Mayor-elect meets with chamber members

Norwalk mayor-elect Rob Duncan met with members of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce this morning at Berry's Restaurant.
Dec 14, 2011


Norwalk mayor-elect Rob Duncan met with members of the Huron County Chamber of Commerce this morning at Berry's Restaurant.

Duncan covered a number of issues, promising to have an open-door and an open-ear policy — especially to local businessmen.

Duncan, who defeated Sue Lesch in the November election, will take office Jan. 3.


swiss family

wow that's a convenient little package you are making lets clear this up before he starts his term...when you say that Rob does NOT like to micromanage every department head, because they are the true experts...alright,,, but when it is exposed that one department or another is making big mistakes, does what you are saying , mean that Rob will not be held accountable with the rest of the department, just because he has complete faith and trust in the heads of these departments??? it is great to give the dept heads free reign as he seems to imply, but when the "buck " stops.. Rob , as Mayor is responsible for the mistakes as well.. it all stops with the Mayor, and just because he chooses to run things differently, does not remove the accountability from him...................I hope you are NOT going to start with the "it is all Sue's fault, and look at the mess she got us into" routine.. first of all, if you would take a look around.. EVERY PART OF THE COUNTRY is struggling, some more than others, but ALL are looking for and needing jobs.. NOT JUST NORWALK.. so unless she is way more powerful that I believe she is, she had nothing to do with the COUNTRY"S failing economic state... this economic trouble was obvious when the election was going on, obviously Rob felt he could change things and make them better, and from the very little he did say about his campaign strategy, he did say it was all about "jobs, jobs, jobs" so he ran on the premise that he could make things better.. so lets not blame the past administrations for this situation, and not give him a free pass because No one could get jobs here in such an awful economic situation, you certainly did NOT give that pass to our exiting administration, and it certainly will not be given to the incoming one either..Good luck Rob.. lest see what you can do..And as I have said in the past.. I want to see results.. not excuses..


@ swiss - First of all, you are right about the accountability of a mayor. It's a big part of the reason we are sending Mayor Lesch packing. As for the jobs issue, I am only talking about Norwalk, and not the entire nation like you are. What has our mayor really done to try and lure companies to Norwalk? Even better, what has she done to try and prevent companies from leaving? I'm glad his campain strategy included jobs, jobs, jobs. It shows he knows what many of us are really concerned about. Perhaps Sue could have served the people of Norwalk better if she wasn't so obsessed with trying to build more parks. Do you remember when she first took office how she stated she would have an open door policy? That was a bunch of crap, because our mayor has demonstrated time after time that's her way or the highway, or if you don't roll with her then she'll roll right over you. Don't you have enough faith and trust in our department heads to do their jobs without being micromanaged? You almost make it sound as if Rob is just planning to set on his a$$ except for when he needs to go take a whiz.

6079 Smith W

@ rebel.yeller: Local govts. have little-to-no influence on business development. That purview belongs to the state and federal govts.

"Jobs, jobs, jobs" was hollow campaign rhetoric - kinda like that "hope and change" guy that's in the WH.


@ 6079 Smith W - I do agree with you about the state and federal governments, but once in a while i just like to think positive during times of change. I still agree with what former Mayor Louis Frey used to say....."it's easier to try and keep jobs already here, than to lure new jobs to Norwalk".

6079 Smith W

@ rebel.yeller: As has been said: The only thing constant is change.

Business retention is a worthy goal. However, attrition will always occur and in spite of one's best efforts.

It's always easier to critique anyone who has a track record. There’ll be another one to dissect in four yrs. or less.


@ 6079 Smith W - very well said!