NickelPlate 765 coming through area

No schedule available for ETA in Monroeville, Norwalk.
Joe Centers
Sep 4, 2014


Update — the train was just in Bellevue and is now headed to Monroeville. It should be in Norwalk soon.

News Tip:

The NickelPlate 765 (steam engine) will be coming through Norwalk today! Here
is their update from facebook as of 11 minutes ago...

We're on our way! Routing is our traditional path to the Cuyahoga Valley
Scenic Railroad: Fostoria, Bellevue, Norwalk, Wellington, Spencer, Medina,
Copley, Akron. Service stop in Monroeville. No schedule or estimates are
available. Desktop tracking is down today, but the iPhone and Android apps
are working. You can also keep an eye on our progress at



765 Left Payne Ohio at 11:35 en-route to Monroeville (133 miles) look for it in Monroeville between 2 and 3 pm today.


Thanks Nardo! I want to see it!


765 should be in Monroeville about 3 or 3:30 according to the RR worker who parked near the tracks on 99/S. Ridge St.


It was in Fostoria at 2:20


It left Fostoria 45 minutes ago. It still isn't in Bellevue yet.


It's approaching Old Fort now. Looks like it'll be here pretty late in the day.


Saw it about 30 minutes ago pass through Norwalk. Way cool!


The online tracker is about 40 minutes behind.