Are you the next Mrs. Huron County?

Pageant to be held held next May in Gahanna.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 27, 2014


The Mrs. Ohio Pageant is now accepting applications from married women to represent Huron County as a state finalist in the 2015 pageant being held next May 28-30 at the beautiful Gahanna Lincoln High School Theater.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Ohio and U.S. citizen, and married at the time of the pageant to be considered.

“We are looking for articulate, well-rounded, beautiful married women with an interest in competing,” stated Emily Stark, Director the Mrs. Ohio Pageant. “Our State Finalists represent married women of all ages, backgrounds and occupations.  Some have children, many are involved in their community, and all of them are remarkable in their own way.  There is no age limit, no height requirements and performing a talent is not required,” continued Stark. “We believe that being a married woman and juggling all of life’s responsibilities is talent enough.”

The Mrs. Ohio Pageant is entering its 39th year of competition, and the winner will represent Ohio at the televised Mrs. America Pageant held in Tucson, AZ.  For more information on the pageant or to apply, visit our website at or contact the Mrs. Ohio office at 303-593-1199.



I hope to be, provided my codpiece isn't too large.


In order to represent Huron County, wouldn't one need to be a CBCF dropout, too? LOL


that place is going to be deserted. all the girls will be busy getting high in hopes of being my next calendar model. it's very prestigious.

TheGravyWhisperer ...fairly bad, windy ...hey, sometimes a guy just likes to feel, mmm, pretty?... ;)


...double post, oh woops...