About 20 HCSO members surprise commissioners

About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.
Scott Seitz
Dec 18, 2011


About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.

The group, which included Sheriff Dane Howard, as well as command staff and deputies, were there because of their concerns over the preliminary 2012 sheriff's office budget as proposed by the commissioners.

The deputies who attended were off-duty. The command staff were there to talk budget.

Though a great deal of numbers were tossed around during the meeting, Howard indicated the proposed budget would cut the sheriff's office about $350,000 and could ultimately lead to the layoff of more than 10 officers.

Howard called the proposed cuts "arbitrary" and added that money exists in other county funds which could improve the sheriff's office situation.


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sunshine 0604

ANSRME you seem to be bashing the Sheriff's Office a lot. If they are so bad at what they do then why did you call them to handle YOUR theft complaint? Also maybe I am wrong, but since when did Huron County get their own drug task force? Everytime you read an drug bust in the newspaper regarding the office in states them being part of Metrich. Oh and one last thing please inform me who has left to go to other agencies? The only person I can think of is Lt. McLaughlin and that was due to retirement. You honestly think she would leave the county to go to a Village Police Department? I think you need to get your FACTS straight before you start running your mouth on here as usual. It's funny how people on regular basis bash the Sheriff's Office and local police departments until the day they need them and then they are their best friends!!!


Sunshine, first I am not bashing the Sheriff's Office, I will however let you know what I think of Dane Howard! Until the day he gives me a apology for what he has done to me, and my business!
That I will keep off the blogs, he knows what he did! I should have sued him in court, but chose not to so I would not be a target of his vandetta again! He is not the same Dane ANDY Howard, I knew before he entered politics!
I support all the Deputies, Police officers, and their departments, and all LE, including those in my family who still work for LE in Huron Co. Departments including HCSO!
And who am I to call, when the Sheriff's office is the only LE in my township?? I have no choice but to call HCSO! So if you want to e-mail me thru the reflector I will be glad to inform you which officers have left the HCSO for other departments! I have never been arrested, charged or convicted of any crime, and also no traffic violations! I pay taxes and vote too!
We need another candidate for Sheriff in 2012!

sunshine 0604

Ansrme, I have known Sheriff Howard for many many years now and watched him take his job very serious and handle business in a professional manner. I have lived in Huron County my entire life and for once I know my taxpayer is going for a good cause and not to pay cops to sit around and drink coffee like before. Would we really ever want to go back to the prior administration??? Look at how much that office has accomplished under Sheriff Howard in the three years he has been in office. Sheriff Howard I want to thank you for all you have done and there is no doubt you will be getting my vote in 2013!!!

swiss family

I would have to say, that although I am NOT a big supporter of the current Sheriff, I do not think that this was a show of intimidation, as much as it was a show of solidity and unity , by the men and women who's lives would be affected by the results of this budget in my opinion


I agree! Dane isn't the same guy! He is so full of himself! He thinks he's wonderful! Too bad the rest of the voters don't agree! HE WIlL NOT GET MY VOTE ThIS TIME! Anyone hear of anyone running against him?


Sorry samsmith we have him for another term. :(


I will be voting for him :)

jack langhals

Hey Jack,i could probably go and write a book like Swiss,but I will just say Amen! Now Swiss, before your blood pressure goes up,I am just kidding!

swiss family

just curious.. when you start out your blog by saying "hey jack" are you asking yourself a question??? are you talking about yourself in the third person??? oh and I am just kidding as well... or am I ???

Kottage Kat

@ Swiss, That would make him co-jack.

swiss family

that is a good one.. Cat... gotta give ya credit for that one...

Marcus M

swiss & kat, do we have a budding romance? How could it be intimidation when a large group or OFF DUTY officers show up in UNIFORM, happens all the time. They needed to be in uiform to "show of solidity and unity?"

swiss family

Marcus.. please grow up just because i complimented Cat on one blog does not mean anything except a compliment... or if you are actually in the 3rd grade, be patient, and you will realize how immature your actions are........................................So, by your comment,, are you suggesting that when the parents met with the VFW leaders in their baseball uniforms, that was a threatening move on their part????? if a cub scout master, takes his cub scouts in uniform to a meeting, they are there to intimidate??? if veterans show up in uniform for any meeting, that too is a show of threat??? I do not think it is .. I think it is a display of unity....

Marcus M

swiss, chill out, are your depends twisted? VFW kids in baseball uniforms, cub scouts compared to OFF DUTY Police officers in UNFORM. Your unity, my intimidation, we can only agree to disagree......


swiss family says
"I would have to say, that although I am NOT a big supporter of the current Sheriff, I do not think that this was a show of intimidation,..."

You could not be more wrong:
The Sheriff's Office was not on the agenda and showed up completely by surprise....in addition the media was also there even though they rarely appear to meetings and there were no appointments on the Commissioner's agenda.

swiss family

you obviously have your opinion, as I have mine.... just because a person, or even a group of people show up at any commissioners meetings does not necessarily make it an intimidation.. I also believe that the newspaper was told about the show of solidarity by the workers of the Sheriffs department, and decided tio show up, because anything could have happened there.. obviously when any group shows up , along with the newspaper, the commissioners are going to feel like they are being viewed under the microscope, but it does not mean that they should feel threatened.................. So if and when a group of citizens shows up at city council meetings, you think that it is a threatening display???


Well, you don't really need to be on the agenda. If you have seen an agenda, you will notice there is a "public comment" time scheduled at 9:30am. No appointment is neccessary. Anyone may just show up at that time and surprise the commissioners. And probably more often than not a member of the media attends the meetings.


The media rarely attends meetings on site, especially when nothing is on the agenda for that day. Someone had to have tipped of the media beforehand.

Both sides probably have been working very hard on the budget and I assume the Commissioners probably felt the Sheriff and his employees understood that they are doing their best...emotions can run high when bombarded by a large group of people who seem to feel you are against them when instead you are doing what is best for all county departments and Huron County.

Not on the agenda, elected official and staff of 20, media on site, and a total surprise to the board....make of it what you will.


Sorry, but I know this reporter and I know that he attends nearly all the Thursday meetings. However, my point was that you do not need an appointment or be on the agenda to go to a meeting and address the board. Just be there at "public comment" time.

Lillie Chaos

Why should anyone be intimidated by the Sheriff or his staff? Maybe Dane Howard is not perfect but he is a good law enforcement agent doing a good job in this county. Our commissioners got caught being less than honest with their figures and explanations. Of course, only MY opinion. "Total surprise" to the board........more like a wake up call to all of us.

6079 Smith W

Attention all other Huron Co. depts.:

Take a queue from the Sheriff's Dept.

If proposed funding for your agency is reduced, inform the media and show up at a council mtg. in mass and armed when airing your complaints against any and all budget cuts.

If such heavy-handed tactics ultimately works for the Sheriff’s Dept., why shouldn’t you give it a try as well? What have you got to lose?


Folks; can't state this enough - be engaged with your government regardless of agree/dis-agree. Remembered going to city council & asking questions. The next meeting, council decided to hold "executive meeting," thereby blocking out local citizens. Similar event with the commisioners years ago (mike addelman). Asked about meeting time, told schedule by commisioner. Also told on the phone that they (commisioners) have the priveledge to hold executive meeting if they desire. Godda wonder.


you have all seemed to have forgotten about the million dollars that the commissioners so convieniently held back from their budget funding allocations claiming it was to be used for insurance increases. The auditor caught their actions a few days before the sherriff showed up to confront the three queens. Silcox's little show of emotions was nothing more than a display for the camera. Notice how quick he recovered. Bauer has been a commissioner for 3 years yet only now is he interested in knowing the deputies who represent the county. Give me a break. Get rid of these two bafoons at the next election. Don't forget you also elected the sherriff to protect the residents of this county. If that means at times he has to address a few other beauocrats, in order to do his job, then so be it


Whats funny is that you people do not realize that anyone can show up to a public meeting. The Sheriff has a legit concern. A budget cut means jobs being cut.


You are 100% correct.


.....and then when response time to calls are even more delayed because they had to lay off more deputies, the Sheriff is going to be the one criticized first. Sounds like a total lose/lose scenario.


Just because the Sheriff and his deputies have the right to be at the meeting doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. The Sheriff staged a political event with the media included. I guess every county department now knows how to "professionally" handle the budget process. The Sheriff has shown the way. Show up at the Commissioners meeting like the Occupy Wall Street protesters and they will be forced to respond. Just a pathetic political stunt.


Why didn't they do their homework before they put out a preliminary budget. Wasn't this a little irresponsible and didn't they expect a reaction.

6079 Smith W

Sheriff’s Dept. personnel have shown the way.

If any county dept. suffers budget cuts, the employees should show up en mass at a council meeting, demand that the HCC should pick some "fruit" at the "money tree orchard" and miraculously restore funding.


No miracles needed. With the county revenue up one million dollars more than an estimate by the county auditor for 2011, why is it that going into 2012 would you need to roll back budgets to 2010 levels? I'm all for watching tax dollars, but it doesn't appear that this bidget is being well thought out or put together.