



"Firelands Electric has issued a 'remainder'"

Exactly how does one issue a 'REMAINDER'? Are they requiring math problems on their scholarship applications?


Windy, they must have read your comment, because the text DOES say "reminder" now. I'm curious if these "Social Networking" leads are supposed to be news to substitue for stories written by real journalists. Otherwise, I would subscribe to the sites myself if I wanted this kind of "journalism". Also, if the RR Donnelly snippet leads to a real story with local impact, will we get that in a real news story? I'm just wondering.

Andy Prutsok

This is merely aggregation of content that we would not normally devote staff time to do a full story. Hopefully, you will find something of interest from time to time, something about our city, county or the people who live here.  Appreciate the comments.