About 20 HCSO members surprise commissioners

About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.
Scott Seitz
Dec 18, 2011


About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.

The group, which included Sheriff Dane Howard, as well as command staff and deputies, were there because of their concerns over the preliminary 2012 sheriff's office budget as proposed by the commissioners.

The deputies who attended were off-duty. The command staff were there to talk budget.

Though a great deal of numbers were tossed around during the meeting, Howard indicated the proposed budget would cut the sheriff's office about $350,000 and could ultimately lead to the layoff of more than 10 officers.

Howard called the proposed cuts "arbitrary" and added that money exists in other county funds which could improve the sheriff's office situation.


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Lillie Chaos

@ Smith W -- as you obviously are aware I am not priveledged to the specifics of the county budget nor their expenditures from last year or expectations for next year. I am frustrated with
the quality of governing by the commissioners and politians in general. If you want the job you need to come up with actions that provide for the welfare of the community not just a select few. Hopefully the next board will be better...if not we try again next election. Trying to justify their personal agendas is not going to fly. As usual, this is all about MONEY........who has it, who wants it and who controls it. Just what do you suggest? Are you an expert on this county?
Other than holding the citizens of Huron County hostage to raise taxes what solution can you offer?
Everyone needs to tighten their belts.....well, they have.....there is no room left to breathe.

hit the road jack

What these people really want is a bunch of "yes ma'am's" to grant them every thing they want and promise them the world like they have been treated for the last 25 years and in 3 or 4 years we won't even be able to afford the HCSO and then they cry wolf, its the democrat way.


Children Services receives a state mandated amount from the general revenue fund (GRF) and cannot be cut. Services for Aging receives zero dollars from the county GRF.

6079 Smith W

@ retired: It's always discretionary spending that’s in the cross hairs isn't it?

The question remains on the table: Make necessary cuts from where?


While scrutinizing the county budget, we should also see the Sheriff's budget and line items as well, perhaps in some areas of the Sheriffs Office/Jail it is a bit top heavy?


I looked at the list. It doesn't come close to the number of offices/departments within Huron County. Plus, only 11 of the agencies shown receive funding from the county's general revenue fund. And out of those 11 only four are fully funded. Not a very good list to go by for this discussion.

6079 Smith W

@ retired: Grabbed what was handy. If you've got a better list, point the way.

Remember: The state and feds are reducing funding as well.

Lillie Chaos

I am offended that anyone would deny the rural community the quality of law enforcement and protection that is paid for. Living in a rural township we are taxed just like everyone else. We are subject to the same perils and traffic issues. If the Sheriff's budget is cut who are we to call? You think a commissioner, or clerk of courts or even the dog catcher will respond? NO....we can only depend on Dane Howard and his staff. Without them we have NOTHING....NO ONE. I find it extremely offensive to be bombarded with new tax issues for roads, schools, computer systems when we don't have adequate protection. I deserve a say in how my county tax revenue is spent and I will not be voting for ANY incumbent until I feel that a fair distribution is made in this county. The sheriff's department should get the lion's share. Any court house clerk risking her life? Ever seen a commissioner at a traffic wreck or break in? Anyone else care if me or my neighbor drowns in the creek or falls down the well??
Not your problem.....just call the Sheriff!!!! GET A GRIP Politians----you are nothing without a good solid sheriff's department. We have one and you are trying to handcuff them! I AM MAD...MAD...MAD.


I was thinking along the same lines Smith, The Sheriff and candidate Ward state other departments should be cut to fund the Sheriff's office....I'd be interested in seeing what they offer up as a county budget and which department(s) get more cuts...specifics are needed not just spouting off that money is there for the taking.

6079 Smith W

@ VerbalKint: As though speaking in the abstract and in generalities 'actually' meant something right?

The "rubber meets the road" with the specifics.

Where's that money tree orchard located?




Sherff Howard and Staff, Good Job! We are a democracy and have a costitutional right to show interest and power in numbers just like any group or left-wing fanatics. This country has forgotten how we (as a country) have gotten where we are today. It is by men and women standing together with an common interest, and in this case, it is for their jobs, as well as, our protection.


The first duty of government is protection of the citizens. Larry Silcox has been a huge disappointment. As a former executive officer of the sheriffs office he knows exactly what the sheriff deals with both budget wise and daily duties. He opposes everything Dane tries to accomplish to keep Huron County as safe as possible. The little crying fit was touching though. It ALMOST seemed like he cared about those public servants in the audience,

6079 Smith W


And if protection of the citizenry were county govt.'s 'only' responsibility the choice would quite obviously be relatively simple.

Continually asking govt. to do more and more and taxing less and less has brought, this county, this state and this nation to this point.

Either taxes will need to be raised or some publicly provided services and benefits will need to be reduced or eliminated - there is no magic!

Guy on a Buffalo

Oh man, what a great teary-eyed display by Silcox! He should be nominated for a SAG award after that acting display!


I don't usually speak up, but this is soo obvious... Silcox has consistently done everything he can to go against the Sheriff's office, the airport and everything or anybody that doesn't bow down to him. After reading this paper all year and listening to our Auditor (Tkach) say how our numbers are doing Great....then this big of a cut????? If I've read correctly ALL articles..... Silcox has been cutting down all elected officials that are democrats...hmmmmm.... doesn't sound to me like he cares about our county at all... just a political agenda!! Why hide 1 million dollars??? Is it coincidental that the amount the Sheriff's office is cut ...is the same amount he wanted to put an ugly addition on the historical courthouse???? hmmm... gets ya thinking!!! Not happy with silcox or bauer... haven't really heard too many comments from Hintz... don't rightly know where he stands??? trying to keep an open mind... but police officers work 24/7 ... 365 days a year... people complain if criminals aren't given a stricter sentence... but they want to cut the budget so the judges will have to lessen cuz the jail won't be able to house them.... they we pay another county to house them which is even MORE expensive..... Why do commissioners/politicians always look to cut police and fire first???
No offense... but this sherifff's budget is already lower than the former sheriff had.... and from the record.. more productive!!!! I don't want that to stop!
Because there is always going to be people to break the law... we continue to need law enforcement... and that's just plain fact! I support all local law enforcement, fire fighters, teachers...all public servants.. cuz they have to do their job... and then listen to people (who don't have a clue) condemn them..... Kudos to HCSO!!! Sometimes standing together is the only way to get the point across!! just saying!!!

Marcus M

Would be interested to know how many pro sheriff department comments are from members of HCSO, family members and supporters of Silcox's opponent?

Lillie Chaos

I doubt if anyone in the Sheriff's department has time to worry about comments on this web site.

6079 Smith W

@ Lillie Chaos: You'd be surprised who reads 'em.

jack langhals

How many complaints were there last year,when the hours were cut for the other departments?As far as politics go ,as soon as something don't go your way,you start screaming politics.First of all if it were about politics, it wouldn't be in his best interest to pick on a Safety department!


For those asking about the Union Rep in the room, I beleive he is. Last I heard it was Capt. Patrick. Thought I seen him in there


The surprise will come when Larry, Curley, and Moe are voted out of office at some point. These three are some of the most ineffective politicians I have ever met and I am in their party!


Seems Commissioner HINTZ is a MAN OF MANY WORDS and I am not very impressed with anything he has done in office I hope someone runs against him and puts him out of office.


Hintz should have never been put in office! Wonder why this board is having problems with the budget? Think about it.


Enough bashing the commissioners, they have a job to do also! The problem is the Show of Force, by intimidation by the Sheriff and his officers, like they all knew when and where to show up with out being informed when! The problem is so many officers have left the department, and all the grant money is used up. And if the hire was to work under grant money for a time and then be hired, but now there is no money to continue their employment! Dane, YOU may have to pay back all the grant money the department used! So guess those deputies will not be getting the new uniforms promised them, better get all the equipment turned in from those leaving so they can have old shirts! Quit complaining, you are not the first or last Sheriff who will have budget cuts! Maybe you should let some medical retirements happen for those eating up the health cost! How many cruizers have been wrecked? How many lawsuits are filed? How much overtime are your officers putting in that is eating the budget to death? And how do we taxpayers find out which line items in your budget should be reviewed. I am sure there could be cuts, and trimming of the belt if you put your mind to it and quit complaining! Wish we had another candidate for Sheriff in 2012!

Lillie Chaos

@Signer You have no concept of a "show of force" you are doing the very thing you are accusing the Sheriff's department of doing. You have a right to an opinion but no right to deny others that right. How much in taxes did you pay last year? What is YOUR connection to these commissioners who are expecting/demanding our already lean protection agency to take additional cuts? You must live in town with no concept of life in the county except the politian's view of self-indulgence. We are a community here. I will not be voting for any incumbent commissioner but I will vote to sustain our sheriff's department each and every time. That is my right. I pay taxes and have for more years than I care admit. I go way back to the Borgia days and I have found no reason to complain about our law enforcement and resent those who are attempting to curtail it.


@Lillie, you are so wrong! Signer lives in the county, has been a LE family for decades, supports their LE to the best of their ability. They have no connection to the commissioners! They are not showing any force, or accusing anyone of self-indulgence. They pay taxes just like any other voter,
who expects public safety. So if you are so DANE HOWARD, maybe you should look a little closer at what is wrong with his administration! How many officers have left his department, Early retirement in their 50's, terminated with out charges, or at his will! How many officers have left for other departments? Why did so many retire or leave this administration in the last 3 years?
Why are not some crimes solved or charges brought? Come on there are dopers out there that could be taken off the street every day, they know who they are! So why does this administration need it's own Drug Task Force, and not Metrich? Which has been working for years, with quite effective officers? I pay taxes also, on more than 1 rural property, been a victim of more than one theft, and so why no charges? I'snt it my right to be protected by the HCSO? It is signers right also, a dear friend of mine, who can not log back in on NR, Maybe Lillie you really need to know what goes on in LE in Huron Co. from a LE Family!

Lillie Chaos

Yes, absolutely.....if a credible, tax paying, ethical member of this community could sincerely advise of issues that I am not aware of I would like to know. I have only my own personal experience to form my opionions. I am not a member of anyone's family or even personal friend of anyone in the department.

Marcus M

signersdecendant, great comment. What we need is a sheriff that has the knowledge to manage a budget, something we have not had for many years since Sheriff Borgia left office.

Marcus M

If we accept that this was not intimidation and except the command officers the majority of officer were off duty. Why then were they in uniform, my family members and friends in law enforcement only wear their uniform on duty or when serving in a official capacity, court, etc. We all support law enforcement, we shouldn't support bully tactics. Norwalk has had their issues over the past few years with contract and budgets, but I never saw or read about them showing up at council in uniform en mass, it's called professionalism, which starts at the top.