Officer injured in scuffle with robbery suspect following pursuit

(UPDATED with video from bond hearing.) A Huron County sheriff's lieutenant suffered a concussion during a scuffle with a robbery suspect caught after a high-speed chase.
Aaron Krause
Mar 30, 2012


(UPDATED with video from bond hearing.) A Huron County sheriff's lieutenant suffered a concussion during a scuffle with a robbery suspect caught after a high-speed chase.

John Lane, 23, of Mentor, is in custody at the Huron County Jail on charges of felony fleeing and eluding, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest. Additional charges could be filed.

About 1:30 p.m. Thursday, the Wakeman Police Department received a "Be on the Look Out" advisory. An officer happened to be running random license plate inspections at the time. He noticed that one of those plates fit the description of the vehicle mentioned in the advisory.

"We didn't put two and two together until we ran the plate," Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker said.

A couple of minutes passed between the advisory and license plate check that indicated Lane was wanted by Cleveland-area authorities. He is accused of robbing a BP station in Lake County and a Shell station in Mentor.

Following the license plate check, a Wakeman officer began pursuing the suspect's vehicle west on U.S. 20 toward Norwalk. The Wakeman officer called the sheriff's office for back up.

Sheriff's deputies responded and noticed the suspect driving at more than 110 mph. During the pursuit, the suspect threw money and other contraband out the window, Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick said.

The blue Honda nearly hit a couple of vehicles before turning west onto South Norwalk Road and then into the Elks Club parking lot, where it hit landscaping timbers.

The suspect jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot. Patrick and Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard gave chase, as did sheriff's Lt. Chris Stanfield.

Stanfield tackled Lane, and a fight ensued between the two, with Stanfield receiving a head injury in the process, Patrick said.

As the struggle continued, Patrick used a Taser to subdue Lane. At that point, a deputy was able to handcuff Lane and take him to jail.

Detectives from the Mentor Police Department and the Lake County Sheriff's Office planned to travel here to interview Lane, Patrick said.

Stanfield, who oversees the daily operations of the Huron County Jail, was treated and released Thursday, Fisher-Titus Medical Center spokeswoman Johnna Young said.

Stanfield normally does not work patrol, but he came out to help as a result of the shortage of manpower, Patrick said.

The incident resulted in the 26th injury a Huron County sheriff's employee has experienced in the line of duty during the last three years, Patrick said.

There is a direct correlation between the incidents and the shortage of staff, he added. The department is down to 10 deputies on road patrol, and that number soon will dwindle to nine -- the lowest Patrick has seen during his 26 years with the sheriff's office.



Great Job! Hope you are feeling better! We need more men and women in uniform on the road helping! Save lives and keeps "A Children's Place" alive!


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yogi bear

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Everyone asks why are there so many drugs in Huron Co. Kids being poisoned to death in are homes, schools and even jail. We worry when we are at work that are homes are safe from all these break ins. We worry when are kids are outside playing or when we are at stores late at night. Even when we lay in bed there is a fear of what may be next. Everyone is running for CCW’s. Gun prices are at all time highs!

This story sums it up! There is not enough Police on the streets to help prevent crimes. The people breaking the law know they cannot keep up with the calls they have now. How long does it tie up an officer for a DUI? One hour to 90 minutes. Throw in a domestic violence call. There are two more officers off the streets for 30 minutes. Fight call at the bar 3 more officers gone for 40 minutes. (Time to cut the locks on that storage shed!!!)
This is why! As a City Support Whatever these Men and Women need!




While driving always observe your surroundings. and all will be fine..stop always being a worry wart..things can happen but I say go get them bad guys.. The End


Actually, how about kudos to: as the report unfolds: Chief Tim Hunker, Sheriff Dane Howard, Capt. Ted Patrick, Lt. Chris Stanfield..
How about some positive vibes for our law enforcement.
A serious situation handled proficiently and ending well with culprit caught.
And all the officers get home safely to their families.
As THEDON says, Great Job.


I do not quite understand the direct correlation between this and being understaffed. Looks like the HCSO left from their department on Shady Whether 2 or 10 gave chase, it looks like Stanfield caught the guy and was wrestling with him while the other 2 caught up. If the jail is so under manned, why did Stanfield leave?

If the SO is averaging 12 injuries a year, it may be past time to review their training and get some refresher training.


The ignorance on here blows my mine, when you cut a sheriff's department in half and then wonder why Stanfield had to be called out to help,,really??? some people are just clueless. Training isn't going to help with lack of man power. The commissioners need to wake up, our county is suffering because they are more concerned about the airport and their own pet projects. Thanks officers for all you do to protect us, God be with you all!


Please explain how the SO being understaffed relates to this injury? I am far from clueless on manning and staffing issues as well as training and budgets. I just want you to answer how this ties into being short staffed. Local PDs have taken hits and they don't seem to suffer high injury rates among their officers. They arrest the same type of "bad guys". They average 2-3 officers on scene. They for the most part have yearly refresher training on subject control. So I say once again, please explain how this correlates to being short staffed. I am not critical of the way the incident was handled, just critical of the statement that has no factual bearing on what happened.


I'll explain it as simply as I can.....The Huron Co. Sheriff's Office patrols the entire county. Norwalk PD, just Norwalk. If the Sheriff only has two deputies working the night shift, and one is in New London, and one is in Bellevue, and a call comes in for Officers needing to repond to New Haven, well, it could be awhile. And while these Officers try to do the best they can, while putting their lives at risk. It's only probable that if one officer is able to respond with back up several minutes away....they do their job. And sometimes when they put their lives on the line everyday they go to work, they can, do, and will suffer harm while in harm's way. Less officers mean the one's on duty in our rural areas are subject to more danger than Willard PD, or Norwalk PD Officers who have backup minutes, if not seconds away. And don't forget that they often assist depts. like Greenwich, New London, Wakeman, and Monroeville when those depts call on them. Huron County is one of the largest counties in Ohio. The facts are this, put a badge on, kiss the wife and kids good night, and expect to do the work of 4-5 men each night. And hope all you come home with is a concussion.


And in return the local PDs and State Patrol back up HCSO, whenever, wherever. It is not a one way street as so many like to have you believe. You are over dramatic with you concussion line. No one forces them to stay on the job. This was not some incident in a rural area, it was just down the street as it where, from them. Great they got the guy but quit whining about being short staffed. You don''t like Silcox, vote him out next time. Look at it for what it is, right place, right time. No great super human effort was involved.


Well being's there is no one is quoted, I would have to say it is the opinion of the person writing the story. Arron. I would be interested to here of these 12 clames that were filed


The major point that alot of people miss or ignor. Is all the good guys got to go home at the end of there shift. Some are not so lucky. GREAT JOB GUYS


Send him to Teen Challenge!


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Great Job Guys.Keep up the good work. Most of the people in Huron County do appreciate your hard work

sunshine 0604

HCVOTER most of the people besides LARRY SILCOX lol. Good work HCSO!


LOL. Lets just vote that goof out of office. Or maybe elected him to a higher Office in Government to get him out of town. No---- then we'll still have to deal with him. Just vote him outttttttttttt!!!


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The Sandusky paper said they bumped heads during the arrest I dont see how being short handed had anything to do with that. I heard the chase on the scanner it didnt last 10 mins. I would like to add GREAT job to everyone involved! I really thought once he got on Rt20 he was gone.


Dusty do you understand the Jail Administrator is usually not out arresting FELONS ???? In the meantime the drainage ditches in the southern portion of the county are receiving serious attention PRIORITIES .PRIORITIES .PRIORITIES .PRIORITIES .PRIORITIES .PRIORITIES .PRIORITIES .
There is money available but SILCOX has his pet projects, public safety appears to be low on his list.


I'm sure the Jail Administrator handled himself just fine. Norwalk Police and the State Patrol were right on there tail. It was a matter of being in the right place at the right time.


IT is a matter of the right place and the right time.Why are the Deputies in that right place at that right time?


Well.. My guess is they were all sitting on station or in Norwalk. You can bet they didnt respond from Willard or Greenwich. Like I said it was over in 10 Mins.


That sounds like Silcox. LOL I wish I was a deputy....


Great job fellas!!!Guy thinks he's hard.=====Wish Corbin woodda got him. Johnnie looks might change. HAHAhhasha.


Great job to all involved.Great job catching this guy.Hope Stanfield is O.K. You can't stay in a building when your friends are on the line because of staffing.Good job lending a hand. Hoping the next commissioners we elect will listen!! See you at the voting booth.


The only thing these 3 Commissioners are concerned about is their buddy at the race track and giving tax payers property away. Because of their blunders the last couple of years and giving their pet projects money , now they have to strip important departments like Sheriff's Department.
Enough is enough. Lets get rid of these guys. Vote them out in November.
If they can't get that County employee from the Engineers Office to pay $7000 in back property tax,
then, why are we letting them run our County and manage county monies?