INMATE DEATH - Bond set at $90,000 for accused drug smuggler

A Huron County Jail inmate accused of smuggling pills and tablets into the facility and trading them for commissary items must post a $90,000 bond before being released from custody. Those pills led to the overdose of three female inmates, one of whom died.
Aaron Krause
Mar 14, 2012


A Huron County Jail inmate accused of smuggling pills and tablets into the facility and trading them for commissary items must post a $90,000 bond before being released from custody. Those pills led to the overdose of three female inmates, one of whom died.

Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge made that ruling on Tuesday during Mindy L. Gallagher's bond hearing. (NOTE - To see more pictures related to this story, click HERE.)

Gallagher, of Fostoria, is charged with conveyance of prohibited items into a detention facility, trafficking in drugs and theft of drugs. Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard has said Gallagher distributed the opiates-based drugs to nine female inmates. Howard told the Reflector that Gallagher admitted during an interview she put the drugs in her vagina to smuggle them into the jail.

Gallagher and two other inmates were taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center due to suspected drug overdoses. A fourth inmate was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. One of the inmates, 20-year-old Jesika L. Skelton, died early Sunday morning at Fisher-Titus.

Ridge set Gallagher's hearing for 1:30 p.m. March 16 at municipal court. The defendant can wave her right for a prosecutor to present evidence at the hearing. If she does, Ridge would bound her case over to Huron County Common Pleas Court for a possible grand jury indictment.

At Tuesday's bond hearing, Gallagher answered Ridge's questions in a barely audible voice. She told the judge she has no money to hire an attorney and doesn't own property.

Ridge told Gallagher he could not appoint the county public defender to represent her because he's representing a co-defendent or potential witness stemming from her case. Ridge added that would amount to a conflict of interest. Ridge assured Gallagher he would appoint an attorney for her.

In regards to bond, Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel told Ridge Gallagher was arrested for theft in 2008 and transferring drugs in 2009. Christophel also said Gallagher is accused of a very serious crime. He recommended a $90,000 bond, which Ridge imposed. If she posts bond, she's not allowed to possess or consume controlled substances.

Seneca County authorities have placed a holder on Gallagher for a probation violation. That means she'll be released to the Seneca County Sheriff's Office if she posts bond at the jail.

If Gallagher is convicted of the recent conveyance charge, she faces nine months to three years in prison. The trafficking charge is punishable by six to 18 months behind bars.

Gallagher remained in custody as of early Tuesday evening.



Kind of a nonchalant perp walk there.. I would think body armor and leg shackles would be in order. At least we had a photographer there to catch the action if anything that would have happened.


look shes not a mass murderer and doesnt deserve these comments, yeah its easy for everyone to talk crap huh cause you dont know her, most of you on here have never even heard of her so therefore judging her on one mistake in her life. yeah laugh it up call her a junckie, druggie, and an addict but a lot you all know cause thats not even close!

Kottage Kat

@ freegallagher, Madam, you are right, we have enough druggies in this county, we need not import them from Fostoria. One, hummm like a few more than that. Perhaps you need more information on your "sister" Her rap sheet reads back to 2008. Guess she forgot a few details. Read the article and catch up. Kat

margaretta mom

Seriously kottage kat is this all you have time for? Why is it so important to you to pass judgement. I think her family knows how troubled she is. I am not defending her actions... I hate drugs and what they have done to our society but I am sure her family loves her and are devastated by what she has done and could be charged with. To God her life is worth so much more than to be trashed by everyone.


Pass judgement? She deserves to have judgement passed on her. That is what the law is all about. If she gave her life to God, she would not be doing illegal things, abusing her body, taking from other people. From God, she has free will. She abused the privilage. Now she is paying the price.

Kottage Kat

@ margaretta mom, YES. and thank you for asking. Kat


thank you, and kat or who ever you are you can judge my sister all you want and call her any name in the book because honestly its not solving anything. does it make you feel better to get on here and talk bad about her huh does it make you feel better about yourself? because if you were any kind of adult you wouldnt call names and put people down for their mistakes. thats wrong of anyone to do. i know the person my sister is i have been around her my whole life and i know for a fact that she would never intentionly harm anyone weather you believe it or not. mistakes happen in the world no one is perfect.

me arse

freegallagher, you forgot to mention that she's also a thief. The online edition of the Fostoria news said she was convicted in January for stealing $20.00 worth of soda pop and snacks. It's pretty disgusting how she went from petty theft to killing someone.




I agree with you on that. I actually somewhat feel bad for her, but then again I don't. Just as Jesika made the decision to take the pills. Your disgusting of a human being sister made the decision to shove them up her rotting woo ha and hand them out like skittles! So she did contribute to her death, but no she did not "murder" anyone..


my disgusting of a human being sister? for real. im sure your such a good person huh never done anything wrong the way your running your mouth.


Got money on who the other junkies are?!


I guarantee you we have seen them all in the paper in the past week!

Sitting In The ...

Yeah more then likely were waiting to go to rehab to turn their life around ...You know because they've changed....hehe

U get what u give

Ya know i wonder what kind of people u really are? This was a big lovin family they get together all of the u do that with ur family? She made some mistakes but to die how could anyone think or say some of the things i have read? I pray none of u have to bere this cuz as i see it someone is gonna be just as heartless........kinda sad!


The law is not emotional. The emotion belongs to the people she hurt. She does not deserve sympathy or bleeding hearts. She killed a woman. She hurt her family.


she didnt kill anyone, jesus what dont you people get. she didnt make her take them like i have said many times im sure that girl was capible of saying no.


I have $11.59 in my savings account to chip in....I need to bail her out.


i live right by this girl she had to seen this coming, i feel bad for she family cuz she is just bring them down to. but for real mindy is nasty she would do anything for a high lol anything. but hopefully her kids will have a better life now and she can get some help or smething.


okay who ever you are you must not know my sister very well because no she wouldnt do anything for a high for all anyone knows on here you could be just as nasty as you say she is, so how about you dont talk crap.


You are that big of an A hole to make your SN "freegallagher"? You really think she should be freed? I do not think she "murdered" Jesika, but she surely contributed. Your sister is a junkie, thief...yeah let's FREE HER! You must be an outstanding citizen yourself!


look im not expecting her to be freed! and A hole, ha! if you knew who i was for real i bet i have done more in my life that most people ever will i happen to be a great citizen and have never in my life been in trouble in my life and never done any drugs so go ahead put me down. and for the 5th time MY SISTER IS NOT A JUNKIE. how are you to say anything for all i know you could be a junkie.


oh my gosh you are indeed an idiot. I am not in jail for stealing money, and drugs. Nor, have I ever been to jail, ever. I did not sneak drugs into my va jay, your sister did though. And she is not a junkie? You are a perfect example of an in-denial enabler. Good Luck with that. You will find no sympathy for your family, or sister here. Go do something productive, leave the real talk to us with some simple common sense.


listen here, the real talk to you guys? i talk to her almost everyday lady i know whats going on more than you do so get real. and i will have good luck with that and like i said in other posts i dont agree with what they do but im not going to have people like you sit here and talk crap about her, just because you havent been in jail doesnt mean anything there are plenty of junkies out there that dont get caught, are you one? for all i know you could be worse just not get caught. so keep talking like i said i enjoy proving you wrong and i wont give up on what i think. k


Drugs stuffed up your V = junkie


AHHHHHHHHHH I just figured out which sister you are! Your the baby! So, let me say you are right! you are different than the rest of your family! Keep your chin up Sweetheart. i just want to say to you, your sweet, innocent and very supportive! However, you can not do this alone! I know you was raised differently than Mindy and your other brothers and sisters so please keep on the path you are on and don't let the things people say on here get too you! Everyone has an opinion and they are entitled too it! Just as you are! You know what Mindy did was wrong, just help your oldest sister look after those kids! Always put there welfare before your own. They need someone to look after them and too protect them.

Now too the rest of you that think you know everything, this girl you are arguing with is just a teenager, still in school. So please for her sake lets stop bashing Mindy on here! I understand that you have that right and yes family sticks up for family! I am not related to this family but I know them all very well. . . . . . . . this girl is young and is hurting, as is the family of the girl that didnt make it through this, let the courts decide how and what Mindy's punishment should be! Stop please stop for Hollie's sake. . . . . . . Hey take lots of pictures of the kids for your sister!

I did post something on a different page about my feelings but I never bashed anyone, Just stating facts! At the time I didnt know who freegallagher was, I will tell you who she is, she is a sweetheart, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and she was not raised the same way Mindy was, she didnt experience the hardships mindy and the rest of the family did, why because her mother changed the way they lived and divorced the man these kids call dad! That is the smartest thing she has ever done, it should have been done sooner so mindy could have had the same chance her baby sister did! Stop blaming the kids! They only live what they learn! I really am tired of all the pointing fingers, It took 2 as alot of things do!


no one needs to "know" your sister to judge her character. She is OBVIOUSLY a junkie, thief, who lacks much respect, and why should any of us have it for her?! She could have easily victimized myself, or someone from MY family. SCUM.


yes your right about one thing you dont need to know her to judge her but you dont know her this is the only thing you know about her, shes not a junkie as you people say and lacks respect and compassion?? ha really where at all does respect come into play? and compassion how do you know?? your dont know how she is feeling right now so for real back off. k thanks


Where does respect, or compassion come into play? Did you really just type that, like your brain really sent that message to your fingertips, really?!? Um let's see.. I don't think stealing money, and doing drugs, and shoving them where nothing sparkles to pass out like candy is a darn good example of the lack of respect and compassion she has. You two are very obviously related..


yes we are related and im not ashamed of it, yes she made a mistake and yes my mind did send that message to my fingertips i typed it didnt i? so your saying by her putting them in her "women part" is lack of respect may i ask to who?? and compassion? get real. I am nothing like my sister lady so keep running your mouth, im totally different from my whole family and donnt agree with the things they do but i love them and wont let someone who just saw her on the news call her names and put her down your wrong for doing that. you must of been BORN and RAISED wrong.