Norwalk teen accused of helping beat up drug dealer

Authorities finally nabbed a Norwalk resident accused of beating a convicted drug dealer with a large bolt.
Cary Ashby
Apr 18, 2012


Authorities finally nabbed a Norwalk resident accused of beating a convicted drug dealer with a large bolt.

Stephan N. Wallace, 19, of 129A N. Pleasant St. was arrested over the weekend after a short foot chase near the Circle K parking lot in Avery. Erie County Sheriff's Deputy Justin Smith made the stop based on a traffic violation.

"The thought was Wallace had skipped town," Capt. Paul Sigsworth said.

The sheriff's office had contacted U.S. Marshals about searching for Wallace. However, Sigsworth said deputies determined the suspect was still living in the Huron County area.

Wallace, a passenger in the back seat, ran from the red Pontiac after Smith had identified Wallace's identity through his cell phone, Sigsworth said.

"Wallace gave him a false name," he said. "Justin Smith did a nice job with that (stop)."

Wallace has been unable to post a $50,000 bond at the Erie County Jail since being arrested April 13.

He is charged with felony counts of felonious assault, robbery and trafficking in marijuana. He also faces misdemeanor charges of theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and obstruction of official business.

About two weeks ago, U.S. Marshals arrested Wallace's suspected accomplice, Justin A. Myers, 19, of Huron, in Toledo. He is charged with aggravated robbery and felonious assault in connection with a March 23 incident.

Myers and Wallace are accused of breaking into a Plantation Motel room and beating rural Greenwich resident Dylan T.K. Mundy with a large bolt, Sigsworth said. When interviewed, Myers reportedly said he and Wallace took turns assaulting Mundy, the one-time boyfriend of Wallace's sister.

In jail since April 3, Myers also must post a $50,000 bond before being released from custody.

Mundy, 21, of 2761 Omega Road, Greenwich, was sentenced April 11 to six months in prison for a Huron County trafficking in heroin conviction.

As part of a joint recommendation between Mundy's attorney and a prosecutor, Mundy agreed to forfeit $526 in cash and a handgun that was seized during a heroin investigation.

On Sept. 5, Norwalk police detectives used a search warrant at an apartment and seized the handgun and various drug paraphernalia, including a used heroin balloon, some new balloons and marijuana-related growing lights.

Wallace was in the news nearly two years ago about driving intoxicated in a car without functioning headlights and hitting several Norwalk-area mailboxes.

In mid-August 2010, Wallace was arrested at his Norwalk apartment after city police linked him to mailbox damage on North Pleasant Street and Lais Road. There also was a damaged guardrail on the south side of Schaffer Road.

Officer Chris Kelley determined Wallace was driving a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt, which he saw with heavy front-end damage turning southbound on North West Street and accelerating as the officer got behind the car.

"I noticed the vehicle was swerving all over the road in an erratic manner and still accelerating as it neared the downtown area, so I terminated the pursuit in the interest of public safety," Kelley reported at the time.

After the pursuit, a Huron County Sheriff's Office canine unit helped police locate the Cobalt, which was abandoned on Shaw Mill Road just east of Plank Road.

Wallace, who was 18 during his arrest, submitted a breath test. Police said his blood-alcohol content level tested at .192 -- more than twice the legal limit for drivers in Ohio.

About two weeks later, Wallace was convicted of driving under the influence, hit-skip, failure to control and other charges through Norwalk Municipal Court.

Presently, Wallace is wanted on a burglary warrant that was issued Sept. 14 through Huron County Juvenile Court. Once Wallace is released from jail, the suspect is expected to be released into the custody of the Huron County Sheriff's Office, officials said.



?????? IDK this person, but, WTH??? Is this a history lesson, back-ground check, or a 'news' story???
I am inclined to go along with the majority and say that this paper is getting to the point of the tabloids. When our kids were in school, they were given current event assignments which required the reading, reporting on, and cutting (with scissors) and pasting (with glue) the articles into our current events "scrap-book" for the school year....
I would NOT, with the paper as it is today, allow my kids or gr. kids, to set eyes on this paper (or the others) let alone read, comprehend, report on, cut/paste/save for any reason what-so-ever...
Not so many years ago, the Reflector was an excellent news source, imo. I am not so sure now. I take that back, I AM sure it is not, now.
Everyone 'wonders' how the 'dumbing-down of Americans has come about... One only has to look at our news papers and news shows to find the answer..... = (


I can tell you a lot of us with family members on heroin would love to beat up the drug dealers. I can see why he did it.


yeah it sounds like he beat him up for the drugs... not because he was doing the community a favor but it sounds like he's a drug addict himself


Oh, well then he's as dumb as the rest of them.


Right Idea, Wrong Reason.


I agree Betherella, but unfortunately it appears as if he isn't much better than the person he assulted.


It's sad to see young men my children attended nursery school with end up like this ,I remember them in boy scouts ,such a shame ...this town needs a reality check ,our kids are vulnerable to drugs and the evil people that sell them .


I would have thought they were a product of "Head Start".


Your name says it all doesn't it? How sad for you that you honestly feel that children who go to 'head start' end up doing drugs. People end up doing drugs for so many reasons...none of them good. Im not defending the choices these people made but it's a shame that you would stereotype like that. Sad.


I'm assuming it was a joke lighten up


Im sorry. its hard to 'lighten up' on here. People are CONSUMED with this shit. They spend their days bad mouthing and let's be honest...maybe they arent addicts, maybe they've never been in the paper but we all have shit that keeps us up at one is perfect.


Amanda, It's called sarcasm. Don't like it don't read the stories or the comments.

Maybe you're a product of "Head Start" or use it now, but this is one of the biggest waste of tax payer dollars (except for Congress and the White House). Head Start offered all kinds of promises and has not fulfilled them, and is nothing more than a high dollar daycare, the kids get screwed and the taxpayer gets screwed. But that's my opinion. You are right, no one is perfect, but when you take the easyway, then don't expect any sympathy.


My child went to "head start" and he is getting ready to graduate with a 3.8 g.p.a. AND is going to college in the fall ! So what's your point ?? Except to stereo-type the less fortunate ? How Sad ! Drugs are an individual choice !!


:) I appreciate this post. I also went to head start and I have a 4.0 in college right now, my husband and i both work, and raise our gorgeous daughter all at the same time! I am so blessed. Like you said drugs are an INDIVIDUAL choice. We choose our fate. Forgive the ignorant for they know nothing :)


I would venture to guess that the Norwalk Reflector has to lead the country in front page mugshots. Eventually they will have to paint something on those horrific white walls.


@cjbell019: What a *great* idea! They could sell advertising space on the walls to make money for the jail, and local businesses can get a free ad in the paper when a mugshot is run. Targeted marketing would work... bail bonds, rehab facilities, etc.

Does anybody know who we could speak to in order to get this implemented? Even if it's only a few hundred dollars, that's a few hundred more that they didn't have before. Plus it's money coming into, or staying in the community.


I;ve been complaining about those walls for a long time...They don't change though.. LOL!

Kottage Kat

I am revolutionary, Back when disasaours (sp) roamed the earth, the newspapers were the source for world news, no Internet, and Chet, David and Walter gave us the nighty news. No drugs or thugs making the front page, it was what was happening in the world and people were interested in that. When was the last time any "world" news was in the paper? Dudley White was proud of the paper, and what was reported, would he be today? Just saying. Kat


That's because our communities are imploding around us from these problems with drugs and crime. And anyone who thinks lack of "Jobs" (excuse me high paying jobs), is an acceptable excuse for crime and drugs is missing a point, it's a lack of self-worth and knowing what is the right thing to do, but taking the easier path.


there's no bad kids only bad parents,go to walmart or mcdonalds and numerous places any day and see the start of idiocracy .
or talk to a teacher and see how little most people rate education


I love this picture of ya Steve!!!!!
And if you don't know why anything happened, keep your mouth shut. It's easy for anybody who doesn't know him to say terriable shit about him. Thats not even RIGHT!!! He is a great guy and yeah, what happened, happened. So what. Everyone that loves this man, that cares about him, that are doing whatever they can, are behind him 100%! When you sit there slandering people you do not know, it is truely sad & proves you have no life :D Congrats -_-
Btw, love how the paper brings up shit that happned 2 years ago. Really, what was your point?


Did you get the stolen heroin is that why you are supporting these pothead junky pos's


I am sober & would never touch that shit & I hate the kid that got his ass beat :)

Sitting In The ...

@KatieBug It helps to show the readers that this isn't an isolated incident,some would call it a pattern. I love how no where in your paragraph did you ever mention that he should maybe change his ways and by the way this is 100% his fault. Let me drop some knowledge on you maybe if he didn't get arrested they wouldn't have nothing to slander him with right?. So please point the blame where it needs to be directly on these two "gangstas". I love the part where it took two of them to beat up one guy...hopefully the next time (even with your "100%") they suffer a large dose of lead poisoning and make society a little better place. That not slander that my opinion thought I let you know.

amanda kissenhug

Freakin hilarious!!!!


Or, OR, maybe you can sweetie :) Seriously, you can go rot for all I care :)


So stealing drugs is okay?


ha watta joke that punk ass kid robbin people and shit beatin people up?? i mean really all yoiu dumb ;ittle ms13? want to bes are a discrase to this town i mean really i hope they lock him up for a long time just for the fact that hes prolly one of the dumbasses that brought heroin to our town i mean really wallece mundy and alot of other people u guys are just worthless peices of human matter never gonna amount to anything so pull ur head out of your asses and be a man dont do stupid shit like wat this articale is about thats about a boy that needs his ass beat..and honestly come on with the smirk o yea dude ur cool ur a tough guy my idea is to get all the douchbags in norwalk that "are in a gang" or are stupid enough to think think like steven and hall them to jail so we can have our town back i mean come on it just makes me sick there whole family is nothin but aa bunch on incest havein worthless organic matter but my opinion


Thank you, I know have a splitting headache from trying to decipher your post.


Love how the one has a smirk on his face while the other looks all hard. Takes a real idiot to go beat someone up and steal the drugs and other stuff because he got his sister hooked on heroin. Did he steal it so his sister could get another fix?? That would be my guess. Pretty sad took the two of them to beat one person up let alone they had to use a bolt to do it. WOW is all I can say. Really hope they all fry. Maybe they should look into the drug house that the one and his sister lives in. Maybe if their mom didn't get them hooked on weed they wouldn't turn to something else to get a "better" high. She lets them drink, smoke, party it up. WHAT a LOSER she is too!!!! Sounds like they all need a lot of help!!!