Family loses everything in fire

A Wooster Street couple and their two children lost everything after a blaze re-ignited in their attic more than nine hours after it first hit.
Aaron Krause
Jan 17, 2012


A Wooster Street couple and their two children lost everything after a blaze re-ignited in their attic more than nine hours after it first hit.

Nobody was injured in the fires, which took place Friday evening and early Saturday morning at 94 Wooster St.

(NOTE - To view pictures of the fire, click HERE.)

However, Edward Gibson, his wife, Breann, their 11-year-old daughter and 3-months-old son, find themselves homeless and bereft of all their possessions, neighbor Mark Mullins said.

The Gibsons were renting the house and had just moved in about a month ago. The family did not have renters insurance.

The American Red Cross was able to secure a motel room for the family on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Today, the family is unsure where they will go, Mullins said.

"They're a little torn up," he said. "We're trying to get all the help we can get for them."

Mullins said the family can use clothes and baby clothes as well as household items. People who wish to donate can drop off items at his house at 92 Wooster St., Apt. A. If he's not home, people can leave the donations outside his door.

The blaze was caused by an electric problem, Norwalk Fire Department Lt. Jamie Starcher said.

Firefighters were called to the Wooster Street home at 5:48 p.m. to extinguish a structure fire. They arrived to find smoke billowing from the attic vents and the eaves. Flames also could be seen.

Starcher said he wasn't sure how much water was used to attack the blaze, but the flames were put out and firefighters returned to the station at 7:27.

However, firefighters were notified that the fire had rekindled just after 2 a.m. Saturday. They arrived to find heavy smoke showing from the roof. The Milan Township Fire department provided mutual aid to the station for coverage. Firefighters were on-scene this time until 4:45 a.m.

A damage estimate was unavailable Sunday evening.

The Gibsons were inside the home the first time the blaze struck, but were not there when it re-kindled, Mullins said.


I Can Read

Anyone know what size the 11year old girl is?


I am parts of several groups on facebook that have been known to help. Can we get a list of items needed to help out including sizes including everything the family needs.


I wonder if they used enough caution tape on that porch?


Does anyone have sizes for everyone please?

Cliff Cannon

@ Uputwhatwhere6,fancyishername,I Can Read : I truly love living in Norwalk and you three with your posts pleading to help the stricken are the main reasons why: Which is to say wonderfully kind,good and generous people who care about others. Thanks for inspiring me and brightening the day of the Gibson's


I couldn't agree more with Cliff, Im from the city up north and I''ve never seen postings like this there. I give you people Kudos and my hat goes off to you for offering all the help. Keep up the good work! I agree though we need to get the size of clothes posted or your drop offs will be a dump that you will be taking to other locations like goodwill


I have a big bag of clothes that I was going to take to goodwill..If someone knows the sizes of this family, please post..I would much rather give this to them, if I have the sizes they need..My heart goes out to them..I would really like to help in any way possible..Gibson family, please try to stay positive, I know its hard right now..Norwalk & the surrounding areas still have alot of good people who are willing to help you where ever we can..


Biker wife,
If this family can not use the clothing there is a church on Gibbs Rd that has a clothing bank that would love to have these items. It's all free for anyone in need.
They are called "The Love Project (Norwalk) on facebook if more info is needed.

I need serenity

I am a family friend and was told that the 11 year old wears size 12-14 and their baby wears size 3-6 months. Thanks to everyone willing to help and please keep this family in your prayers.


Thanks but what about the parents? They are going to need clothes too. I have a tub of clothes to bring over for the baby this evening. My wife is checking through our oldest daughters clothes but since their daughter is a year older I doubt we will have much. As for mom and dad, I know I have extras but need their sizes too.

Kottage Kat

When I say I LOVE Norwalk and surrounding communities, this is exactly the reason why. People will step up to the plate and help those in need. Thank you for putting the information out there so this family can be helped, and get their life back. Ed and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you. Kat


So I talked to Eddie's sister-in-law and she said clothing sizes are as follow: Baby boy 3-6 months size 2 shoe, 11yr old girl pants 11, medium shirts, and 3.5-4 shoes, Eddie 33/34-34 pants large shirts 10.5 shoes, and Breann wears a 1-3 pants, small shirt and size 6 shoes. I guess they need everything from toiletries to school supplies for the little girl, to linens, clothes you name it.

love it in pink

I am so proud of our Norwalk family! We are one big family in good times and in bad. Where are we taking stuff for drop off? I have collected items from around the house for them. Also, let's not forget diapers, wet ones, gas cards, and food gift cards. Has anyone started a fund to help with deposit for rent?


Idropped off a bunch of stuff last night. Take everything next door to 92 Wooster. He is collecting everything for them.