Drug testing push 'a scam'|Woman who advocated student testing arrested for selling heroin

A Norwalk woman who promoted drug testing in Norwalk City Schools was arrested Thursday for trafficking in heroin. Stephanie L. Broz, 22, of 154 W. Main St., was arrested by Norwalk police pursuant to two Norwalk Municipal Court warrants which were for trafficking in heroin.
Scott Seitz
Jul 25, 2010


A Norwalk woman who promoted drug testing in Norwalk City Schools was arrested Thursday for trafficking in heroin.

Stephanie L. Broz, 22, of 154 W. Main St., was arrested by Norwalk police pursuant to two Norwalk Municipal Court warrants which were for trafficking in heroin.

Broz was arrested without incident during a traffic stop on Benedict Avenue. Officers  located a significant amount of suspected heroin in Broz’s possession.

Broz was transported to the Huron County Jail.

Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Todd Temple said Broz awaits a bond hearing at Norwalk Municipal Court.

Additional charges are pending against her.

Temple said the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected in Norwalk.

“She admitted selling in the Norwalk area,” Temple said this morning.

The arrest was part of a METRICH investigation. Huron County Sheriff’s Capt. Robert McLaughlin and Erie County Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Lippert also assisted with the investigation.

Temple said the current investigation of Broz was “about a week old,” but added officers had been investigating her for about a year.

Temple also credited Norwalk Police Capt. Jack O’Neil and the Norwalk police second shift for making the traffic stop and arrest.

“And I credit Detective Dave Pigman who put a lot of time in on this too,” Temple said.

Temple said Broz’s supplier was from Columbus.

“There’s an active investigation in Columbus, too,” Temple said.

Temple said Broz’s 2-month-old child was removed from the home and placed with Huron County Children Services.

Broz’s speaking at Norwalk school board meetings was not honest, according to what she told officers Thursday.

“She told officers she talked about the drug testing to take the pressure off or to avert attention (from her),” Temple said. “She said it was a scam.”


Who you voting ...

If I remember correctly, isn't her mother on the school board? Funny there was no mention of that in the story. I checked an old story online and found that Janet Broz was a supporter of the plan, although I couldn't find a vote on the issue. All I know is the school board voted no. Anyone remember the vote?

As for Miss Broz, sounds like a pretty sad story. I hope she can turn her life around and get the help she needs in order to get her 2-month-old back.


And what kind of message is this sending to the kids???

Clark W

Janet Broz is her stepmother. The School Board voted 4-1 against random drug testing.


My name is James Judge, I supported random drug testing fully, showed up at many school board meetings, wrote several letters to the editors supporting drug testing, stood along side Stephanie is this fight. I now feel ashamed and embarrassed to have my name associated with a liar and con artist. I can't believe she did this to all of her supporters. Please i hope none of you think I had ANY knowledge of this and that i supported random drug testing for the safety and health of the kids at NHS. Stephanie has broken my trust and lost my respect, the two things i value most as a human being. I do hope though that she finally gets her act together so she can live a normal, healthy, drug free life.

Who you voting ...

Clark W - thank you for the vote information and for correcting my mistake. I did not know she was her stepmother - living down south here I don't know all the people in Norwalk. That being said, should Janet Broz be in charge of making decisions for the students in your school district if she can not control her own stepdaughter? I'm not sure I would want her making any decisions.


sounds like you have a personal vendetti tacosalad??


It seems very predictable that people will now start focusing and pointing fingers at Stephanie's parents...That is simply unfair. Ken and Janet are truly great people, and do not deserve any negative opinions thrown their way. As many parents would agree, sometimes no matter how a child is raised, there is a chance that they could choose the wrong path, as in Stephanie's case. I feel that the family is obviously going through a very difficult time, and you should respect that and not make it more difficult for them.
My thoughts and prayers are with the Broz family ...Hopefully this is something that Stephanie needed in order to turn her life around.

Clark W

Predictable, perhaps. But it may be a legit question. Did young Ms. Broz have her stepmother and her father, a teacher at Norwalk High fooled too?
I took the time to stop at the Board of Education office and read the report on random drug testing. It was about 50 pages, and it was somewhat interesting.
In the end, the cons outweighed the pros by a huge margin.
Yet, Mrs. Broz voted for it. Why?
As far as them being truly great people, it depends who you ask. Some say yes, and others who have had dealings with them say no. Many people are uncomfortable with her service as a Board of Education member, because of her husband's position as a teacher in the district.
In any case, it's unfortunate. Ms. Broz is a young lady with an infant who needs her. That brings up another point. Why wasn't the infant placed with relatives? Why children's services, instead of the Broz's or the infant's father, or his relatives?


I believe society likes to see someone fall...its truly a sad situation but maybe instead us trying to figure out the whys and hows we should just put our efforts towards supporting this family in this time of need. My heart goes out to Stephanie and her family. I will pray she gets the help she needs threw this ordeal.


My name is Mary Terry, and I am sadded to read some of the commets here. Most of you, lucky you, have no idea what this family has gone though, like others in this town. The pain and helplesness is overwelming, and with a sign of hope, they thought things were getting better, and they do get better. No one should sit and judge if you have not gone through what some of the best people I know in this town have gone through. Where are all the kind hearts and the forgiving people these days, maybe you should take a good look in the mirror, and stop judging others, these our our children people!! My heart goes out to her, and family, and to all others overcome by this disease.

Clark W


I feel bad for Ms. Broz as well. No doubt she's had some past struggles.
She admitted this was a scam, so she could continue her ILLEGAL activities. She's broken the trust of those who cared for her. That's too bad, because it seemed like she had many people who were on her side.
I feel bad for her family, and especially her two-month-old infant. That baby is completely innocent, and yet is perhaps the biggest victim here.
Speaking of victims, how about the families of the people she (allegedly) sold this HIGHLY ADDICTIVE drug to?
No one mentions them. I wonder how they feel about this?


It's about time she got caught. She has been lying and manipulating everyone for way to long. Now she's no better than the people she would talk badly about with her NA buddies, how's it feel Steph! I only hope Hayden (her son) turns out okay, I know for a fact she used through her pregnancy! That baby should of been taken away as soon as he was born! She thought she had fooled everyone, the police are good at what they do and you will get caught eventualy! I hope this is a wake up call for others trying to pull this same stunt, the ending is always the same!


What makes me sick is the light sentences given to heroin and cocaine users/dealers.

Nunley got sentenced EIGHT YEARS for hauling pot in a pickup truck. Yes it was 160 pounds, however in my opinion Heroine, Cocaine, and Alcohol are way more destructive to people compared to marijuana.

By the way, I haven't heard anything about finding the missing pot from the Sheriff's Office. I believe so much in my heart it was definately and INSIDE JOB involving law enforcement officials. You'll never hear anything about it again. Mark my words!


It does make a person wonder. I can't imagine anyone breaking into the shed, come on, I'm sure there has to be surveilance cameras all over. I think thats the last place a criminal is going to go to steal, lol.

just plain disgusted

If it didn't have surveillance camera's then it better now. Use my tax dollars for something useful for once!


being a former friend of steph's i have no sympathy for her. after she was arrested our sophomore year in college for someone ODing in her car and having drugs in her possession, her family still supported her and got her the help she needed. not once did she ever apologize to her friends for using them and isnt that a step you take in recovery programs? she hasnt had me fooled ive heard stories about her while she was pregnant, that child deserves better than this and i do feel strongly for her family all they ever did was try and get her the help she needed but she was too selfish to take it

Richard Cranium

We need to start the Saudi Arabian-type punishments in this country. If you are a drug dealer, immediate death sentence. If you get caught stealing, lose a hand. If you rape, you die. Make it all public too. Something has to be done with our system. I know we will never see the extreme punishment, but geez, we have to do something.

The legal system in the US has no real consequence. She will most likely get 6 months in a community control based facililty for 6 months and probabtion then told not to do it again. Everytime, she screws up her probation, they will put her in jail for a few days. This won't stop anything. After she does her time, she will be right back to square one. Remember, during this time, she will be spitting out more puppies as well, and us, John Q. Public, will be supporting them.

Dad and step-mom, are probably very embarassed over this as they are community figures. I feel bad for them as well. I'm they have tried to help their daughter.

James Judge, your a good person. No one looks down on you for being associated with her during that campaign. You didn't know. You tried to do the right thing. I see you one day becoming one of our city leaders. Keep up the good work with honesty and integrity.


i am also a FORMER (good) friend of stephanies and she has been lying and manipulating people just about as long as i have known her. but we all tried to give her the benefit of a doubt when all of this heroin stuff started happeneing. her parents (ken & janet) tried all they could to get stephanie the help & support that she needed, and we all thought things had changed for the better for a while. i also heard rumors that she was using while pregnant but she said "no what kind of person do you think i am! i would never do that!". that just goes to show that she is a liar & doesnt care about anyone but herself.
i hope for her sake that she gets locked up for awhile, so she can really get her life back together and become a productive member of society one day. as for her son, i hate to hear about him being taken away from the family, but she cant even take care of herself, let alone a baby. i just hope somethings done so that he lives a normal, healthy, happy life, however that may be.

Richard Cranium

Just FYI, if you have ever dealt with heroin addicts, you will find you can't believe a word they say. They are all pathological liars.


Reading the comment of someone knowing she was using while pregnant, shame on you for not letting someone know.There are ways to do that, what were you thinking? Maybe you tryed, not sure, but I do know that you have to want to get help, and willing to do all it takes, or won't work. Get the boyfriend out of the picture !!I agree with the writer, my2cents ,to a point . Pretty extreme, but can understand why.


If addiction is a disease, then it is a disease that the addict choses to have. Nobody can say they didn't know it would happen.


To Billdish: Believe me I did tell people she was using, there are ways around passing drug tests. How dare you question me because of her using while pregnant! So shame on you for running your mouth before knowing the whole story!

How I see it

is the finger pointing is pointing in the wrong direction. As I said before in a similar article, it's our governments fault. The so called War on Drugs is the biggest scam there ever was. So many laws, so much money and the crime just keeps getting worse. You want to stop a war then stop the War on Drugs. Billions of our money gets sent to third world countries that are controlled by drug lords. Who do you think gets the money we send? No, I am not a drug advocate but I am a life advocate and a gun advocate. Manufacture it, market it and control it, you know, like alcohol and cigarettes. The drug dealers will be gone as well as 99% of gun crimes. The tax revenue alone will pay the deficit. I know what some of you are thinking but of all vices, alcohol kills more people than anything. We educate people about the adverse effects of alcohol but we also control it's distribution and have stiff penalties for it's miss use. It was illegal once also, some may remember but we've all read about it or at least see the movies about the crime the was created by the laws at the time. All the laws against drugs only creates a continually growing black market. Stop the crime and the crime will stop.


Actually, I beleive tobacco kills more people. That's what we should have a war on.


These are the real losers,huh?How low can you go?I live in Willard and thought i had seen every junkie scam out there but this is just ludicris!!!!I really hope they lock up this b---h and lose the key,this almost sickens me!!

swiss family

on a personal level, i feel badly for the family. and i don't think that it is reasonable to blame her parents!!!
of course, they wanted to believe whatever she told them, and since she was so honest in what was in her past, they were very confident in her sobriety now!!!

i do wish that we would pay closer attention to the people who are screaming the loudest, and the people who are judging the harshest, about what other people should be doing.. they usually have some deep secrets that they are hiding!!!

look at what has happened to our trust in the past few years!! how many senators, congressmen, preachers, etc do we need to listen to , about the evils of doing something, before they same people who are instructed us, are the same ones who are caught doing the same thing that they are preaching against!!!!

i wish this girl all of the best, and hope that she attains her sought after sobriety.. and i hope that the family has the strength to survive this, and still stay centered...

at the same time, i do hope that we learn something from this... we need to listen, and investigate anyone, and everyone who tries to preach to us, how we should live our lives!!

wife of an addict

Re: rogerthat

You said :" If addiction is a disease, then it is a disease that the addict choses to have. Nobody can say they didn't know it would happen. "

Addiction is a disease just like cancer. Does a person choose to have cancer? Does a person choose to be bipolar?

I agree with you about a war on tobacco. I think people feel like it's okay because it's legal. Just as addictive. Just as terrible for a person.

wife of an addict

Re: my2cents
You said " Just FYI, if you have ever dealt with ###### addicts, you will find you can't believe a word they say. They are all pathological liars. "

The disease of addiction makes them lie. It's not that the person is a pathological liar. And it's not just ###### addicts...it's all addicts. It's part of their disease.

I think it's sad that when a person has cancer they get chemo and sympathy. When a person has an addiction (that is just as life threatening as cancer when they're using) they get judged and ridiculed. Addicts are people that deserve to be treated as people.

To the person (or people) that think it's great that she's in jail...that she got what she deserved...that hope "the b**ch rots in jail": I feel sorry that you have no compassion for her as a mother and as a person. I hope no one you know has an addiction for they likely wouldn't get any help or sympathy from you.

Can you imagine how much of a hold drugs have to have on a person that they would risk losing their child and/or death? She's not a bad person. She's an addict.


I understand completely that addiction is a disease. However, alcoholism doesn't occur overnight, it's a slow progressive thing. Heroin users are hooked immediately (common knowledge). And to manipulate people the way she has, and using while she was pregnant?!?! She deserves whatever she gets, just for the simple fact that her baby didn't have the choice she had.
As for her parents, I don't know them personally, but you can't hold them responsible for her actions. If she fooled everyone else, what makes anyone think she shot up over at mom's house? There's no evidence that I've heard that says they knew she was currently using. I went out drinking as a teenager quite a few times, and my parents never knew, and I LIVED there!!!

Richard Cranium

re: wife of an addict

Ok, lets not compare cancer patients with drug addicts. Two different things. There is no comparison whatsoever.

Drug addicts have chosen that lifestyle. They chose it and got hooked on them. No one ever forced them to stick a needle in their arm. They did it because they chose to do so. They chose it even though they knew it was wrong and that drugs are highly addictive. They still did it. So there. No sympathy.

If your hubby is truly an addict and hasn't turned his life around, then you need to get a divorce for the sake of your own well being and that of your kids.

But there is no comparison. For someone to compare the two is a horrific insult to all those persons dying or who have died from cancer or other terminal illness.

People need to stop giving pity parties to all these drug addicts. The addicts need to answer for their actions.