Bones? What bones?

Commissioners decide to move ahead with license bureau/title office
Scott Seitz2
Aug 31, 2014


The Huron County commissioners voted Tuesday to move forward with the construction of the license bureau/title office.

The project has been delayed since Aug. 8 when excavators unearthed human remains at the Shady Lane Drive construction site.

Dan Frederick, local architect and project supervisor, was at the commissioners meeting Tuesday and offered the board options.

After some discussion, the commissioners decided to re-establish the south property line of the cemetery, have the area re-surveyed by the county engineer and then move the new license bureau/title office back 125 feet.

Commissioner Gary Bauer said the bones which were already discovered should be reinterred with a proper ceremony including a minister.

"Right back where we discovered them, respectfully," Commissioner Tom Dunlap added.

Late last week, Frederick brought in Nick Janney of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) to cover the property with radar to see if any more graves remained.

"Preliminary GPRS findings on-site indicate that the historical cemetery actually extends south beyond the existing visual and maintained cemetery limits a distance of approximately 100 feet into what has been used as farmland for many years," Frederick said in his field report.

"Describing this new boundary using on-site field conditions, the actual limits of the historical cemetery appear to be along the south edge of the currently-barricaded area where deep excavation has already occurred and gravesites were found," Frederick added.

"In other words, additional gravesites were found north and east of the barricaded area," he said. "No additional graves were confirmed south of the proposed northern edge of the new building as currently positioned in the field.

"However, it is understood by Huron County that graves from the 1800s are difficult to locate using GPR technology due (to) the lack of any permanent structures such as caskets or vaults and the advanced deterioration of human remains due to the length of time involved," Frederick said.

Bauer said it's important, once the new boundaries are in place, the map office is informed, "so 100 years from now" officials don't encounter the same problem.

By eventually moving the building back 125 feet, Frederick said the driveways will need to be extended, adding about $25,000 to the project. This cost of moving the utilties has yet to be calculated.

The commissioners asked Frederick to inform the contractors that work could begin again soon, possibly within a week or two.




I don't like to think in terms of "what if", but what's the plan going to be if they still continue finding bones? Is there a plan "B"? What happened to Dunlap saying "extra costs were the architect's responsibility"? What exactly is the limit for how much extra the commissioners are willing to spend? Is $25,000 the limit, or rather just an arbitrary number?

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This isn't the end of the spending by any means. The utilities will cost more.....longer construction entrance, waterlines, electric, roof drains/storm system extensions....larger/longer landscaping, new soil borings because the building is moving....the list will be endless. Congratulations to the site contractor, you just won the lottery!

The architect is not responsible for where they want the building. That was a stupid statement Dunlop said 2 weeks ago.


Re: "adding about $25,000 to the project."

Typical public bureaucratic thinking:

There's always taxpayer money to do it right the second time.

Has Mr. Timman been consulted regarding this change of plan? What's his response?


Wouldn't it be great if the Reflector could print some sort of land map so we would know where they are talking about?

swiss family

I believe that all of that property is a cemetery> I believe that the High School was built on a cemetery.. I believe that they just plowed right on over the bones for the High school, and I believe they will do the same thing for the new complex from now on..I believe that they should leave all of that property to Rest in Peace and move on to other property, but I know that they will not , I believe that from now on they will NOT ever speak of any bones that are discovered, and will either relocate them or just keep on driving their heavy machinery over them repeatedly until they are crushed and unrecognizable enough so no one will talk about them.. these are my own beliefs and thoughts.. I have no proof except the bones that they just found, and I have not seen any maps showing exactly where the cemetery boundaries are out there .. it was in the 1800's and earl 1900's so very few records exist for the orphan burials were recorded and that is why I believe they are everywhere out my own opinion


Wow! That's a ton of "I believes"!

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Chester Lester

I believe he is right, that the whole area is on top of a cemetery. I too believe the high school was built on a cemetery. Dig thru the county records and I believe you'll find out the court house is built on a cemetery. I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. I believe in the tooth fairy. I believe bears $hit in the woods. I believe swiss's house is built on an ancient Indian burial ground. I believe in magic. I believe in big foot. I believe in............................

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me arse

That $25,000 could buy a lot of road salt. Forget trying to make the current location work and find a more sensible option. Then take some of the money and direct it to the county engineer.

Dr. Information

Who really cares. They are bones and were there before they started digging.

Ben Crazy

Good Idea, More Road Salt to rust our cars!
Where do they come from ??

swiss family

OK it is a fact that there are PEOPLE buried out there and exactly where, we are NOT SURE. SO if we are trying to organize things, and we have already moved the location where you take your drivers exam... out to rt #20 and then conveniently there is also a driving school already right next door out there.. why not look out there for a suitable spot to build a building or buy a building for what you are looking for.. it sounds like a win/win to have already said that the buildings out on Shady Lane are too old and are NOT in good shape, and have already put a levy on the ballot for a new Senior Center because their building is in terrible shape and they need something new..well here is an idea.. Commissioners.. How about thinking AHEAD??? what is your LONG TERM PLAN???do you want to have county buildings scattered all over the place??.. or do you want to have something like what we had before it all got too old and dilapidated and needed replaced.. where the dog pound, license bureau and title office, and Senior Center with a working kitchen for Meals on wheels etc was all together and more efficient...It might be just me, but I like it like that...and I don't think it is just me???

me arse

Not bad thinking. It's even got easy highway access out there.