About 20 HCSO members surprise commissioners

About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.
Scott Seitz
Dec 18, 2011


About 20 members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office made a surprise visit to the county commissioners meeting Thursday.

The group, which included Sheriff Dane Howard, as well as command staff and deputies, were there because of their concerns over the preliminary 2012 sheriff's office budget as proposed by the commissioners.

The deputies who attended were off-duty. The command staff were there to talk budget.

Though a great deal of numbers were tossed around during the meeting, Howard indicated the proposed budget would cut the sheriff's office about $350,000 and could ultimately lead to the layoff of more than 10 officers.

Howard called the proposed cuts "arbitrary" and added that money exists in other county funds which could improve the sheriff's office situation.


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6079 Smith W

Obviously there was no intention of intimidation or strong-arm tactics toward the HCC by the Sheriff's Dept.

indolent indiff...

This is a Coup d'Etat. The police arm of the local government is trying to take control of the government.


I just cannot see how they can continue to cut the Sheriff's budget year after year. I would be upset as well if I was the Sheriff and or a deputy.

6079 Smith W

@ arnmcrmn: The size of the revenue pie is always limited. What other department budgets should the HCC cut if necessary?

Maybe taxes or fees need to raised?

jack langhals

If they had to increase taxes to add to the budget, would you be in favor of that! The money for all offices last year were cut by going to a shorter work week.Don't you think those employees were upset as well?It is very simple ,it depends who's ox is being gored!

indolent indiff...

This was a show of force and intimidation not concern. If they were off duty, why the uniforms. They were threatening the elected officials. I think the US department of justice should be notified


Smith, what happened to you moving out west? Don't let us stop you!


Can't believe thier union rep isn't in the room.


Can't believe thier union rep isn't in the room.


Union reps are counting their gold coins napping on a beach somewhere until the next state bill comes along that would save Ohio money, but cost the union leaders their beach house. Then they will pop out of the woodwork with scary pamphlets, commercials and slogans about how 'the man' is trying to keep unions down. Then once the elections over and the people are fooled for another 4 years, back to the beach they go.


Larry, You got caught with your buddy Gary and Joe trying to salt away 1 million dollars for other issaues. You trid to blame the auditor for your actions. You always do that when you get caught, ie shifting the blame. As far as you being a police officer, I have never heard anything good said about your actions in law enforcement, if fact more to the contrary, about your inabilities. Grow up you got caught hiding a million, some which should have gone to the SO. You already screwed up their vehicle puchase for 2011 on purpose..

Cliff Cannon

God I love cops.Something about a man or women putting on a uniform to protect us all that really warms the heart,doesn't it? So,because I don't have to balance a budget or go before the public to ask for ---gasp-----more tax money.I get a real kick out seeing the brotherhood go to a commissioners budget meeting,don't you? The truth of the matter is that given the challenges of the day,as well as the threats of tommorow,what we really need is a heck of alot more cops,don't we? But how many would increase their taxes to pay for them? Really makes you glad your not an elected oFFicial now ,doesn't it? So here's hoping our elected oFFicials have plenty of aspirins as the headache's of funding are just beinging and if they think cops in uniforms are tough,wait till they ask the public for more money


You can hear in Howard's voice his aburptness and sarcasm while he blames the commissioner's for not communicating well enough about his budget especially when he realizes he is is not well informed himself about access to other funds because he didn't get his way and has not genuine concern for other offices which may have to lay off as well. Unfortunately Dane may have to lay off some of his buddies if he cannot force his hand on the budget. I do find it disturbing that all those employees while off the clock decided to show up on their own while dressed in uniform also. They can voice their opinions and have their voices heard without the uniforms. Let's just hope they did not drive their county owned vehicle's off duty as well.


Should the Sheriff's Dept. be treated any differently than other county departments? They all have suffered cuts, they all will say they're down to bare bones staffing, and they all will say they can't take any more cuts. There seems to be a feeling that the Sheriff's Dept. is "special" and shouldn't have to suffer equally with the other departments. That's just plain wrong. If anything, since the population in Huron County is going down, there should less of a need for law enforcement.

This is purely a political move by a Dept. that shouldn't be getting involved in politics.

citizenof hc

Poor Larry tearing up. Amazing how fast he gained his composure . What a sap. I'll bet that million dollars was put aside to pay the lawsuit off. Probably figured nobody would notice their slight of hand. When they got caught they look like a Chinese fire drill pointing at everybody else. If the rest of you expect to have public services to protect you, you are going to have to pay for it. maybe a little less to the commissioners favorite public charities and more where they are needed in emergency services. It's time to look at getting rid of these two bafoons (Larry & Gary). Time for a little truth and integrety!!

Ralph Wiggum

If they gave that million dollars to the airport, they'd have integrity?

Marcus M

Intimidation, this is why we needed SB5 We have Dunlap running for commissioner, when he was a one term sheriff the term budget was foreign to him....


Dude, would you drop the SB5 stuff already? It's over with. It was put to a fair vote and it went down. You were the minority on the issue and you lost. SB5 had too much small print and went way to far and the majority of the people saw through it. It's over now Marcus, you can put it to bed.


Wrong, the unions spent all of their money to fool Ohio into thinking that SB5 was evil. All it takes is a few black and white commercials with pictures of sad old ladies and angry firefighters to trick 80% of the voters in this state. This bill was telling Ohio 'you had better eat your veggies instead of fattening up on sweets' and Ohio whined and voted no. Okay then unions, if you didn't want to eat veggies then sadly the choice will be no food period. You win.


Yanni - The Pro SB5 side used the same tactics...they even stole a video from the unions and re-arranged it to suit their needs. It's politics and I hate politics but the fact still remains, SB5 was not a good bill as it was only made by the republicans to try to do away with unions. It was obvious. I used to be a republican, until they came out with SB5. I will never vote for a republican again. I'm done defending the repeal now, it is over. The best thing that could happen to any government would be to do away with political parties.


I read something in the paper the other day about the auditor asking the commisioners what they did with the extra million dollars they had, and had not allocated out. I would agree they got caught red handed trying to hold on to money for their private issues, maybe that lawsuit the other guy talked about. After all, when they screw up, we end up paying for it. These 3 are most arrogant politicians I've seen. I agree, it will be time to show them the door in November 2012 and get 2 honest people to serve the county.


The Sheriff is just going to have to work with the money he's got like the rest of us. Moneys hard to come by for all of us. I really doubt putting 20 of your guys in uniform and asking them to go to the meeting is going to make one bit of diffrence. (Like any of us really think they did this on there own)
I see why he running unapposed now, He's got the department broke. Who would want to walk into a mess like that!

jack langhals

Cliff,good point.Thank goodness there is people that will take on the responsibility of these thankless jobs! I don't think any of the commissioners are crooks as someone said,I just believe they are smarter than Washington and trying to be prepared.We have had several law suits over the years and they sure weren't the fault of the commissioners.The most recent was the fault of poor management at JFS.There has been some high medical bills by employees,the insurance keeps going up.That of course will improve as Osama Care kicks in, then it will be free.There won't be anyone working to pay for it.Does the attendance at the meeting remind you of an arrogant judge that tried to hold up a past group of Commissioners.I hope the same group will go to the polling booths where the Black Panthers
will be in 2012!


Smith you really must move soon.=======dchar we know your agenda also. Just vote people & be engaged. MAKE your elected officials work ........its that E-Z.


In 2005, the Republicans in the statehouse and Governor Taft enacted a massive tax reform, in other words a tax cut. You know, trickle-down economics where a tax cut is supposed to lead to increased government revenue (ROTFLMAO). Income tax rates were cut across the board by 21%, which of course benefits richer people much more than poorer people in total dollar tax savings (surprise surprise). Guess what? Once the tax cuts were phased in, Ohio faced its worst budget deficit in history due to greatly reduced tax revenue! Yes, this was partly because of the recession, but it was compounded by the Republican tax cuts, exactly as they wanted because they hate government. So what do they do to balance the state budget? They enact a 50% cut in state money given to local governments, including the counties. And then they can say they balanced the state budget "without any tax increases". Meanwhile, the counties, cities, schools, townships, libraries, etc are left to clean up the fiscal mess they created with their state tax cuts mostly for the rich. Trickle-down economics? Yeah we got trickle-down alright. State funds to help pay for local law enforcement, teachers, roads, etc has been reduced to a TRICKLE lol. So the next time you call for a Sheriff deputy at your house, and there's only one on duty and he's on the other side of the county, just be thankful you have a few extra pennies in each paycheck because of those wonderful tax cuts!


The highest paid part -time job in Huron County is the county commissioners position,and these 3 can't even talk to another elected official to locate the funds needed for Law Enforcement.Despite his tears no even took the time to find out the true budget,just cut it. Time for change?

Marcus M

Nothing new with the sheriff's department thinking they should be treated better than other county employees, Dunlap, Sutherland, now Howard, budgets don't apply to us. The commissioners are responsible to fund all county departments not just the sheriff.

Lillie Chaos

@Marcus M........ Really....did you really say that Dunlap, Sutherland, and now Howard are not "special"? OK...next time someone is trying to raid your car or garage or house to get drug money call the commissioners, or the treasurer or clerk of courts.... Let them show up with their pencil to help you. I prefer someone like Todd Corbin for back-up but then I live in the real world.


I always watch these blogs on NR...now it's my turn to chime in on something that affects me, a citizen of Huron County - just as most of you are I presume. I notice a lot of you "bashing" the HCSO or Sheriff Howard on here are the same bloggers....geez, did you maybe either commit a crime investigated by the HCSO or better yet, maybe some of you are former employees who left on bad terms or messed up so badly that you have a vendetta...seems like the same 6 people have beef with the office.

Yes, times are tough - but when is enough actually enough when safety forces get cut time and time again, when it DOES seem arbitrary? I, for one as a citizen, like having the peace of mind to know that there are men and women who sacrifice day in and day out to protect and serve my county - the place I CHOOSE to live. I certainly wouldnt or couldnt do that job. Yes, its a choice - but dealing with heroin dealers, burglars, drunks, amongst other day to day patrol activities is a hard job - a choice, but god bless them for their choice. I like knowing if I call 911 (which Im 99% positive ALL wireless calls - which is almost everyone these days with technology) - go to the HCSO FIRST! And then if there is a pedafile who lives near me, the HCSO is the one who informs me of that. And if I hit a deer, or a tree is down, or my neighbor's got some party going on too loudly, the HCSO is the one who helps. Yes, city officers do the same to a smaller degree, but there are like 500 square miles in the county ----and last I was told, a whopping 14 Deputy Sheriff's who take care of that mileage...thats like 4 1/2 people a shift, IF you have all on a shift with no days off overlapping....NOT a lot of help, BUT they deal with it because they have been cut so drastically over the years.

And now you want to cut them again?? Cmon commissioners, wake up. Is it because you live within city limits and feel that its ok, you have city officers to help you? What about the rest of us? If I have a creep on my property, I surely will not want to wait 35 minutes for a deputy to respond just because you didnt fund their office properly and justly - until I can get help. Then you three, my "good" commissioners will see my wrath...

Time to fund safety forces the way they should - not on bare bones. Again, yes, times are tough - but for crying out loud - take $ out of UNMANDATED funds and give to the people who protect the county you are SUPPOSED to serve, as you were ELECTED to do. I know that my family will be looking at your competition come election time, and make my decision based on these factors. Fund the HCSO....and quit your non-sense games. Or someone, a citizen or deputy's life is sadly going to be lost someday soon if you keep dismantling that office.

PS...I've done my homework with county offices and know my statements are accurate - can those of you say the same?


The HCSO have been cut time and time again, enough is enough. Time for 2 new commissioners, Silcox and Bauer need to go.