About 20 HCSO members surprise commissioners

About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.
Scott Seitz
Dec 18, 2011


About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.

The group, which included Sheriff Dane Howard, as well as command staff and deputies, were there because of their concerns over the preliminary 2012 sheriff's office budget as proposed by the commissioners.

The deputies who attended were off-duty. The command staff were there to talk budget.

Though a great deal of numbers were tossed around during the meeting, Howard indicated the proposed budget would cut the sheriff's office about $350,000 and could ultimately lead to the layoff of more than 10 officers.

Howard called the proposed cuts "arbitrary" and added that money exists in other county funds which could improve the sheriff's office situation.


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ctaft94 - If you're advocating that the Sheriff's Dept. should be treated "special" and not suffer the same cuts as any other county department, you're just plain wrong. You probably also believe that additional tax cuts for the top 1% will help the economy too.

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OMG 1234

When will Larry Silcox ever get over not being elected sheriff. He needs to give Huron County residents a break and retire from public life. The last thing he did for the county was hire his babysitter so she could have a county job. Back off Larry

Sitting In The ...

How much did that brand new Dodge Charger or that brand new Explorer the other deputy totaled cost us taxpayers?. Attention Sheriff Coltran and bunch guess what everyone broke and if your spending more then you can bring in that means cuts need to be made. I didn't even know they had 20 employees I only hear about 4 a shift on the roads and what maybe 10 in the jail. I got an idea if local judges would send these junkies to big boy prison that should save a ton of cash spent re-arresting them over and over again. Would of been nicer to see these poor people handing out toys instead of crying about personal agendas or would we have had to pay them. They might of been off duty but I'm guessing there were a few driving county owned vehicles .

former local

I'm not a math major, BUT, 4 on a shift times 3 shifts per day would be 12, correct? Plus the 10 you admit work in the jail? Let's see...uuuhhhh, that would be 22!! correct? Which, last time I checked, was MORE than 20!

Sitting In The ...

I congratulate you on accomplishing basic math....the number was an average,I assumed using words such as "about" and "maybe" would cover this. You should be proud that in my entire post this was the only thing you could comment on.


One other comment. STOP SHOPPING IN MANSFIELD OR SANDUSKY FOR ITEMS THAT CAN BE BOUGHT IN HURON COUNTY!!! All too often, we go out of our county to do basic shopping like at Wal-Mart or grocery stores or for automobiles, shoes, apparel, and so on. When you purchase products in another county, that county collects its sales tax from those products, and Huron County loses out. I'm not saying we'll ever get to do all our shopping in this county. I know that we don't have department stores like Macy's and big box retailers like Home Depot and Best Buy. Some products can only be found in other counties, or the price difference is so great that it's worth the trip. But we do have our own Wal-Mart Supercenter, lots of local grocery stores, convenience stores like Drug Mart, local hardware and electronics and appliance stores, and so on. And they quite often have a better selection or access to a wider range of products not on their shelves but available through their suppliers if ordered. And don't forget to calculate the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the value of your time when traveling out of county to make purchases. All I'm saying is let's all try our best to buy local whenever possible. Every additional dollar of sales in our county leads to an additional 1.5 cents of local tax revenue. Every bit helps!

swiss family

anyone who works in any branch of law Enforcement.. has my respect and gratitude...their job is dealing with the people who refuse to obey and live within what the law mandates.. so because of this, their job is to risk their life on an hourly basis, and still try to maintain order within the confines of the law, with criminals who will do whatever necessary to live outside of those same laws.. I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone willing to do that for me...

I can not agree with the posts which say that every other department has to live within it's budget, so the Sheriff's department should as well...When you are talking about so many of the other county run offices, if they had to do with one less worker, or cut several workers to a part time status instead of full time and all the benefits that go with that.. I do Not think that in doing so , anyone's life would be in jeopardy.. not so when you are talking about a law enforcement officer.. if you make cuts in the number of people who actually are protecting the county, everyone's safety is affected...so this should be the very last resort. Also with the budget of the Sheriff department, they can not control the [price and costs of gas, oil, maintenance of their equipment..so the more these prices raise, the more it cuts into their budget..

We seriously need to talk about restructuring the way we protect our cities and counties..right now we have it broken down to individual towns , with each having their own police department, each having a chief, and the upper levels in each department making a good portion of the towns Police budget, accordingly.. I think we need to look at it in a way to protect the entire county instead..combine all of the county's Police departments, pool all the budgeted money, and make every officer a deputy of the county..that would eliminate how many levels of upper departmental pays, plus it would increase the number and the territory size for all officers to cover. so basically we would still have the same , if not better safety coverage, but with far less cost to the citizens...in my opinion

Most Wanted

How many comments has there been in this paper in the last year about drugs, break-ins, increased robberies and so forth? Do we want to cut our police force? I understand cutbacks also, but do we want to cut any police force to the point of less men on the job (sorry, or women)? I want my local police department, sherriff's department and state patrol out in full force at all times with the way things are going anymore. Ticks me off when I get a ticket (lol), but I want them on the job when I need them.

Sitting In The ...

Alright I agree that we need law enforcement .....but the way they presented themselves seemed unprofessional. Your suppose to be a role model for society and is this the message you want them to get!!!!!. 20 "Professionals" vs 3 gentlemen I say you might have a few things to work on. You need more money ....I have an idea start acting like LE and stop totaling SUV or getting in fist fights with other police dept and maybe they might give you some money...just a thought. Sad part you don't even realize it not the nice uniforms that makes a great cop.There are agencies out there that get funded mainly by confiscated drug money so instead of trying to intimidate the HCC you could actually go out and do some work. I mean everyone obviously doesn't mind dressing up and using their personal vehicles ..... maybe they won't wreck them then. You never know you might even be able to give kid's presents or pay for the fireworks one year you know give back to the community.


Maybe these officers were still in uniform because they were getting off of duty, or going in to work, Im sorry a uniform intimidates you or offends you. I see it as officers supporting there sheriff as they have probably witnessed the massive cuts in the past and they know how the safety of citizens will be affected. "3 gentlemen" are elected officials, they should be held accountable to every citizen in this county. As far as wrecked SUV's, accidents happen, am sure they don't wake up and say hey lets go total a vehicle. They drive 100's of miles a day, accidents are bound to happen.

Sitting In The ...

If you don't mind I would like to quote you "They drive 100's of miles a day, accidents are bound to happen" now let me look here oh what this? "The deputy was on duty and driving an unmarked SUV south on Miller Road at about 6:02 p.m. Thursday when HE ran a stop sign at Egypt Road in Norwich Township," State Highway Patrol dispatchers said. I also find it interesting you had no reply to the incident in Monroeville why is that?. "(Im) sorry a uniform intimidates you or offends you" did I ever state that it did? .....nope. I stated that clearly they have other issues inside the dept where they might need some improvement which in turn would greatly improve their chances of getting these funds. . My apologies on using the number 3 instead of three."Im" in of need some help understanding what SUV's is. Do you mean it possesses something like he had a deputy that had an affair with another officer's wife?.


He is a detective in an unmarked vehicle SUV, ran a stop sign, yes I know the story, but don't be so stupid to think he intentionally set out to total the vehicle. It was an accident,and you only know what is reported in newspapers. Accidents happen is the point, citizens, law enforcement officers etc..! The other deputy obviously has some character flaws, he no longer works there correct? Problem solved. The department has been cut several years in row, they are working on bare bones, I want to feel safe in this county and if Larry Silcox and Bauer have their way they will continue to cut and put others people lives and property in danger.


These 20 should have voted Yes on Issue 2.

Marcus M

I remain supportive of law enforcement but 20 officers showing up is just being the "bully in the room" I observed first hand how during the SB5 repeal how some officers and firefighters emotionally and verbally bullied their fellow officers into supporting the repeal.


I haven't read through all the comments but I hope most people are in favor of keeping as much of the sheriff's department as you can, especially in a county like Huron. I want to see a good amount of sheriff and police in this county helping to fight the drugs and low lifes that reside here. Keep cutting back their budgets and the drug problem will just get worse.

sunshine 0604

Mr. Bauer,

I find it interesting about your comment on how you wanted the officers at the meeting to introduce themselves due to the fact that you never get to see them. Here is an idea genius as a county comissioner you are entitled to go to the agency that you as a commissoner provide services for and observe what these men and women go through on a daily basis.

The other thing that I find interesting is Silcox and his fake crying while being recorded. Why did you only last thirteen years in law enforcement and couldn't make a career out of it?

Let's not forget people these comissioners are the ones that cut the Sheriff's Office budget almost $1,000,000 in 2009. I think it's time to get Silcox and Bauer out of Office!!!!!

Lillie Chaos

@ sunshine..........good point. I hope our next election changes our commissioners. We need to see some "working people" on that board.


Why can every other department work within a budget but mr howard can't? Maybe because of all the accidents? Damaged cruisers? Or more training for officers we the tax payer have to pay for because of the choices of friends mr howard chooses to hire.
How many other sheriffs offices in ohio has had this many deputies fired in one term? This shows poor leadership! Fire dept has a reputable dept! When they ask formoney I support them 100% why? Because they give back and they don't cause drama every other day with their dept!


I think he has worked inside his budget, but they keep cutting it year after year. You have an axe to grind and its easy to see by your comments. Drama? The only drama is your posting.


All those in favor of increasing your taxes so we can run a gold plated Sheriff's Dept. raise your hands? I'm sure there aren't many hands up. The Sheriff must learn to live within his budget just like all the other county departments. The only thing "special" about the Sheriff's Dept. is how much money they waste by having twice as many vehicles as they need by letting deputies take vehicles home as if they are their personal cars. Save your breath about increased response time in an emergency because it doesn't exist. If any one did the research, I bet you could count on one hand the number of times in the last year that a deputy reported directly to a crime scene without reporting to the Sheriff's Dept. first. I've seen too many deputies in this county racing to work significantly over the speed limit. Any one can tell that they're not going to a crime scene because it occurs at shift change. There was a former Major from Bellevue who was infamous for this abuse.

Lillie Chaos

@ Jas ....If you feel you have the answers why not run for the office? Maybe not perfect but darn sure the best we have. Offer a solution not just complaints.


Lillie Chaos - I have offered a solution - save some money by stopping the practice of letting deputies take police cruisers home like they are their personal vehicles.

6079 Smith W

Take a look at the following list of agencies within Huron Co.:


Whose budget should the commissioners cut in order to fully fund the Sheriff's Dept.?

Perhaps employees of other agencies should start showing up in mass at council if their operating budgets are also proposed to be reduced?

If these strong-arm tactics ultimately work for the Sheriff's Dept - why not?

Lillie Chaos

@ Smith -- bet you live in Norwalk......you have the luxury of a police department. You think any other agency is as vital to the health and welfare of the whole population of Huron County? I am amazed at the lack of respect shown to our county law enforcement. YES...I think most any other department should have their budget's cut prior to the sheriff's budget.

6079 Smith W

@ Lillie Chaos: Disrespect? Quite a stretch.

So choose; which dept. should be cut, maybe Child Services or Services for the Aged?

Why shouldn't other agencies that get their funding cut show up armed as a group at council just like the Sheriff's Dept.?

Lillie Chaos

@ Smith Do you think any other agency serves the county across the board like the sheriff?
Do you honestly think that we would have anything to protect or any reason to have schools and recreation and roads without the law enforcement agency? Crime and violence does not exist?
People should do whatever it takes to draw attention to politians that are not governing our county effectively. How about we cut the commissioners pay? Oh, can't do that because it is mandated by the state....well, let them donate some funds back to the sheriff. That is not going to fly is it?
How about cut back a few hours on jobs that are not essential to sustaining health and safety of the residents? Oh, we already did that........ Maybe a public forum with other agencies would be a good idea. I would like to hear what everyone has to say on this subject!!!! In the meantime why not try supporting the people risking their lives for your protection! I will.....I have NO ONE else to depend on but the Huron County Sheriff's Department.

6079 Smith W

@ Lillie Chaos:

In no way whatsoever am I unsupportive of the HSCO.

Obviously for you the HCC are incompetent and therefore kindly provide specifics as to which agencies' budgets to reduce and by how much.

Lillie Chaos

You certainly seem to be unsupportive, @Smith W
Our Sheriff does not appear to be basking in any form of luxury. Yes, they do seem to be a tight knit group. I think that is what it takes to function as a TEAM. County Comissioners are elected to serve the county but serve their own egos and finances.

The average citizen, like me, would be happy to have the information regarding specifics as to where my tax money goes but that is not easily attained. I am sure I would be amazed at the
figures. Don't try to play word games when you have no defense. My opinion, my vote, my tax dollars.

6079 Smith W

@ Lillie Chaos: And you seriously believe that a new crop of commissioners will 'miraculously' produce the necessary funding? We're back to plucking that money tree eh?

Good luck with the next "ego-less" batch.

No "word games," just asking a legitimate question to which you or anyone else is unwilling or unable to answer: Cut from where?