Child, 1, left in car at mall while mother's boyfriend shops, eats cookie

Man arrested on child endangering charges.
TNS Regional News
Sep 1, 2014


A Cuyahoga Falls man was arrested on child endangering charges after leaving his girlfriend’s 1-year-old child alone in a car at the Chapel Hill Mall.

The girl, who was found sweating and her hair matted with sweat, was treated Thursday night at Akron Children’s Hospital. When her mother failed to come to the hospital after two hours, the child was released to the temporary custody of Summit County Children’s Services, police said.

Christopher Judge, 27, was being held in the Summit County Jail on the endangering charge.

According to police, officers were called to the mall by a passerby about 5:30 p.m. when the child was seen inside the car. Officers say the child was in a car seat and the window next to her was open about three inches. The other windows were closed and the doors were locked, police said.

Judge exited the mall while paramedics were treating the girl. He told police he was gone “only 30 minutes” while shopping for earrings and eating a cookie.

Officers eventually arrested Judge, who is identified as the mother’s boyfriend. Judge is scheduled to be arraigned Saturday in Akron Municipal Court.


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shopping is bad enough but what kind of degenerate eats a cookie while shopping? what a sick-o !

swiss family

what kind of cookie???


good question..


Champipple cookie...duh !


ah yes, one of my old favorites!

JMOP's picture

So glad the concerned citizen called for help, and the child is alright.

"Only 30 minutes"!!?? What a DA!

Jade 42077

I agree! That's 30 minutes to long.I'm glad that a concerned citizen happened to see the little girl and that she's going to be OK.

swiss family

I am glad that a concerned citizen got involved as well... I am wondering though, what the law is.. how does the law read if you see a child or a dog or cat in a car who is obviously in a crisis because of the heat vs window condition?? if you break the window to help them , are you responsible for the cost of the repairs and will you be charged with destruction of property??? I understand that the charges would be worth it to save any creatures life or brain matter, but at the same time it almost seems to turn good Samaritans away and not want to get involved if they might be responsible , if it is in the early stages of heat stroke for the child or dog...I also think that by breaking the window and helping them, and doing the right thing will help them so by the time the owner and police get there the creature will be revived and back to normal, and the car owner will have a good presentation of saying they might have locked the "creature" (say it is not a baby in this case , but a dog) and the Police might say they were not in distress , only because they are not in distress now and charge you with a crime, and just like what seems to happen more and more, the wrong person get charged with a crime and the real criminal get off easy in my opinion

JMOP's picture

"Good Samaritans" are usually people who feel an obligation to help, whether they are breaking a law or not. Those people who can't turn their head away in good conscience, and will deal with the repercussions after. As long as good intentions were meant, they won't regret helping.

If concerned or have questions in doubt, they could call police or a dog warden without dialing 911. In this case though, no 1 year old child should be left alone.


I see a dog or a child in a locked car in the heat (or the bitter cold) I will break a window, responsible for the window/charges or not. Is that what you are really worried about here? Whether or not you are going to get a ticket? Or pay for a broken window? Never mind a child with a fried egg as a brain now. At least you are not responsible for a broken car window, right. This is the problem with America today, too many worried about repercussions of getting involved. Too many worried about paying for a window, instead of a brain damaged child. Too worried about getting a ticket for saving a dog from the heat. Just keep walking. Let someone else worry about it.



swiss family

Of course you can do that, and of course you can act all Pius and saintly and sit on your Golden throne looking down on the rest of us, because as you have said many times before "you ARE A COPS WIFE" and we all know that in these small "good old boys towns" no relatives of the force ever get tickets"... I am talking about the rest of us who are ticketed for every little thing to make up for your unticketed misconduct.. OH and by the way I knew that there would be one idiot who would misinterpret what I wrote , no matter how I tried to explain it, who comes off as the "Joan of Arc" of the newspaper, saying that this "is what is wrong with the world"..BLAH< BLAH< BLAH.. you obviously missed the point, perhaps because your nose was too far up in the air, but do you understand how frustrating it would be that you get ticketed and he does not??? that just might be what happens if you break the window, giving his child air and relief, and getting them help, thus getting them out of a health danger, so you would get a ticket... do you get it now????


I would do it whether I was here in our home town or any where else I saw a child in need. Believe me Sandusky PD, Norwalk PD, Perrysburg PD, Elyria PD are not going to know who I am or who my husband is. (Just for the record, he has only been a cop here in town for a year now. We are transplants to the area and not everyone knows us, we are not from here and still considered "outsiders").
And we all know you have never had your nose in the air missing the point of someone trying to say something. Blah. Blah. Blah.
I am pretty sure, if a child was in a hot car with the windows up, or slightly down, sweating and showing signs of heat exhaustion/stroke, enough so, that a stranger were to call 911 and break a window to help the child, they would not recover enough that, by the time the police, ambulance and others arrived there would be a question of WHY did you break the window. Resulting in charges and tickets for the Good Samaritan. Yes, I get it are worried about paying for a broken window or a ticket for vandalism. You keep saying the same thing, just worded differently.


This guy is an idiot! Period