UFO sighting over Norwalk, trouble for local attorney, and more

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Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 21, 2013


UFO sighting over Norwalk
ufostalker.com reports a “Black Triangle” sighting over Norwalk on Jan. 17. “To whom it may concern, If you wish to contact me feel free to do so i have four family members that witnessed there own sightings in aug 2012 and again on jan 3RD 2013 with me .The other 2 events,Jan,10th,17th 2013,and prior to that august 1st 2012 in berea oh over the hopkins airport area viewed from my home at the time that one was much bigger and closer but same description as the others and lasted from 2 to 4.45 am...”

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Drug addicts struggle to find help
Good piece here in the Morning Journal, linked via Twitter:

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Ethical lapses for Norwalk attorney?
From David Palmer @ The Watchdog via Twitter: The Discplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court has found Attorney George Ford III of the Norwalk Public Defender’s Office has had some ethical lapses.

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Featherolf tops in his class
Jeff Thomas Sr. via Twitter and youtube, calls Norwalk’s Jake Featherolf the top basketball player of the Class of 2013:



"UFO" is no longer used. The term is: Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP)

UFO is associated with ETs. UAP can be anything.

A “black triangle”? A stealth fighter?

Paranoid Illusion

I was thinking stealth. Or Bigfoot in disguise.


I saw a shimmering shape changing mass in the east one evening. Had me goin' for a while until I heard the honking.

It was a flock of highflying geese with the below the horizon setting sun reflecting off their white bellies. Pretty cool.

IMO, if ET is visiting us he wouldn't be playing an interstellar game of peek-a-boo.

Brock Lee

mabe it super obama


My kite string broke.

Sitting In The ...

Evidently the same thing was spotted in Detroit...