Womacks host holiday 'treat'

Local band releases new CD.
Scott Seitz
Jul 8, 2014


Saturday was more than just a special day for one of the area's most-popular bands.

The Womacks released their new CD, "WFB," and hosted an all-day music and art festival called, "The Great American Treat."

The festival was held at the Womack ranch, 4102 Higbee Road, Monroeville.

Tony Schaffer, who sings and plays guitar, said "WFB" is "our proudest collection of songs."

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swiss family

OK... so I learned something...I think.. I always thought that the "Womacks" was the name of a family group... but in the article, it seems that 2 of these musicians have the same last name, which is not Womack, and the other 2 have other individual names, and none of them are named "Womack...?? and now it seems that the all live on a farm?? I am not trying to make fun of anyone.. but I guess I don't understand this.. I know it really does not matter what their living situation is .. it is all about the music.. but if they put the information out there.. I would like to learn more about this and what they stand for...


I'd like to know why this paper is so obsessed with this group! I heard them, and they are just OK at best!




Obviously all music is based on a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. But there is no getting around the fact that this band is selling out venues from New Hampshire to Florida, and are currently playing in New York city. The following of fans these guys have is incredible and I highly doubt there is a band in the area with a bigger following then theirs. With that being said i'm guessing the paper is obsessed with them because the majority of the readers are fans of theirs. And i'm not sure about anyone else, but I am absolutely thrilled every time I see these guys in the paper or when i get to listen to them on WLKR. If you ask me these guys are the best around and its going to be a bitter sweet day when I watch these guys move on to bigger and better places.


So says a cousin


Don't be a hater. You said your point of view and let that be that. Jealously is unbecoming. Don't worry I'm sure your band is "just ok at best" too. Also I'm just one of their many fans not a cousin.