Library levy will not increase current rate

Just like when the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Generals, it has always been a slam dunk. An easy win. A sure thing.
Joe Centers
Feb 4, 2012


Just like when the Harlem Globetrotters play the Washington Generals, it has always been a slam dunk. An easy win. A sure thing.

But the last thing Sarah Contreras wants to be is overconfident.

Contreras, director of the Norwalk Public Library since June 2010, is hoping voters approve a replacement levy on the March 6 ballot. It is not a new tax and does not increase the current levy tax rate, Contreras said. Rather, it continues funding that has been in place since 1982, she added.

According to information from the auditor's office, the levy costs the owner of a $100,000 house $16.84 per year. It is a continuous levy, meaning it will stay on the books indefinitely until the library wants a change. It will bring in about $183,000 per year, Contreras said.

She said the library board did not want to raise the amount of the levy because of the economic times.

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Kottage Kat

I choose not to vote for anything that will cost the taxpaer $$. I utilize a facility with far more services, and a far more congenial staff. Kat


@ kitten - Sounds like taking advantage of a public bathroom.


It's $17 a year . You can't get a tank of fuel for $17 . $17 is a well justified expence especialy concidering the services offered by the facility ... for cripes sake, they maintain off of a budget set in 1982 .


And who pays for the facility you utilize?

Kottage Kat

I have no doubt taxpapers, it is also heavily endowed which makes renovations possible without taxpaer dollars. Please note I also stated FAR MORE services, and congenial staff. sorry for the lack of clarity in my statement. Kat

6079 Smith W

One of the few forms of socialism which I heartily support.

The "Old Scotsman" helped build libraries because he said, (and I'm paraphrasing): A library is one of the few things that you can't get anything out of without putting something in.

IOW: There's no 'something for nothing.'

I feel a deep sense of gratitude toward Mr. Carnegie. The story of the Carnegie Libraries is fascinating:

just my 2

I love our local library! The staff is always helpful and friendly. If they don't have a book I want, they go out of their way to find it at another library. Love my iPad, but also the feel of a real book in my hands. Plus, the library is free!

mister wizard

The Lie-Berry is Scary. Jim Ford and all......

Kottage Kat

Mr. Wizard, Jim Ford is a friend of mine, and the man is brilliant. I grew up with him and several accidents have left him a wee bit less than normal. Perhaps if you would take the time to chat him up you would find out that appearences are not always what they seem. He has a law degree and perhaps not quite as perfect as you prefer, however a nice man. Maybe through his eyes he sees you the same way. Kat


Librarys are great ... when we weren't doing so well and had to cut expences ( starting with entertainment ) they let out movies for free to their patrons . Killed of cabin fever for the kids. The knowledge contained within those walls for referance alone is soooo valuable !
PC's are conveniant source of info however hard on the eyes at times. Know what FINE ! Don't support your local library . Burn all the books in china while your at it . =) I can't think of a more worthy facility to support !

mister wizard

You're right, Kottage. I need to stop and smell the roses. Sorrow....

Kottage Kat

mr. wizard, Judging a book by it's cover often leads one to miss some good reading. I have been guilty, and have worked to not do this, have found some very interesting people along the way. Met a scruffy man in Maine, chatted him up when out walking, found him not only interesting,learned later he was the ambassador to England under GHWB. He had ben working on his home, and ran to the grocery to get a bite to eat. Never someone I would have nattered with years ago. We chatted many times after that, and chuckled when I told him my first impression. No sorrow needed, often times we need a gentle reminder. No harm, no foul. Kat


If Levy doesn't increase.. What happens to the money if levy fails.. Sorry folks i would take my $16 some bucks back as a refund.. But that is where i don't give much faith in the system.. It's all a crock.. I have NEVER seen my taxes EVER go down due to failing levy's.. Will library close?? I don't think so. In a serious note. Other than a staple or a few who think there an intellect by "going" to the library.. The building is useless in today's society. If a records need looked up, should be a pay basis...Not free DVD rentals to the welfare and poor.. There is enough handouts.


I have NEVER seen my taxes EVER go down due to failing levy's. You bring up a good point Trucker. Since the Non Winter of 2012, Look at all the Salt trucks and Salt not used this winter and all the overtime that roadcrews usually work in the city and county during snow storms! Look at all the fuel that was saved by not plowing the roads this year and maintenance to their vehicles.
Where is the REFUND to the taxpayers?

Kottage Kat

@ Truckin, The library is a resource to obtain books, many who cannot afford them utilize the library, and for children it ecourages reading, once began often stays with them for a lifetime. In this day and age it is rare, however let us not deny them that oppurtunity. The library is endowed by donations and memorial gifts. If you will please tell me where to send your $16.00, I will do so. Kat


Reading, learning,literature, being even slightly informed? All outdated and uncool.

swiss family

to me, this is kind of complicated... on one hand.. I feel that libraries have almost served their purpose.. Back when travel was so limited, it seemed logical for every small town to have and operate a place for learning through books and other resources... now we have the internet, and travel has made a trip to any nearby towns is done in a matter of minutes instead of hours, or even days.. I would hatre to see the closing of libraries all together, but with the in home capacity of the world in you own home with computers, it seems that some things , like sets of encyclopedias are almost a thing of the past

Although the archechteral beauty of these old building is a show of craftsmanship at it's finest, it makes keeping up with the heating and cooling of these old buildings a bit of a challenge...and the question of "is it worthwhile" to spend so much for something that is nearly duplicated in our own homes... Maybe it is time to agree to give the money to them, with the understanding and the goals to be that they somehow, invest in lowering their energy costs , with whatever means are available, such as solar panels, or condensing the spaces needed to be heated/cooled, to cut down on all of the energy costs used to keep it going.. Perhaps, even a inquiry into the use of a wind mill to see if the costs would off set the expense in return..

The libraries are not just funded by donations and memorial investments as some will say.. Libraries are funded by tax dollars, yours and mine.. with each passing day, as we get the benefits of having the computers in our own homes, with all of the potential knowledge at our fingertips, making the need for libraries less and less.. it becomes increasingly important to see that these beautiful, museums of knowledge, are capable of doing whatever [possible to see that they are run as efficiently and economically as possible.. in my opinion


@ swiss - I am in agreement with you on several levels with this issue. Being an engineer, I almost consider the library to be sacred because of Andrew Carnegie. However, like you have mentioned the digital age has revolutionized the transfer of knowledge and information to the point where NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON CAN CLAIM THEY DON’T HAVE COMPUTER OR INTERNET ACCESS. It’s that very same reason libraries must survive regardless of their economic drain on society.

Cliff Cannon

Like most,I truly love our library.To say, it is outstandingly run,would be an undestatement. To go in their and not find what your looking for what be hard to do. Couple that with their gracious,wonderful staFF, that will assist you in any possible way or can order nearly anything they don't have from their library network, and it easy for me to root for a landslide win in their levy bid.

Having said that. Here's hoping the 'Reflector' oFFers voters chances to read as well as 'blog'( again) on the upcoming vote for the 'senior center' ( property tax increase of over 1 %) as well as the Norwalk School levy ( property tax increase nearly 14 %) So that come March 6th. the best possible decision can be made in the voting booth