INMATE DEATH - Bond set at $90,000 for accused drug smuggler

A Huron County Jail inmate accused of smuggling pills and tablets into the facility and trading them for commissary items must post a $90,000 bond before being released from custody. Those pills led to the overdose of three female inmates, one of whom died.
Aaron Krause
Mar 14, 2012


A Huron County Jail inmate accused of smuggling pills and tablets into the facility and trading them for commissary items must post a $90,000 bond before being released from custody. Those pills led to the overdose of three female inmates, one of whom died.

Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge made that ruling on Tuesday during Mindy L. Gallagher's bond hearing. (NOTE - To see more pictures related to this story, click HERE.)

Gallagher, of Fostoria, is charged with conveyance of prohibited items into a detention facility, trafficking in drugs and theft of drugs. Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard has said Gallagher distributed the opiates-based drugs to nine female inmates. Howard told the Reflector that Gallagher admitted during an interview she put the drugs in her vagina to smuggle them into the jail.

Gallagher and two other inmates were taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center due to suspected drug overdoses. A fourth inmate was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. One of the inmates, 20-year-old Jesika L. Skelton, died early Sunday morning at Fisher-Titus.

Ridge set Gallagher's hearing for 1:30 p.m. March 16 at municipal court. The defendant can wave her right for a prosecutor to present evidence at the hearing. If she does, Ridge would bound her case over to Huron County Common Pleas Court for a possible grand jury indictment.

At Tuesday's bond hearing, Gallagher answered Ridge's questions in a barely audible voice. She told the judge she has no money to hire an attorney and doesn't own property.

Ridge told Gallagher he could not appoint the county public defender to represent her because he's representing a co-defendent or potential witness stemming from her case. Ridge added that would amount to a conflict of interest. Ridge assured Gallagher he would appoint an attorney for her.

In regards to bond, Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel told Ridge Gallagher was arrested for theft in 2008 and transferring drugs in 2009. Christophel also said Gallagher is accused of a very serious crime. He recommended a $90,000 bond, which Ridge imposed. If she posts bond, she's not allowed to possess or consume controlled substances.

Seneca County authorities have placed a holder on Gallagher for a probation violation. That means she'll be released to the Seneca County Sheriff's Office if she posts bond at the jail.

If Gallagher is convicted of the recent conveyance charge, she faces nine months to three years in prison. The trafficking charge is punishable by six to 18 months behind bars.

Gallagher remained in custody as of early Tuesday evening.



You do not shove drugs up into your "womanly place" & sneak them into jail unless you are a junkie. Your sister's actions speak clearly as to exactly what kind of person she is. As to how she's feeling, I personally hope she is sick with guilt and terrified. It's what she deserves. But, I don't think she is the only guilty party. I think the other junkies who took the drugs and got sick/died are equally at fault for what happened to them.


what she has kids wow


Hey commonsense, this girl did not kill anyone, she may have contributed to her death, but I bet it didn't take much talking for any of those girls to trade their snacks for drugs. This girl is still a human being, and she made the choices that got her put in jail, but step down off your high horse, everyone makes mistakes, I hope you never fall cause Karma remembers people like you.


I doubt if this will be a popular opinion but It is mine. Jessica did not have to take the pills. She did it on her own, Yes she got them from Mindy but I am sure that Mindy didn't expect her to die. Jessica chose the behavior and unforunately death was the consequence. As far as we know Mindy didn't force her to take them. These where grown women not children. When will people take responsiblity for their own actions and quit trying to blame things on someone else?? And no I am not a relative or friend and did not know either one of them.


benedict....So, in other words..You think drug dealers should NOT be charged when they receive payment for selling drugs? Only charge the USERS for their "behavior"? If that was the case, I am definitely in the wrong business.


This is a very sad situation for both parties involved. I dont know this "Mindy" person, but by judging from her crimes, she has many character flaws, which many of us do. But she is human people! And for Jesika, i knew her through mutual friends, and she was a good person, she wasn't a druggie, and she had lots of friends and family that loved to be around her because she was a good person. Im sure she had her flaws as well, and thats why she was in jail. I have been to jail before for some stupid stuff that i didnt even have anything to do with, they call it guilty by association. Just because people go to jail does not mean they are horrible people and all that other nonsense you people talk, we are all human, and sh*t happens unfortunately! Jesika did choose to take those pills, so no, Mindy is not at fault for her death, BUT if Mindy would not have smuggled them in, it would not have even happened! Jesika would still be alive! So i do think other charges need to be brought up. People get charged all the time for crimes they didnt "mean" to make. Like for instance....someone driving down the street, a ball goes into the road and a child runs after it, the car hits the child because the driver did not have enough time to stop, who do you think gets charged with what happened to this child? Obviously, the driver....and this person was just driving going grocery shopping, minding her own business, and all of a sudden her life is turned upside down, and so is another family's. So I do think more charges need to be brought up, this girl smuggled illegal drugs into jail and distributed them to other people, in which someone lost their life!


When the unintended actions of a person lead to the death of another that is called involuntary manslaughter. That is what she will rightly face as a result of the death of the young girl. Her actions of giving her the driugs which caused hjer death even if she did not expect for her to die are involuntary manslaughter.


That analogy is not correct, or accurate about someone hitting a child in the street...that is totally different. Do you not recall the little girl that tragically passed from being hit by a man in a van? He didn't get charged, he wasn't breaking any law!


Yes, i do recall that. But also, that is the only case i have EVER heard of in my lifetime, where the driver got off with NO charges.


They don't charge you with anything if you aren't doing anything wrong. You clearly no nothing about the law.

Kottage Kat

Sunkissed beauty, The child ran out in front of him. What would you expect him to be charged with. It was a witnessed accident. Kat


I'm not sure what your definition of NOT a druggie is, but my understanding if you shove drugs up (front or back) into your body to hide them... then you might be a druggie! Sorry that this is your sister but I'm just saying!


Freegallagher-1st of all-This whole area has taken enough of these drug-taking,pill pushing, needle hiding, stealing (and YES- NOW we have a death of an inmate @ the HCJ!)people. My GOD, I understand perfectly well about wanting to defend a family member.I surely have a few skeletons in my closet.Instead of getting on here and whining, why don't you go to hospital and see what this crap has done to people. No, better yet-the places where these people are buried.THAT'S what dope does.Kills you, one way or another.Hasn't anyone in your life ever told you that opinions are like buttholes...everyone has one..


i have faced that she did i said she wasnt perfect ! but for everyone to get on here and say stuff thats not even true no im not going to just sit back and did you ever think if that girl said no she wouldnt be dead either?? and did you see the news today people shes not the only one who did it.

Kottage Kat

Hunny, I have repeatedly said that BOTH made bad choices. A kid won't turn down candy, and a drug user won't turn down a fix. Your sister did not have to share. Just that simple. Oh and this is a comments column, that is what folks do here. If you are unhappy with that, might I suggest in the future you just don't read them. Next you will be saying it was my cat that gave her the pills. Anyone but Mindy, get so tired of hearing " They lied" "My sister is a wonderful person" Just own the problem, take your punishment, and go home get a job, and take care of those 3 kids. Yes I saw that, and it does not make your sister an innocent bystander. For goodness sake she hid em in her crotch. She could have told them she had them and saved a life and one family some grief.


yea about what you said i might be as nasty and i dnt no her, sry hunny i think i no more than u about her in sme cases. i understand u having ur sis back and i would do the same.. i no its hard to hear ppl taking crap. i shouldnt have said what i did.... i was friends with mindy i am nt now becuz of other reasons but i dnt believe she should b charged with any part of that girls death.. yes maybe for bring drugs in and maybe trading them.. but the girl that passed was doing drugs way befor ur sis and she the one that took them.. if anything she is to blame too she could have told on mindy not just went with it. mindy is very troubled and really she allways blamed it on the way she was raised and everything that happened to her. but i dk. im sry for the loss of someones family member and im sr to u that ull have to go thur this with mindy. hopefully everything works out for the best and she gets better.... im sure this is a wake up call for her..


@freegallagher.....No doubt one will alway's defend a family member but you have to face reality,if your sister had not smuggled these drugs in that young woman would be alive.Sadly this county has more drugs and dealers then a major city I came from.Sad for both families but freegallagher responcilbility has to play a part in this situation,your sister stole hard core drugs that cost someone thier life she should be charged with involuntary manslaughter,no ifs and buts about it.Now a young womans life is over because of your sisters actions,I pray justice is done and don't they have female c/o to check these female druggies?

swiss family

why do you even bother to record and film this??? all you see is the back of her head, and all you hear is the mono-tone mumbling with no influxuation by a robot judge... heck you can NOT understand one single word he says and as you watch his robot actions all you see is an occasional juggling of papers on his part...I would suggest that if you are going to cover a story then please do some work on it and invest in properly placed microphones so it might be worth watching...sadly this could have been something interesting to see and hear, but unfortunately it is a total waste of time


I really don't understand the problem - I have hearing loss in both ears and understood the Judge perfectly.


Swiss, I guess you will have to watch Judge Judy if you want to be