Lesch: 2010 will be better year for Norwalk

Sisyphus from Greek mythology figured into Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch's 2009 year in review address Tuesday. Sisyphus' destiny was to "push a boulder up a mountain each day, with it inevitably rolling back down," Lesch said. She added that the next day he had to start all over.
Aaron Krause
Jul 26, 2010


Sisyphus from Greek mythology figured into Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch's 2009 year in review address Tuesday.

Sisyphus' destiny was to "push a boulder up a mountain each day, with it inevitably rolling back down," Lesch said. She added that the next day he had to start all over.

Last year was the year of Sisyphus in Norwalk and Huron County, Lesch said. She noted that a year ago, Huron County had the highest unemployment in the state and one of the highest in the nation, at 18 percent. The beginning of 2009 also brought the loss of 100 jobs at American Coating Specialists, and in December, the lost of 125 manufacturing jobs at CVG Mayflower. Huron County also had the highest foreclosure rate in Ohio.


bigwinner (Anon...

Are you kidd'in me or just yourself?


She's got to be just kidding herself. If she knew at least one of the interpretations of Sisyphus, then Lesch would know that Sisyphus' task was one of punishment not heroics. If this is the analogy that we're gonna use, the boulder's not just rolling back down the hill, but over a smaller hill, down the street, breaking in two, half skimming across the ocean, landing in parts of Asia , while the other half made a dash across the border to Mexico. Now Sisyphus has to file for Welfare, because he has no job.


She kind of has to say it'll be better. It would be hard pressed to get much worse...

and LMAO @ InstantCoffy!!


i have to laugh.. if there hope for norwalk out there it would be a (huge) chance in h*** we would ever get back on our feet. it would take a act of god to change norwalk around. and i can't say how i feel about the people running the show here.but if i could....


She called it right, Sisyphus was punished for deceit and believing he was better than the Gods. It was an eternal punishment from the gods of frustration for his trickery.

I wonder if somehow she identifies with him?

A.W.U (Anonymous)

What kind of acid is she doing? I want some to get that rosey outlook.lmao


I bet her and Sarah Palin would get along fabulously :)


These statements she has made just goes to show she has no ideal what is going on in the city of Norwalk. I will lay bets (maybe I can not say that because she is against the slots) she did not know about the 3 businesses that are closing untill after the fact. It would be interesting to know how many businesses she has even went into in the last year and just see how they are doing. She has all these new positions for heads of departments but it sure as h---hasn't brought jobs into town. She needs to quit the attitude it is my way or no way and put Norwalk first. I am sure glad we only have 2 more years of this. Just hope there are still some businesses left in those 2 years. We need growth with good jobs and maybe someone needs to come up with a plan to attract them.

bigwinner (Anon...

Maybe they will build that new fire house and turn the old one in to a gaming place....
Any takes on this one

bigwinner (Anon...

Maybe the big shots in norwalk should spent so of there eazy money in town and lay the heck off of the trash bills and the water bills and the god blessed waste water bills.........
Thanks for your under standing
P.S. raise my property taxes again this year why not you make this up as you go.......

Out of work and close to being out of norwalk and my home.

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please tell that dude on the left side of the pic to buy a new jacket that one is to small...

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Maybe we should move city hall to MEXICO next see
how that would go over.
I am just getting started.

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I can't even shop at goodwill any more SUE.

bigwinner (Anon...

I still get the new and smaller newspaper in norwalk and sandusky news paper on the weekin.

Only thang good about that is your picture is smaller....

"How you like me now"


I have been struggling financially b/c of the local/national economy too. I will never blame Lesch. Don't blame someone for the problems of the local economy who isn't qualified to be mayor. The only reason why she won was because she was the political flavor of that week and because she is a woman.

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I guess you right there

Good thing we didn't bet on it

I would have lost

bigwinner (Anon...

You know i was raised to tell the truth
I voted for sue.
I can not tell a lie

I can also tell you it won't happen again....

bigwinner (Anon...


How do you keep a stright face when doing a story about the Mayor..
God bless you i would piss my pants.
By the way Pants on the ground pants on the ground hat turned side ways gold in your month pants on the ground....

P.S. could help myself

kURT (Anonymous)

bigwinner Hauser's ego plenty big. Compensates 4small jacket. Birds of the feather..........

6079 Smith W (A...

It's interesting that Her Honor chose the metaphor of a Greek tragedy to describe the past and coming yr. of Norwalk's economy.

But why choose The Myth of Sisyphus?

It’s a essentially a myth that describes useless effort.

If the city’s economic boulder was at the bottom of the mountain in 2009 and in 2010 it will be pushed to the top, should we then expect the economy to return to the former depths in 2011?

Perhaps the Myth of Phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes, would have been a more appropriate metaphor for hope and renewal?

How I see it (A...

is Platt and bigwinner either didn't really vote at all or they weren't paying anymore attention then as they are now because she ran unopposed. And Platt you really do disturb me for using that name.


I just have one more comment about her statements. She keeps quoting things in the Norwalk Comprehensive Plan. What irritates me with her is she picks and chooses what she wants out of that plan. If what she wants is not in the plan it then will becomes Sue’s plan. That plan has already not been followed in some areas like it was suggested because it was not what she wanted. Do you know the north ends sewer station is at max? Now isn’t that wonderful. They have no money to put in a sub station and the Tiff that was passed was suppose to be used to help that but we can not give the developer the Tiff money till another restaurant and a motel is built. This can not happen now because there is no more allowed on the current sewer station. If you don’t believe this story then ask the guy who owns the car dealership that is closed that is across from Burger King who is currently not tapped in and would like to be. Someone has messed up on Sues watch on this topic. Someone needs to be made accountable.
I also realize economy is bad everywhere but lets face it what has she really done to help Norwalk. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could do what she has done. We are not playing kids games here and let’s pretend all is well. People’s lives have been turned upside down. I wonder how she would handle losing her job with no notice. Yes I voted for her twice but I will never do it again.

swiss family

I do hope that when the election for Mayor comes along, there are many options on the ballot...personally, I like the job that Mayor Lesch has done so far.. with a few small exceptions.. but on an overall look, and considering the crisis that the ENTIRE COUNTRY is in economically, I would give her an 8 1/2 out of 10... and considering that a 10 is very rare.. and to me , only Tom Cochran ever reached that realm, I think she is doing a fine job.

I have noticed that there seems to be endless criticism on here, but not one suggestion , or even a direction of a workable solution from all of the critics... It appears that is so much easier to sit back and complain and criticize, and point out all of what they consider to be mistakes, instead of offering any other viable solutions...

I also want to point out the fact that some seem to put the Mayor in a "no win " situation.. if she would say that , "honestly, with the sorry state of the economy, and the way that this area has been so established and coincides so closely with the auto industry, and we all know how bad that is doing, the truth is we have a long and difficult battle now and ahead of us"... that would be honest, but she would be condemned for "giving up" or "painting a sad picture" when she is supposed to be Norwalk's biggest cheer leader.. and she would also would have been ripped to shreds with those comments as well..

hang in there Sue, I think you are doing a good job,like I have said, I do see some small problems in you administration..but on an overall view, for the desperate circumstances that the entire country is in, you are doing well........... thank you!!!

justthefacts (A...

Good points Swiss.

These folks blame EVERYTHING on Obama....then turn around and blame the Mayor of a small Ohio town.

We are ALL to blame for allowing the corporations to buy up our elected officials to do their bidding over the last 30 years or so.

And that problem will probably get worse, thanks to todays Supreme Court decision.


swiss family

thanks "justthefacts" I am just so tired of all of the critical observers, who comfortably just sit back and criticize whatever and whomever actually does something. they just sit back, and no matter what way our "leaders" go on any issue, people seem to be programed into scoffing and belittling those ideas, especially if they happen to be of a different political party.. how does anyone benefit from that??

If these people have the answers to every problem , both locally, and nationally, why not get involved, and go to meetings , give your input, run for their offices.. be involved.. or will you only do that when your political team is in charge??? you are willing to see things go continually wrong, instead of offering your great wealth of knowledge of how to get out of it...the truth is they are NO GOOD, at leading, and their Ideas are non existent...they just love to give their interesting prophesy.. telling us that "we haven't seen anything yet" or that "this is just the beginning" or whatever they feel will make them prolific, and wise.. but most will see that they are merely empty barrels with metal marbles in them.. all noise, and not much use for the good of anything...

like I said before.. if they have so much insight, and can see the obvious mistakes being made...PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE.... do something.. but we all know that they are just loud mouth air heads.. who might just be jealous of the leaders in charge????

I just want to point out to all of the Obama bashers, who look and ask where is the change?? and look what he is not doing for us... well , you obviously missed the main slogan in his campaign.. it was "yes WE can"... he never said yes " I " can.. and change doesn't happen overnight.. I think if you can't be a part of the solution.. and that follows that if you have better ideas, share them with the rest of us.. then you really are a part of the problem

David Deerest. ...

Kinda like you bashed Bush, swiss? Remember? I do. Go play your bash ticket somewhere else. I ain't buyin' it.


I agree with NORWALKRESIDENT, I am sick of hearing the words “Comprehensive Plan”. Let’s not forget that the mayor was instrumental in writing the plan. She is also on the committee that meets every 2 years to review and revise it. It is basically HER plan. The plan itself weighs several pounds, and addresses close to 300 wants. Let’s see, what can I pull from it today, which will fit into what I want to do? Why don’t I set up a fund to buy land, buy the land, and say “the comprehensive plan” says we need more parks. Forget that we own more parks in acreage than Bellevue and Tiffin combined-we need more. Forget that we are #1 in foreclosures, and close to it in unemployment-let’s keep growing money in a fund for buying park land. Wouldn’t you think it could do some good somewhere else? Not if you ask the mayor.
And don't even get me started on how they keep raising water rates while providing less and less service.

6079 Smith W (A...

justthefacts wrote on Jan 21, 2010 1:43 PM:

‘We are ALL to blame for allowing the corporations to buy up our elected officials to do their bidding over the last 30 years or so.’

Mayor Lesch has been bought off and does the ‘bidding’ of ‘the’ corporations?

Kindly tell us all that you know about this dastardly conspiracy.

bigwinner (Anon...

Maybe sue is right...
JUST IN: Casa Fiesta owner faces 33 years in prison
Thursday, January 21, 2010 5:14 PM EST


Register photo/MEREDITH BRUNER Casa Fiesta is located on Rte. 250 in Norwalk.

Federal prosecutors have charged the owner of Casa Fiesta with harboring and concealing illegal immigrants, mail fraud and submitting false tax returns.

Ramon Ornelas, 42, of Norwalk, faces as many as 33 years in prison and $750,000 in fines for allegedly defrauding the government and providing undocumented immigrants with jobs and places to live.

The charges stem from a year-long federal investigation into Casa Fiesta, a Mexican food restaurant chain with locations in Norwalk and Sandusky.

bigwinner (Anon...

Lesch: 2010 will be better year for Norwalk

I'm telling you she is going to be layin fireman and officer off before May.


Before May 1st 2010