Drunken incident leads to prison term for drug defendant

"I wasn't thinking clearly," Norwalk man tells judge.
Cary Ashby
Aug 26, 2014


A drug defendant received a 14-month prison term Monday for multiple violations of his probation.

Devin S. Espinoza, 28, most recently of 18 Laurel Lane, committed many of the offenses July 12 when he entered a bar, consumed alcohol and committed a curfew violation.

The defendant further admitted Monday he didn't tell his probation officer about his contact with the Norwalk Police Department and had a related conviction of disorderly conduct nine days after the incident.

Espinoza also violated his probation in connection with a July 23 positive drug screen at the Huron County Jail and didn't report for office visits April 8, July 8 and 22.

He apologized to his probation officer Monday before adding: "I wasn't thinking clearly."

His underlying convictions are for one count each of trafficking in heroin and possession of heroin. Respectively, they covered a Nov. 29, 2012 controlled drug buy and a Dec. 3, 2012 incident.

At Monday's hearing, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said a prison term would be appropriate, especially since this was Espinoza's second set of probation violations. He ordered the defendant to spend 11 months in prison on the possession case at the same time he does 14 months for the underlying trafficking case. Authorities had said Espinoza's original crimes were part of a drug operation in which "quite a bit of drugs were sold and brought into this county."



Right, clear thinking is the result of not doing dope! Yeah glad to see a dealer drop!


Yea, he'll be out in 8 mo. and back to slinging dope and I suspect we'll be reading about him again around Christmas time next year....


Well this guy was a good kid but fell into the wrong crowd and made wrong decisions. Now he will pay for them. GOOD! Another junkie off the streets. NO sympathy for any of these junkies.


He was a great kid ,he played with my kids ,went to school with them .It breaks my heart to see what drugs are doing to our children and young adults ,awareness is the answer ,hate the drugs not the addict .


Self inflicted stupidity period!!! The so called addict made the decision to do drugs, no sympathy here.


Right! That's what I'm saying. The drugs are not like cancer where you can't help them being in your system. It was a choice. Period

swiss family

I agree wit Freespeech on this one...certainly is self inflicted stupidity...and to those who call any of these criminals a "good kid" well if you go back far enough with anyone, they were a "good kid"... it is just that with some you have to go back farther than others...


Hi everyone ... I just wanted to say this is my brother and my mothers son ! And yes he fell into drugs and made horrible choices ! But was a good kid and is still a wonderful brother to me and son to my mom... The things you all fail to realize is this mistake trying this stupid drug has a hold over people's mind and normal behavior .. Do any of you smoke cigarettes ? And crave it ? The addiction is horrible ! I won't sit here and say I agree with him , because I don't ! But what I will say is we come from a good family and none of us thought this would ever come into our family but it did ... I pray it don't snick it's way into your family ! It's very sad to watch someone you love go down a downward spiral and try so hard to climb out off it . On top of all that read people just dog him left and right on this news feed ! I am not asking for anyone's pitty.... I'm just asking to remember some of us are hurting and instead of writing things like screw the druggy , how about you pray that these people get help for there problems and become productive and maybe tell there story to talk someone else out of putting that needle in there arm .... It only takes once to become addicted and once to die ! I pray this drug don't come into your family I pray you'll think twice before you think it can't happen to you . And lastly I pray my brother comes out of jail and proves everyone wrong ! Things you may not no is Devin was in the military he is a hard worker and worked very hard to beat this drug everyday ... We all fall short sometimes so all of you who are perfect cast the first stone otherwise please I beg you pray for these people and step off the high horse you maybe on . This drug could effect you or a family member and all I can do is pray it won't ... God bless each and everyone of you