Hebert out as safety-service boss; Duncan tabs Willard grad for job

Norwalk Mayor-elect Rob Duncan has named Mark Schloemer the new safety-service director.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 6, 2011


Norwalk Mayor-elect Rob Duncan has named Mark Schloemer the new safety-service director.

The 26-year-old Schloemer will succeed Linda Hebert, who was not expected to return under the new administration. He will take over the safety-service position after Duncan takes office on Jan. 3.

The director of public service and the director of public safety are combined positions in Norwalk.

Schloemer is a 2004 graduate of Willard High School who earned a political science degree at Ohio Northern University. He currently lives in Columbus but said he plans to move to Norwalk "very soon."

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Guy on a Buffalo

So he hired someone from outside the city. That will be his second hire from outside the city since his assistant law director is also for Willard. Don't we have qualified candidates in Norwalk for these positions? Interesting since he railed against his opponent for doing the same thing...


I don't recall Duncan railing against his opponent on hiring outside the city. A lot of people in these comment sections as well as some outgoing council people did though....


I do think that public employees should live in, or very near to the communities they serve so I hope this young man has intentions to re-locate to Norwalk at some point in the future.


You must not read too well...read the very last sentence of the article. Maybe that's why they chose someone not from Norwalk...


sorry missed that line, but you didn't need to be a d!ck about it.

6079 Smith W

After reading the synopsis of his resume in the NR, I fail to see where Mr. Schloemer has any municipal public safety experience.

Other than being a "Friend of Rob" and wanting to return to Huron Co., how 'exactly' is he qualified for this position?


Most likely more qualified than other people. Before working in Columbus, he also worked in Washington DC for George Voinovich. He will do just fine in this job...sometimes getting some new blood with new ideas can be a good thing.

6079 Smith W

@ sotrue: Working for RINO Voinovich shoulda been a disqualifier right there.

Guess we'll see how the safety-service dept. employees and heads respond to his lack of experience and his earn while he learns education.

jack langhals

Have any of them ever been qualified? I have been here 34 yrs.and i am not sure but one, ever had any experience.


Smart kid from a good family and from Huron County, and he is going to move from nice Columbus up to this complaining gripe pit of a city. For that he deserves props. It's true about these forums, except for Yanni they are patrolled by some ignorant out of work nothing to do but whine hillbillies.

6079 Smith W

@ Yanni:

I agree with your observation. The fact that he wants to move from prosperous and growing Columbus to economically depressed and declining Huron Co., one 'should' question Mr. Schloemer's judgment.


6079 Smith - I agree with you and "Yanni". I can’t imagine myself leaving the big city life to move here. He has a tough job ahead of him, and I wish him the very best.

Kottage Kat

@ Smith, You moved here from Chicago, just saying. Why don't people wait until the new administration is in place and see what they do before we shoot em down and put them on Boot Hill. Kat

6079 Smith W

@ Kottage Kat: And Norwalk has sadly transformed into the most economically depressed community in which I've ‘ever’ lived.

Just kinda surprised that he couldn't find an experienced person rather than a neophyte. We shall see, we shall see.

Alford Plea

Well as long as Smith agrees, it must be a good observation. Well done Yanni, you have earned the highest honor He/She who calls themselves 6079 Smith W can bestow on a fellow blogger. Treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it.


I supported Rob because Norwalk needs change, and hiring a 26 year old for the safety service director position is a bold move (i like that). Mark is a young man still at the starting point of his career, and has a lot to gain or lose by coming here. Same thing goes for our city, but I really think this is a win/win deal.


I am a total believer that hiring some young blood is a good move in many cases. Seems as though the older we get we have less motivation, less ideas and more complaining to do.


I just said the same thing under one of the other comments. sometimes getting new blood in a place with some new ideas can be a good thing. Mark will do just fine in this job. Before being in Columbus he also worked for George Voinovich in Washington DC.

Kottage Kat

Sounds like he is surrounding himself with some smart people who will bring some fresh air to the city, and not part of the GOB system. Rob is nobody's fool, and if one has spoken with him they woiuld know that. He is being innovative and this is what Norwalk needs.

yogi bear

Not part of the GOB system? He worked for Karen Gillmor and Voinovich, both Republicans; he is obviously a Republican!! coincidence, i think not!!


Ok Ok we get it hes a republican, you must have gotten into a bad pick in ick basket lol

jack langhals

I don't mean to be critical of the new director,but working for George isn't much of a plus.he was probably the most do nothing Senator there! I was impressed with him in early career but he dropped the ball in Washington.


Doesn't matter who it was he worked for, it's still good to get some connections and learn some things about government and politics while working there. The more experience the better.


Ill take anyone from anywhere over that Linda Hebert woman.


What qualifications does he have to lead the police anf fire departments? Might be a nice guy but no public safety experience, he will be in charge of a bunch of experienced police and fireman some with advanced degrees.....not a good idea.

Kottage Kat

Dale Sheppard and Linda Hebert, please document their experience prior to being appointed to Safety Service Director. I like Linda as a person, she has been placed in positions, the reasons are not knowlege or experience. This city needs to move forward, with fresh ideas, and new blood. Looks like the transfusions have begun. Kat

6079 Smith W

@ Kottage Kat: 30 yrs. ago was 1981and times were way different both socially and financially for Norwalk and there was maybe time for on-the-job training. In 2012, it's hit the ground running with the fiscal challenges only becoming increasingly difficult.

We shall see.


@ kitten - Honestly, at this time we should just be holding open the door while posing a nice smile for Linda on here way out. It doesn't serve good for anyone to be comparing documentation of other's services.

Kottage Kat

@ rebal, The experience issue is on the table, and I did not put it there. Why judge this young man before he gets a chance, when others comparativly have had no experience either. Simply the point you mised. Kat

just my 2

30 plus years of service under numerous mayors who appreciated her hard work, post secondary education in engineering and public administration. A work ethic that would be hard to match. From drafts person to zoning inspector to safety service director. One of the reasons I love her story is my dad went from janitor to truck driver to sales to general manager to president of a major business...all by hard work. Hard not to appreciate Linda Hebert! Norwalk's loss will be someone else's gain, as she is too hard working to settle into retirement.