Euton, Frontier blast competitors in full-page ad

Ad warns Time-Warner customers about pending merger and its potential impact on service.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 4, 2014


Norwalk resident Stephen Euton is normally a soft-spoken guy.

But, in Wednesday's edition of the Reflector, Euton -- along with his company, Frontier Communications -- brought out the heavy artillery in a full-page ad promoting Frontier and its products and giving a competitor a batch of grief.

Euton, who has been a member of Norwalk city council for more than 20 years, was asked Wednesday, what gives?

"The competition in our industry has been fierce for several years now," he said.

Euton serves as Frontier's general manager for North Central Ohio.

Euton said Frontier did not fire the first shot in this battle with Time-Warner Cable.

"Frontier provides a good product and good service," he said.

Several years ago, Frontier partnered with Dish Network to provide television service.

Wednesday's newspaper ad said, "When is Enough Enough?"

The ad was formed in the shape of a letter to Time-Warner and focused on a recent Internet outage from that competitor's service.

"Maybe this is a blessing in disguise," the ad stated.

The ad/letter was signed by Euton.

The ad also warned Time-Warner customers about the pending merger between two large competitors and its potential impact on service.

Euton stressed this is an issue that could affect local residents.

He added customer service is real at Frontier and not just lip service.

Frontier offers a store front in the uptown with real customer service representatives who can assist in a number of areas including phone, Internet and television.

Euton said the Frontier has a local manager, local technicians, supervisors and a U.S.-based call center to help customers.

"You will not be out-sourced to another country," he said.

"My number is in the book," Euton said. "There is a huge difference between Frontier and competitors with local representation."

Euton agreed, the battle is on.

"Again, competition is fierce," he said. "Businesses are out to get as much of the market share as they can. When competition is fierce, the customer usually wins."



Your neighbor

Frontier internet sucks!! It is slow and lags. All they ever tell me is, "they are working in your area and should be fixed soon". Last time I called I was told by the end of Aug. Today I am still having the same problem. TWC might be more expensive but there internet service is alot better.


Re: "Wednesday's newspaper ad,"

I'm sure that the NR enjoyed the ad revenue.

As far as a media mkt., Norwalk is sm. potatoes dollar-wise.


WE had twc for years and we finally got fed up and switch to Frontier and we have had no problems. I heard the internet was slow but in my area Fronteir's internet works better then twc. I very happy we switched great service and a lot cheaper then twc.


I have had Frontier for 20 months and I can tell you that they are HORRIBLE! We have had continueous problems with our internet and wifi. All I get is excuses every time I call. I am told that I have a 2 year contract but yet they can't seem to find my contract. I just wanted to know the terms. They keep TELLING me the terms but I told them that anyone can make up anything. I want to SEE the terms that I agreed to. Also, when you call, you aren't speaking to someone locally. It goes to call centers all over the U.S. As soon as my contract is up, we are cancelling it. DON'T SWITCH TO FRONTIER!


FRONTIER service is horrible. Internet speed lags big time. They speed they say you should get around is nothing close to it. Unless you are awake at 3am then maybe. Time Warner customer is is pathetic in every way shape and form. But there service is top notch. And an internet outage is what it is. They fixed it and fast. Hats off for that.


I agree. We switched from TW to Frontier/Dish and as much as I detested TW's customer service, I totally regret switching. We are going to switch our Internet back to TW and then just bite the bullet and pay the early termination fee for Dish (thanks to the 2-year contract). We've only have Frontier a year and it's been horrible the whole time.


If we can get cable without a contract, why do the dish companies require a contract?

J Cooper

I upgraded my service last week at the Norwalk office of Time Warner, a super nice lady not only upgraded me but got me a better overall deal, along with faster internet and made sure it was done correct with their tech service.


We just went back to TWC. They told us they no longer require a contract and you can cancel at any time without a termination fee.


What in the heck kind of service did you previously have??? TWC has never required a contract for service and you've always been able to cancel without a termination fee. I don't know what service you had but it sure wasn't TWC.

believe it

I have TWC and have no issues with them. The TV always works, internet is fast and never goes out, and anytime I've had to call about something I'm helped quickly. I even got my bill lowered last year by almost $20/month.


Not sure how others got better contracts at TW. I went in with my frontier and the best she could do was same internet and fewer channels for the same price I am paying now! She saved the quote for me in her computer in case I change my mind!

eat my shorts's picture
eat my shorts

DSL is great if you want slow out dated technology. There is no comparison between DSL and broadband. Even a 4G signal out performs DSL depending on your location.


cable viruses dsl, there no comparison. Dish, ** which I currently have** can be at times a pain in the butt, when there's storms elsewhere and you lose your signal. Didnt have that with time warner. I feel if the price didnt rise every other month I would still be there with them. Im content with Dish, but would be happier with TWC


There's a way to get around the price issue. Just call TWC and tell them you want to cancel your service. By doing so, they'll offer you some kind of a nice discount, rather than take the risk of losing a customer. I play the game every 12 months.


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Frontier is LIBEL for letting sub-contractors hire their "door to door" sales people that are pill heads looking to get a quick fix ! Thiefs ! Here is one of them !!/phot...


What's DSL ? For that matter, what's TV? It's 2014. The consumer wants 4G, or at the very least, broadband.


Re: "broadband"

The future of TV.

Both the number of cable and satellite subscribers continues to decline.


Frontier is the worse! When we were making the switch from TW to Frontier/Dish, the local reps (and including Mr. Euton) completely botched it up. I spoke with a few different reps and they all told me something different. When they placed the installation order, it apparently wasn't done correctly and the day we were to have install, no one showed up. So I call again -- the non-local rep I spoke with said the local reps gave me all kinds of wrong information. The charges weren't correct, they didn't have the right equipment listed for what we were was a mess. Then like 3 months later, our Frontier services and Dish services were unbundled, not at my request and they never told us. I only found out when we started getting two bills and I called them. And don't even get me started on the billing issues we've have or the quality of service (our internet acts like old-school dial-up!). We are in the process of switching back to Time Warner, I'm so over Frontier.


Time Warner isn't any better. They all have issues. They like to lure you in and after your promotion time has ended, the battles begin. "That package is no longer available". "That is only available for new customers". The prices go up and the service goes down. For the price I pay , I should never have an issue with the quality of my cable or the speed of my internet. I understand storms and outages...but lag and bad picture quality is unacceptable. In our area the internet is unable to keep up with demand due too many customers on the line. They continue to tell us they are upgrading the service but all we see is a upgrade in PRICE with no upgrade in service. My tv is horrible and cuts out continuously or freezes in one frame. But when you call, they see no issues with my account or issues in my area. After 3 complaints they schedule a service call, he shows up and finds no problems, and leaves. Living in a rural area, your options are limited and they have you over a barrel.


Have had TWC for years and call every year to the retention dept. and get a better bundle than before. Never had a dropped call, internet out, cable box I boot every Wed. Some of my family have gone Dish and Direct and can't wait to get back to TWC.


One year they gave me the road runner turbo speed at no extra cost. That was nice. To get the best deal you simply tell them you want to cancel their service because they're too expensive. Just make sure to have an excuse ready because they will ask.


TWC smokes these fools!


Sounds to me like he shouldn't have put this in the forefront. He just received the worst rating around. I was going to switch a few years back because they said I would save all this money, etc. I would have saved $7 a month. Why bother with that when you have to sign a contract, run wire to a dish that sits in the middle of the yard- because it was the best place, they said-? I say just cut cable altogether, stick with just the net and put the radio on. Cable is WAY over priced, whoever you go with.


They all suck...Prices go up and channel selection goes down unless you want to pay for the next tier...A Hundred bucks for any kind of cable is crazy... I say we just get rid of it all....


D........S.......L <---Frontier. TWC! <---Bam! Works for me.


Obama likes Time Warner Cable what does that tell you !!

swiss family

# "Bresson".. it does not tell me much/ need to ask the Pope , after all he is the one who is supposed to be infallible... right??? so His decisions must be "heavenly sent" so that is where I would start looking for my my opinion


One thing I dislike from someone I am paying money too is poor customer service. TWC has better internet up to a certain point. Do not pay TWC for a premium internet package because they cannot provide what they are saying they can. Use the link below to test your speed.
You can also then run a test streaming video through Netflix. Search video... "Example Short 23.976
I switched at home to Frontier over three years ago. We did have some issues for the first 2 months after they resolved these issues.... it has been awesome. Customer service has been awesome and nobody with middle eastern accents for my experience.
Another thing I love with Frontier is no monthly modem fee and I have complete access to the modem which works as my wifi router as well without me purchasing my own device or paying more per month.
I will leave any company no matter how good the product is if the customer service is poor and I feel like just a number being told stuff to shut me up.