Greenwich residents unite: 'We are awake now'

South Central school board, officials signed letter opposing project.
Joe Centers
Aug 31, 2014


The fight is not over.

Residents know they have a battle on their hands, but they haven't given up in their opposition to a windpark in their community. On Monday, the Ohio Power Siting Board approved the Greenwich Windpark, LLC.

Kevin Ledet, of rural Greenwich, spoke at Tuesday's Huron County Commissioners meeting and said now that the windfarm is approved, it's important the commissioners do not approve an alternative energy zone or any other type of tax abatement for the windfarm so, at least, the county can reap the full benefit of the project.

"I'm really proud of the people of Greenwich for stepping up," Ledet said, referring to the recent stand many residents took against the project.

"But, we as a community dropped the ball," he added. "I did, as an individual."

Ledet said the windfarm was a "done deal" long before Monday's hearing.

"There were seven or eight cases and in 12 minutes, they were all approved," he said, referring to an Ohio Power Siting Board's recent meeting during which they approved the Greenwich project.

Connie Oney, a member of Greenwich Neighbors United (, was at Monday's meeting in Columbus.

"There were about 13 people (supporting Greenwich) there," Oney said.

"We have 30 days to apply for another hearing. (Opposition to) every other wind project was completely denied. We had hundreds of people petitioning. We had hundreds who wrote to the board."

Oney said State Sen. Bill Seitz (R, District 8), State Sen. Michael J. Skindell (D, District 23), State Sen. Gayle Manning (R, District 13, Sen. Manning and State Rep. Terry Boose (R, Norwalk Township) have stepped up to support the residents of Greenwich.

"All of these people wrote the Ohio Power Siting Board on our behalf. They ignored all of our requests. They ignored all of the citizens who will be impacted. They just rubber-stamped every application.

"We've got a lot of work to do. We have put our hearts and souls into this for three solid months. If we didn't have any government people on our side, we would have no chance.

"Wind power is not green. They are subsidized by our tax money, over 65 percent of them. They are built in Germany. I know at least 11 of the turbines (out of the 25 proposed for Greenwich) are owned by people in Germany.

"We were asleep when they tried to move in, but we are awake now. They are in for a fight.

"A few of us got together in June, then we have over 100 people with signs in town. Everybody wants a sign."

Oney said their group has the backing of the South Central Local Schools.

"Our board of education would not accept their blood money," she said.

Superintendent David Brand said the district has taken no official action on the windfarm, but a member of the school board send this letter to the siting board:

"This letter is in reference to the wind farm going into our community. We realize that the proper setbacks, laws and public hearing procedures were followed to get to this point but the people in our community were sold on new tax dollars for our schools, township and fire department without realizing the size, scale and potential problems associated with the wind turbines. As a board of education member and resident of this community, we have concerns about the sleep deprivation associated with the wind turbines and how they can affect our children coming to school energized and ready to learn, as well as adults in their work place, not to mention in their homes.

"We now have a peaceful, rural setting and we would hate to see it ruined for a short term profit for our community."

The letter was signed by Brand, treasurer Beth Lykins, board president Bryan Hamman, along with board members Jeff Oney, Bob Morgan, Michael West and Leann Palm.

"It was not action by the board," Brand stressed. "It was a letter by people who make up the board. I felt I needed to relay what was expressed to me from different people in the community. It is a public letter with concerns of opposition to the windfarm."

What if it would bring money to the school and community?

"You have to listen when it comes to jobs or advancements or bringing anything to your community, no matter what seat you are sitting in," Brand said. "You just have to make that individual decision."



these people knew that they could raise a big public outcry,but they should have also known that they have no right to dictate to other people how to use their own property,so now all they did was divide the community,property rights prevail thankfully


Property rights? Right, at least ten of these turbines are going to be on property owned by a German investment group. Absentee landowners who don't give one flying f**k about how we locals feel about this project. I don't want them here but I know it's going to happen anyway. Money talks and the rest walks.

valerie malicki

excuse me so I'm allowed to build an A-bomb testing site 700 feet from your house? please. and do people realize that an outcry has begun because we are realizing we are screwed!!!!! people have been paid for over 4 years secretly while the wind company is getting its way. the outcry will not stop don't worry it will not stop. just today spoke with the Van Wert resident who detests living by the turbines. and do people realize that this project increases Ohio's electrical output by. 0138% and it's costing taxpayers $120 million dollars? make no mistake this project is about money and greed and nothing more.


What about other landowners in the project area? Do they have no rights with their own properties? Project reports show that Shadow flicker travels over 1/2 mile from turbine to neighboring properties. Noise from turbines also impacts properties for at least 1/2 mile. What good is your home if you are unable to sleep? It's a tough one--balancing the right to utilize property and protecting neighbors.

valerie malicki

Exactly sleep deprivation is a form of human torture that the UN Council will not even allow in times of war! 99.99% of the people directly affected by this project have had no say!


Gotta luv crony capitalism!

The govt. takes money from the landowners in order to help subsidize these windmills, which in turn helps to lower their property values.

Hope the state gives 'em a NICE LARGE reduced valuation on their property for tax purposes.

Gotta ask: Why are there no windmills visible from shore on Lake Erie?

Answer: 'Cause the wealthy property owners and environmentalists would be filing lawsuits against any such proposal.

valerie malicki

this is actually true many places have run them off!!! these companies hand-pick places where they think people will not fight back or be educated about the harmful consequences. well as the article says Greenwich residents are awake now


I don't think they are going to be able to stop them because unfortunately the land owner has a right to do what he wants with his land. If that bothers the surrounding neighbors they don't care because they won't be living there to experience it for themselves. Maybe the people who will be living close to the windmills should make these owners soundproof their homes and install blackout shades on their windows. I wish them luck but I fear they are going to lose this battle.

valerie malicki

we think we live in America land of the free and home of the brave yet, we find that big business money greed scams corruption rule! it is a good wake up call and it should make everyone wake up because you realize how much big business and the government win , and how little they care about individual people


Start a law suit, tie it up in court for years, fight until they see we will win. We need to stop being bullied and stand up for our rights and ourselves. We need to do whatever it takes to stop these from happening.


you are joking,right?,who is going to invest their legal expertise to keep it tied up in courts even if they had a right to sue


Re: "right to sue,"

Every citizen has the "right to sue."

valerie malicki

actually and in reality I have learned that people in Champaign County have been fighting this for 8 years and have done exactly just that tied up in the courts


wrong contango,you have to have damage to bring suit and a judge has to accept your standing to get it in court


Re: "a judge has to accept your standing,"

Correct; however it doesn't diminish a citizen's "right" to sue.


11 turbines owned by Germans, how about the other 14? Assuming these are American owned turbines we stand to still profit more as a whole. The closest that a wind turbine is typically placed to a home is 300 meters or more. At that distance, a turbine will have a sound pressure level of 43 decibels. To put that in context, the average air conditioner can reach 50 decibels of noise, and most refrigerators run at around 40 decibels. You don't like the flicker close your blinds. You don't want to do that.... Move. The real issue here is an oney is butthurt.

valerie malicki

please educate yourself there is way more noise emission than just an "A-weighted" decibel level. look it up it means you have to measure all of the levels of noise emissions these turbines produce and the low frequency noise is the most destructive. the military uses it as a weapon again just google infrasound and educate yourself

valerie malicki

also this project would not even be allowed in the state of Vermont which has a noise level of 45 decibels maximum allowed. the World Health Organization recommends a 30 decibel level in order to sleep at night. our project is rated to be an average of 51 well its about 30 here normally so that means it can get up to 70 decibels and be allowed.

as far as moving maybe I'll start dripping arsenic into your tap water and just tell you if you don't like it you can just move. at what point should someone step in and protect the innocent well I say that point is now


I just checked out the Greenwichunited link. Pure comedy. Turbine syndrome, fifth defects ect. These are the same people telling you your entire life that "pots so dangerous and harmful" beer in hand. I truly enjoyed the fact someone took down your propaganda from in front of the school. Sucks you can't brainwash our children until you rent a new sign.

valerie malicki

yeah speaking of birth defects. the surgeon general's warning on tobacco warns against birth defects. yet it took about 50 years for that to be in place. look people all over the world are having problems with the infrasound low frequency noise that these turbines emit. what I find to be pure comedy is the fact that you can't take 10 minutes and Google infrasound and find out how destructive it is. Hitler used it in WW2. and don't worry the sign has been found I think it is pure comedy what actually happened to it. andour school children deserve to be warned and educated about the impact of infrasound low frequency noise. obviously you need to educate yourself also


Birth defects*


well cantango,I believe that diminishes the right to sue a great deal,in this case we were talking about a frivolous lawsuit and standing diminishes those because a lawyer knows he can't get it to a sympathetic jury

valerie malicki

black and white evidence easily shows that property value decreases occur in wind turbine areas. the research just has to be brought forth by an independent person not someone funded by the wind company. someone stealing the right to enjoy your property and stealing the value of your property alone is a right for a lawsuit. this is why wind companies are being sued all all over the world it is happening in Texas right now!


Ever talk to someone living among turbines? Those people have a different story than what the wind industry would have you believe. I have driven within a wind farm and randomly stopped to hear first-hand experiences. There HAS to be more to it than what these companies want the public to know.

Looks like you'll soon be able to ask for first-hand accounts from people in Greenwich. I'm hoping their experiences are better than what residents of other wind projects told me.

It's a shame people choose to make fun of citizens who are worried about the safety of their families, not to mention the concern of financial problems due to possible degradation of property values.

valerie malicki

yes there is way more to it than the wind company would have you believe. why else would they have secretly done this project for 4 years? do people realize this they have wined and dined and lied to landowners for 4 years secretly? also why would a random Van Wert resident tell us to "fight to the death!"

I hope and pray every day for God's Divine Sovereign justice to prevail and for Greenwich residents to not have to suffer at the mercy of a handful of greedy, stubborn people resistant to learning about the realities of these wind turbines.

valerie malicki

one more thing I want people to realize that our superintendent David brand does not live here. he has simply been a pawn that the wind company has tried to use make no mistake. and you may want to check out the case record for this case because he did personally write a letter saying he no longer supports the project. Greenwich residents please take note about how strong and firm of a stand and he has taken for all of us(or how wimpy of a stand he has taken, you decide). and when the school board makes the decision that means the school board makes a decision. um hello the school board runs the school and they are his boss. he needs to keep that in mind. the school board made this decision because they actually do live here and they plan to live here for the next few decades and they care about their community!

make no mistake 99.99% of the people who live here do not want this project!!!