Driver, passenger charged with heroin-related charges

Norwalk man cited, Monroeville resident jailed.
Cary Ashby
Aug 28, 2014


A driver and his passenger face heroin-related charges in connection with a Norwalk traffic stop this weekend.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Kaufman initiated the traffic stop due to an equipment violation near the intersection of Bouscay and Whittlesey avenues about 4:50 p.m. Friday.

The deputy spoke with the driver, Jamie A. Brant, 27, of 39 N. Pleasant St., and his passenger, Joshua D. Risner, 41, of 252 Monroe St., Monroeville. Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said after Kaufman conducted a short interview with Risner, he determined the man reportedly had a small amount of powdered heroin in his pocket.

Risner was charged with possession of heroin and transported to the Huron County Jail. He must post a $5,000 bond before being released from custody.

Brant was charged with possession of a drug abuse instrument and driving with a suspended license.

"He had a needle used to inject heroin in the vehicle," Patrick said.



Lol. Not again.. and again and again.


Brant will tell on a few people and go on his marry way. That's what has kept him out of jail thus far. He has been busted a few times in the past but norwalk pd pay that snitch payroll and out the door he gos. What a beatch!!


itsoknow67: I did a little research to your comment. Brant was recently released from prison, so I'm assuming he isn't snitching. As for Risner, he has been released from jail after NOT having to post bond. He also has a pending drug charge in Erie County and is on probation through Norwalk Court and nothing is showing he got violated. Looks like Risner may be on the " snitch payroll"


Itsok 67 thinks everybody is a snitch. It's amazing how he knows , could be on the payroll himself?


His name was on several indictments befor he went to jail. He stayed out of jail a few times befor he went in this last time. Better dig deeper.


.and we'll we will see . A needle is a felony case let's see if he returns to jail.


Needle is a misdemeanor and how do you read names on indictments?


Idc what n e 1 says... Risner is apart of the snitch n release program


"He had a needle used to inject heroin in the vehicle,". Ok, I'm not a mechanic, b ut does this make the vehicle run better? My truck starts sputtering when it get's hot to the point I have to pump the gas off and on to get to where I'm going. It's not the fuel tank or gas filter. Just wondering if this heroin injection would help. May need to put it near the front yard drive for the V-Brant's to steal if it doesn't straighten up.