Norwalk man given work-release jail term

"Good kid" who got in over his head won't be "a frequent flyer" in court, defense attorney says.
Cary Ashby
Sep 5, 2014


A convicted drug dealer's defense attorney said he believes his client basically seems to be "a good kid" who got in over his head.

"That doesn't excuse what he did, but that's the impression I get," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

In mid-July, Deon C. Parker, 22, of 35 Oak St., pleaded guilty to one count each of trafficking in marijuana for a March 18, 2013 controlled drug buy and trafficking in oxycodone for an incident five days later.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed one count of trafficking in marijuana in connection with a March 19, 2013 incident.

Longo told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway he doesn't believe Parker will be "a frequent flyer" in court.

"This appears to be Mr. Parker's first felony offense," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

Parker's criminal record includes some offenses as a juvenile, a brief adult record and a misdemeanor probation violation.

"I'd like to apologize for my behavior. I'd like to assure you this will never happen again," Parker said during Thursday's sentencing hearing.

Police arrested Parker on Feb. 11 after officers used a search warrant at his home and seized multiple items related to drug trafficking.

"He's been under investigation since March of 2013," Detective Seth Fry said soon after Parker was arrested.

As part of his three years of basic probation, Parker will be supervised at a high level. He must reimburse the Norwalk Police Department $80 for the cost of drug testing and was fined $500. The defendant also had his driver's license was suspended for six months.

Conway ordered Parker to serve 60 days in the Huron County Jail on the work release program and credited him with earlier being behind bars for two days. The defendant also was given a 60-day discretionary sentence, which means his probation officer has the option of when to say Parker has to serve the time. The officer also can ask Conway to waive part or all of it if the defendant does well on community control.

If Parker violates his probation, he faces an 18-month prison term.


swiss family

I wonder if the Judge ever looks at the mug shots of the criminals that appear in his court.If he doesn't, he should..I am sure that the innocent looking guy who the lawyers had all polished who stood before the bench was nothing like the guy pictured in the mug shot.I understand that the picture was one moment captured in time, but the smug look on this criminals face does not scream out that he "will never do it again"

Sometimes I have to reread stories over again, because of how twisted they are...First off, we have the Public Defender, who's job it is to get his client off... he now is acting as a mental health expert..which he has no qualifications to do, and the Judge is listening to him??? So when he says he is "a good kid, and doesn't believe he will be a frequent flyer"??? where are his qualifications to even say that??and then to say "it appears to be his FIRST FELONY OFFENSE"???FIRST FELONY???? I didn't think you were supposed to have ANY FELONIES... and it use to be that a FELONY OFFENSE landed you in PRISON not Jail...then it says they had a PLEA DEAL????WHY????and then to actually put that he has a juvenile record, and a brief adult record....and probation violation...only misdemeanor though... so then the star on top.. the criminal says "I would like to assure you this will never happen again"... gee that sounds almost like what your lawyer would have you learn and rehearse to tell the Judge to make it believable... and if you can't believe a criminal, who can you trust???? Come on Judge, wake up, it is our community that you are turning these criminals lose on... look at what they looked like coming in... and how they look in front of you .. and don't believe their spit shined version of the truth, or at least something shiny that maybe looks like it could possibly be the truth, but most thinking people (like you) should be able to see through it..


Judge much?


Swiss - There are sometimes mental evaluations available when the presentence investigaqtion is done by the probation department. The lawyers have access to the PSI when they make their remarks to the Court.
2. The current structure of the local Court was created in the 1950's when the number of yearly felony prosecution averaged in the low 30s. The yearly average number now is in the 320s. Just to have trials in all these Huron County cases would consume over 900 court days per annuum without figuring all the additional time these cases do consume in arraigments, pretrials, sentencings, etc. Plea deals happen in Huron County, other ohio counties, and accoss the country because there is not available time to do otherwise.


We will see this mug shot again.


Yeah, he looks like a punk!! How does he plan to never let this happen again? Does he even have a job?


His mug shot will be updated soon.


Sorry for repeating myself. :)


He's a maid at a hotel in Milan.


Attn. David Longo, I served with 18 year old men. @ 22 Deon should be a man not in trouble again


Good boys don't look down their nose in a mug shot ...they take them straight on.

"he's a good boy...he's a gentle giant"... hmmm always the same excuses.


I knew this guy personally. He will be in the paper again. Just wait. I know his cousins and they are all into the drugs and thug style life just like he is.

swiss family

But he told the Judge he would nor\t so it again!!! and if you can't believe a guy who is a criminal with only one Felony, and some underage crimes, and a probation violation.. then who can you trust.....right Judge???


This is one sanctimonious bunch of commentators here.

swiss family

@ dawg_............... that was not judging.. that was laying the facts out there and letting them speak for themselves.. n if YOU consider that to be Judging.. so be it.. I can not and don;'t want to change that.. the facts are the facts deal with it.............and now to you jamie.. I see what you did there.. you think you can make me feel "guilty" or "sanctimonious" for laying the facts out there... sorry I don't... you see I do not have ANY FELONY"S.. and I will bet that the people who are commenting do not have any FELONY'S I think that alone gives us the right to speak.You see , we took the harder road... it would have been easier to just do whatever we wanted to do, lie, cheat rob, steal, threaten etc, like this punk did, to make it through life, and that is why he has such a dirty record, the record his attorney is trying to make it sound like only has a few minor turns in it... wrong!!! he has FELONY'S...No we all worked for the money we have to get the things we wanted and needed and enjoy today, only to have some criminal punk like this come along an destroy it, or take it or deface it or break it, just because no one is watching him at that moment... So am I judging him... you bet your a$$ I am , and I am angry when the Judge turns him back out to my neighborhood or in my town to cause fear and havoc wherever he goes, I am angry with this criminal punk and also mad at the Judge who keeps falling for their rehearsed lies to say they will "never do it again...good then let them live with the Judge and his family for a month and see if he really does trust them.. so , am I judging them... you bet I am... does it bother me...NOPE... does it bother you..obviously it does .. do I care NOPE...