Edison High School student flips car on way to school

A car driven by a high school student rolled over this morning on Ohio 113 near Arlington Road.
Joe Centers
Jan 13, 2012


A car driven by a high school student rolled over this morning on Ohio 113 near Arlington Road.

Tristen J. Heidl, 16, 9519 Barrows Road, Huron, was westbound on Ohio 113 when he lost control and went off the side of the road.

(NOTE - To see photos the accident, click HERE.)

Heidl, who was headed to Edison High School, was not injured and there were no citations, said Capt. Paul Sigsworth of the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

Also, a 15-year-old passenger was uninjured.

Sigsworth said his department handled five accidents this morning, along with several other cars what went into the ditches with no damages.

Capt. Ted Patrick of the Huron County Sheriff's Office said his department handled four accidents this morning.



How do you roll your car and not get a citation? Wouldn't that be failure to control?


Agreed. Should have a citation.

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You would think people who live in Ohio had never saw snow before.


Must be a relative of someone important to not get cited.


I couldnt agree more "starshine80911"
Seems like who your related to or who you know has a determining factor on how your treated or not treated in this area. I know first hand of people who have been givin breaks by law enforcment just by their last names alone!


Officer discreation when no other vehicle is involved (i.e. when your caught speeding, running a stop sign, etc) We all have bad days! If no else's property/body was harmed I feel a citation would only be warranted depending on the actions of the driver. Definitely if their texting, acting like a fool and so forth. The driver was a 16 yr old I highly doubt he had the experience and knowledge we adults have driving in this weather. Cut the kid a break, we've all had them!


The super should of gotten a citation for even having school today. The other schools had an in service day so they didnt have to be out in this sh*t. Thank goodness he wasnt hurt!


road conditions alone would cause a car to go off the road but road conditions plus speed result in accidents like this. i understand 'officer discretion', but this should have received citation for failure to control.

glad both are okay.


This kid (or his parents) will be paying for this for a long time. The insurance on teen-age boys is outrageous. I can't figure out why girls get by with cheaper insurance. I thought it was supposed dto be equal rights.

Most Wanted

Equal rights for boy and girl drivers! Yeah right! Most, NOT ALL, boys drive like idiots. Just look at the percentage of boys to girls in accidents at that age. Boys rule! It was not that bad out today to cancel school for whoever said that. I took my daughter to school today...it was windy with some snow on the roads but hardly "school cancel worthy". If every day like today was canceled, the kids would be in school through June. If you are worried about your kid driving...get off your butt, as you should in this weather and drive them yourself...as I did. And on the bad days that I can't....I have a few friends who I share drive with...it's called planning ahead for a rainy (snow) day. I also think it was very nice of the officer not to give this young male driver a citation, considering the weather conditions. It would have probably put his parents insurance thru the roof.


I'd love to know where you were driving because the roads were terrible this morning. The combination of snow & strong winds made it really bad.


I think EVERY child should be requried to have drivers ed in the snow. There are SO many kids that have never drove in snow and do NOT know how to handle it. He!! most adults cannot drive in the snow. Having a SUV with all wheel drive does NOT mean you are invincible, just means all FOUR tires spin the same! LOL. As with the first snow EVERY year people "forget" you need to SLOW down!


My parents taught me how to drive in the snow. It has nothing to do with extra driver's ed, or raising driving age, or whatever. The only way you're gonna learn about it is to experience it, and learn how to handle your car in that situation. Now I'm not worried about myself AT ALL on the roads, but other idiots going too fast scare the crap out of me.

Cliff Cannon

@ Bailey: "the only way your gonna learn about it is to experience it" Very well put ! I'll also,go a step further and ask ; if I tell you I'm "experienced" am I not telling you in essence--- "I've made mistakes" So an 'experienced' truckdriver,carpenter,whomever is just one who has the common sense to learn the practical benefits of failure are they not? Just asking. Thanks,for your wisdom

Edwin Ison

If it had been an old man....people would be screaming retest him!
If it had been a women.......People would be screaming, "Women Drivers"!
You get the picture....
Tristan is a good kid...
You all that feel he should be cited? How does this help?

Kottage Kat

@ Ed, Help is not the question. To the many folks who have had this very same thing happen and have been cited for failure to control, where is the equal justice? Not saying the kid is bad, just that he should have been cited, as a lesson learned. Someone needs to question the "why" , seems like the Trooper discretion is used for citations for failure to control more often than not according to the Police Blotter. IMHO Kat

Edwin Ison

I have slid off the road before during a storm.....and had a friend pull me out of the ditch before the cops got there....no citation. I still learned my lesson to slow down.

Does the law state that a citation MUST be issued for failure to control when a car slides off the road because of poor road conditions?

Again.....idiots! Do you think cops give everyone a ticket that slides off the roadway during a storm? MOST times they stay to safely see the recovery crews through the process and write no citation.

A better question would be why do some cops write tickets for something as trivial as sliding off the road during a snowstorm! :)

Maybe................ a cop uses his discretion and experience to determine if negligent driving caused the crash......or if it was typically unavoidable. Equal justice, LOL!...you assume every failure to control situation has equal circumstances to come to that convoluted conclusion.

Again, how does a citation help in this situation? Other than raise the insurance of the kids parents and pad the coppers coffers?

People that see this story and are pissed that the cops didn't "throw the book" at 'em........ a big reason we are where we are with our sorry society today..... can't live and let live!

Kottage Kat

@ Ed, I am sorry, it just infuriates me when I see someone has slid off the road in bad weather, and are cited.Perhaps if speed was obvious, just failure to control when that as unavoidable is where I was going with this. First, my parents would not have let me drive in dangerous conditions, and NEVER with passengers. Just think that parents are too permissive and were Not thinking of this young man's safety. Glad no injuries were incurred, and perhaps a lesson has been learned. P.S. I never drove in bad weather full time until I was 38 years old, have driven since 1964, and zero accidents. Kat

Edwin Ison

First, the two hour delay actually put the kids on the road in worse conditions than if they had gone in at the normal time.....much windier. Second, a two hour delay eliminates many of the options for parents to get their kids to school aside from the kids driving themselves, some parents do work.. Third, the principal has some goofy attendance rules that...................well...... Lastly, I'll bet that those kids learned a real lesson...hanging upside down in a car suspended by your seat belt tends to get your attention.....LOL!

Cliff Cannon

@ Edwin Ison: I for one am an 'idiot' ( at least at times) yet,I do not feel people,no matter what gender or age should get citiations in these case's, as long as they were being responsible drivers.It just burn's my rump that in today's world,no doubt due to insurance,as well as litagation,that tickets are issued.( Can you say pour salt on the wound?) P.S. Kat what a marvelous driving record !

Kottage Kat

@ Thank you, I was not perfect by any means. Drove way too fast, just didn't hit any thing. Only by God's grace. Kat

Edwin Ison

Me too Cliff.


did the other 3 get a ticket?
i got a failure to control?
teach lesson might be a hard one BUT might save his or someone else next time


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I would bet dollars to donuts that he swerved off the road while reaching his her cell phone or while sending or reading text messages. What is interesting to me is that police and the media quote his version as if it were the "truth" which they have no way of knowing, and that this kid's parents will probably go to partsgeek.com or any other car shop and get it fixed, and probably reward their son for surviving this accident.


A lot of accidents happen because teenage drivers don`t have enough experience and if they lose the control of the car they don`t know how to get back on the road. Hope he has a Car Insurance, no one can tell what really happened and they must take into consideration his words, however this will be a lesson for him that he won`t forget.