A need for speed on the track; It's a different story getting in

Summit Motorsports Park line-up causes some commuters to be late for work.
Cary Ashby
Aug 30, 2014


Steve Barrett was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As Barrett drove to work Thursday morning, he got caught up in a traffic jam caused by racers lining up to get into Summit Motorsports Park.

The earlier you get in, the better of a spot you get in the pits. This weekend Summit is hosting the Ten Grand Nationals with action slated for Friday, today and Sunday.

"It was a freaking nightmare," said Barrett, who lives on Laurel Road in Hartland Township and was trying to get to work at New Horizons Bakery.

"It was about 7:15 (a.m.) and it took 45 minutes to clear it up."

Barrett was on Laylin Road, trying to turn left onto Ohio 18.

Nobody let him in because they couldn't. "It was bumper-to-bumper cars from (U.S.) 20 to the racetrack," he said. "They couldn't move forward or backward.

"This happens every time they have a big event. It always happens on Thursday mornings."

Barrett said he took that route Thursday morning to avoid the train tracks, which can also slow him down.

"I had a gentlemen call me and I apologized to him," Summit president Bill Bader Jr. said. "We had a very pleasant conversation."

Bader estimated he spent 20 minutes on the phone with the caller.

A trooper with the state Highway Patrol's Norwalk post responded to the intersection of Laylin Road and Ohio 18 to handle traffic control. When asked about the back-up Thursday, a patrol spokeswoman said the trooper didn't spend long near the intersection and referred further questions to Summit.

"We have scheduled events," said Bader, which often causes traffic to be backed up.

"I don't know how to solve it," he added.

Another area motorist who was a few minutes late to work Thursday due to the congestion declined to comment.



I know how to solve it...move your track to Lorain county like you keep threatening to do!!!

what the eff

what a stupid frickin story..." I was late for work because of the race track"...are you kidding me?...The story should say Race track brings in millions in revenue to huron co this weekend..thank you Bill Bader..sorry you must tolerate the ignorance of so few. More people than you can ever imagine appreciate all that you and your father have provided for the area. Thank you again.. Please try to ignore the couple of remote control airplane pilots that you seem to bother.



swiss family

why would the State Highway Patrol refer questions about the traffic back ups to the race track?? He has business, a very successful business and it should no be his job to control the traffic that travels to get there and departs from there, in my opinion, that should be up to the community, and the state, and their tax money to pay for that.

Did Cedar Point pay for the widening of rt#250 from Sandusky to Milan?? of course NOT.. Did Sea World pay for the road repairs in Aurora when Sea World was located there?? of course NOT, in those, they appreciate what they have and support the businesses that they have that draw in tourists that spend money, and just bring in tourists to see what their communities are like to go back home and talk about how nice their towns are.Not Us..NO, only in Norwalk, do we have a thriving business, which when you get outside of our area, and mention to others that you are from Norwalk, and they will tell you that they have heard of the racetrack, and yet we try to do everything possible to give him such a difficult time that he packs it all up, and moves to anywhere else to thrives where people do not work against him for no apparent reason all the time... Only in Norwalk, do we try to fill all of the Uptown storefronts,but have public parking lots for the merchants and employees, several blocks away from their stores, and put a 2 or 3 hour limit on parking for everyone,with many of these stores being run with only 1 employee so they can NOT leave during the day meaning that they will be ticketed daily,. and the city not willing to even consider, working with them to consider a parking pass or monthly parking permit, so again punishing the merchants and employees, creating a catch 22 situation.. please come Uptown and fill an empty store front, but once you are there we will ticket you daily for wherever you park.........


If you check it out Bader is not requesting the Highway Patrol to help with traffic. Probably doesn't want to pay for it.


If Mr. expands his operation, which he wants to do, the traffic situation will get much worse. It's because of the restrictions caused by US Highways 20 and 18, and Ohio 601. Only the state of Ohio can resolve this problem but so far, they have turned a deaf ear to the situation.


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This terrible!! e.r We in Urine County don't need anything creating commerce here! e.r.

modern concrete

Right now the only thing going for Norwalk Ohio is that Track!!! You move that Track and Norwalk doesn't have enough work to employ it own people. That is why we have the highest unemployment rate!!! everything else has left this dead beat town. These people use are grocery stores, eat at what little restaurants. Not like Norwalk has a good selection of restaurants. Oh boy you had to take extra 20 minutes to get to work.... Well need to plan your day accordingly just know today they just might be a little traffic and get up a little earlier....quit crying like a baby


"You move that Track and Norwalk doesn't have enough work to employ it own people" Do you know just how pathetic and false this statement is. Do you really believe that the few days SMP is open is enough all by itself to drive the economy of this community?? Not likely by a long shot!! I'' for one will be happy to see Bader pick up his toys and go to where ever. The lorain county rumors are just that rumors.

Fibber Mcgee

I hope Mr. Bader stays, even though he has a pretty good offer from Lorain County I here. As for the airport move it south where the runway can be longer and join with Willard. As for the late to work driver, find another route.


Did the State Patrol fine the racers/vehicles that were sitting and blocking the intersection? If they were sitting in front of the intersection that people could not get on or off of Laylin Rd. they should have been ticketed for blocking in the road. What would have happened if a fire truck or ambulance needed down the road?

swiss family

so you are saying then, that if you are driving along and then suddenly traffic comes to a stop, if you comply with it, and stop behind it, you should get a ticket?? Or are you saying that of course you have to stop, but be courteous, and make sure that you do not block intersections,just as you do wherever the situation calls for, like in Uptown when the green light is also going to leave you in an awkward but intersection blocking position as well....


Yes. When I stop in traffic I do NOT stop blocking an intersection, it is called GRID LOCK and you can get a ticket for it.


Yes you can get a ticket! But around here people dont have a clue what grid lock is. Go to a big city and block an intersection! See what happens! If you can not clearly clear an intersection or not block a roadway you are subject to a ticket.


After my son finished drivers ed, I have come to the conclusion they really do not teach ANYTHING useful. The things they teach are not "real world" useful, nothing I have ever heard of or used. And the things us parents teach them and have actually experienced are not even brought up. PARENTS should teach their own children how to drive. Not pay someone $300 (many with a fuel surcharge now) to teach lessons that do not really apply to the way many drive or the way the real world/road works.


No more like what they are is saying is that you need to WATCH what you are doing and not tailgate! Slow down if you see traffic....multi task, look for intersections and dont block them! Come on....

hit the road jack

I get it,lets close the Racetrack because one guy can not remember that on Thursday the traffic is going to be bad,what time does this guy go to work? not very early apparently,if I seen the traffic ahead was stopping ahead I'd turn my car around and re-route myself instead of playing brain dead and waiting in a jam and then piss and moan about it.


So what is this "pretty good" offer from Lorain County that you hear. You should share it with all of us.


I understand he bought 500 acres and he already has a construction company he has or is working with. I dont know him or if it is for sure true. But the person I talked to knows his stuff....we will see. Hate to see him go but you have people here that think they know better and want to not let him get bigger. Norwalk has nothing left here....wait till he goes! Then these same people will be crying cause he "left" & I am sure it will be Baders fault not theirs!


John, we don't know if Bader will actually abandon Norwalk totally. He has too much money invested here. Perhaps he will have two operations, one here in Norwalk and one in Lorain County. The open space in Lorain County would probably be in the southwestern part of the county such as south of US18 and east of Ohio 60. The other thing that could happen is that the track could be sold to IHRA. Their headquarters is in Norwalk and IHRA already has a track in Tennessee and in Florida.


Alot of ignorant comments in this post but I will try to clear some things up
First off the Lorain county location is the Lorain County Airport
Secondly he would not have two locations or operations, SMP would be a ghost town. And he would only sell it with a no compete claus, which makes that place a big corn field, not a money generating race track. now lets talk about the traffic issues getting into linders lot. First off if the original complainer is a local resident he should have easy acccess to a schedule and know when to stay out of that area. I do feel his pain because I am in that traffic jam everytime there is a big event. But when there is an accident on 480 when I am going to work and it makes me late, I dont call up the person who was in the accident and cry to them. The complainer needs to learn to take responsibilty for himself and not blame others. The reality is he probably was running late anyways, and is now using this as a convenient excuse. JMHO! Now as a racer at that track, there are a 101 ways to clean up the mess that is linders lot, but he doesnt listen to us. Sure there is going to always be a traffic mess for a big event, but there are ways to limit it, and he chooses to ignore it. There are always rigs lined up blocking traffic 30-45 minutes before the gates open. And over the last 10yrs it has gradually gotten worse. Its a matter of if you cant beat them join them!


You are full of BS - the Lorain County airport!!! - you really are ignorant. They are also obligated to the FAA and are still taking federal grant money for their projects so it appears you are just a rumor spreader, just like a manor speader!! If he sells SMP with a no compete claus he might as well give it to the county to expand the airport.

Dr. Information

Go to Columbus on Cleveland on any given day and complain because you sit 45 minutes in traffic.