JAN. 29, 1925 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 82 years ago:
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Jul 24, 2010


JAN. 29, 1925

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 82 years ago:

Says evolutionists unable to make monkey out of him

Evangelist Welch, speaking at the Church of the Nazarene revival services in the GA. R. hall last night said in part:

"Those preachers who advocate man's evolution from a monkey," said the evangelist, "need not preach long until they make monkeys of themselves; but they will preach a long time before they can make a monkey out of me."

The little girl's version of a familiar passage of scripture, "many are cold, but few frozen," was said to represent the present conditions of many professed Christians. "Their coldness would even give an Eskimo pneumonia," added the evangelist.

Changes are announced in the B.C. Taber Co.

Announcement was made today of a business change of unusual and widespread importance, affecting one of the oldest and leading retail enterprises in the county.

T.C. Taber, senior member of the firm of B.C. Taber Co., the well known dry goods and department store, relinquishes hold of the routine of the firm's business, though training his full financial interest therein, and will devote his time to private and less arduous affairs. W.P. Taber, the junior member, assumes full control and management. In this he will be assisted by E.S. Spangler, who as merchandise manager, assume part of the detail formerly carried by Mr. T.C. Taber.

Clark and Soule to open music shop in Norwalk

County Clerk Earl Clark, who is to leave office before long, and Guy Soule, formerly of the Norwalk Piano Co., on next Saturday, will open a musical establishment at the jewelry store on Mayle & O'Dell. They have taken over the agency for the Victor talking machines and records and will handle radio outfits, pianos and other musical goods.

Robert L. Beltz made defendant in divorce suit

Robert L. Beltz, of Bellevue, a Nickel Plate locomotive engineer, is made defendant in a divorce suit filed here by Charlotte Beltz, who alleges the plaintiff has been cruel, that he uses harsh language and that one time threatened to slap her. Mr. and Mrs. Beltz were married in 1910 and have four children. Young & Young are attorneys for the wife.

Joseph Koepple badly burned in explosion

Joseph Koepple, an employee of the Big Garage, was severely burned in the face this morning when he threw a gallon or so of crank case oil into the furnace in the basement of the garage.. The burns, while severe and very painful, are not serious, a physician said. The burns extend in a zone of the face from ear to ear.

Entertains card club

Mrs. E.N. Hawley of West Main Street charmingly entertained the members of her card club Tuesday evening. There were four tables of Five Hundred in play and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Thomas O'Neil and Mrs. Howard Bowman. Miss Louisce Reach won the guest prize. At the close of card play the hostess served a dainty two course luncheon.

The guests of the club were Misses Mame Fritz, Louise Roach, Chaterine Picker and Frances Huber. Thursday, February 5, Mrs. A.j. Meesig will entertain the club at her home on Whittlesey Avenue.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok