BLAST FROM THE PAST - Jefferson dead at 55

MARCH 1, 1928 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 79 years ago:
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Jul 24, 2010


MARCH 1, 1928

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 79 years ago:

W Jefferson passes away at age of 55

William L. Jefferson, 55, a prominent and much respected farmer of Berlin Twp., died last evening at his home just across the Huron County line. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. W. H. Jefferson of Norwalk; two sisters, Mary L. at home and Mrs. H.E. Rowell of St. Louis; two brothers, C.E. and D.S. of Norwalk, the nephews, Howard Jefferson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jefferson; Billy Rowell of St. Louis, and the nieces, Mrs. Ernest Bodenwebber of Cleveland and Miss Lillian Rowell of St. Louis.

Mr. Jefferson had lived in Norwalk years ago. The decedent was a member of the Odd Fellows and was the possessor of many friends. His death will prove a shock to his relatives and the many who knew him. Mr. Jefferson never married.

Yeggs smash elevator safe at Monroeville

Burglars who battered open the safe at the office of the Farmers Co-operative Elevator at Monroeville, got nothing. It was an unusual robbery. Entrance was gained by breaking a small opening in the window of the west door of the office. Then it was an easy matter to reach in and turn the night lock.

The safe, evidently, was battered open in an amateurish way by the use of a heavy sledgehammer. No tool of that kind was found, however. The burglars must have made the elevator office sound like a boiler factory.

Rabies causes death of third cow on farm

County Dog Warden F.B. Clark of Plymouth on Wednesday killed the third cow that had been afflicted with rabies on the farm of Alton Snyder of New Haven.

Last spring, a rabid dog is said to have bitten the animals. It was necessary to shoot one of the cows last May. Another was shot last fall. When the cow developed rabies during the fall, it became so violent that it savagely attacked Dr. Carl Babcock, a veterinary surgeon of Plymouth. The doctor fled and saved himself by leaping over a fence.

Two apply for admission to CMTC Camp

Benjamin Priest and Glenwood Weidemaler, both of Norwalk, are the first to make application for entrance to a Citizens Military Camp. Those accepted from the district probably will be sent to Fort Benjamin Harrison, at Indianapolis. Captain Phil Fulstow is again at the head of the Huron County committee this year. The quota of Huron County is 14.

Newspaper tells of death of Walter Lilly

The Chicago Daily Tribune of Feb. 29 has only a short news item of the murder of Detective Walter E. Lilly of the Chicago police force Monday night. The detective was the son of Adam Lilly of Norwalk. This newspaper does not mention the theory that Lilly was slain by Chicago gangsters.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok