Huron County grand jury indicts 22

Charges range from heroin-related crimes to gross sexual imposition.
Cary Ashby
Aug 25, 2014


A Huron County grand jury has indicted 22 people. The grand jurors met Friday and the results were released this morning.

Their names and charges are:

Roy A. Stewart III on four counts of trafficking in heroin;

Eric J. Reese Jr. on two counts of trafficking in marijuana;

Jesse H. Rose Jr. on one count each of assault and aggravated trespassing;

Justin M. Hicks on attempted burglary;

Blake A. Vick on tampering with evidence;

Brittney S. Marks on possession of heroin;

Jeremy M. Steinbrunner on possession of heroin;

Cory J. Price on possession of psilocin with a vehicle specification;

John L. Gfell on one count each of sexual battery and gross sexual imposition;

Haydee U. Diaz on receiving stolen property;

Heather N. D'Angelo on conveying contraband into a detention facility;

Jasen A. Kruki on one count each of disrupting public service and domestic violence;

Jason W. Bryant on theft;

Jesse J. Tyce on three counts of trafficking in marijuana and one count of possession of criminal tools;

Thomas N. Finley on trafficking in oxymorphone;

Donald Lee Gillespie on possession of morphine;

Candace M. Wilson on possession of heroin;

Robin K. Hinckley on possession of cocaine;

Caitilin A. Anderson on one count of theft of checks and three counts of forgery;

Brandon S. Hanson on two counts of receiving stolen property and one count each burglary and theft of a firearm;

Forrest J. Osborne Jr. on one count each of burglary, theft of a firearm, possession of weapons under disability and two counts of receiving stolen property;

Joseph F. Miller on one count each of assault and aggravated menacing.

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Wow go figure Donnie Gillespie is in trouble for drugs. Guy has 5 kids that he don't take care of. But switches back and forth between the moms when the other ones are temporarily out of order. Grow up and get a job instead of riding your little bicycle around and bumming.

so sick of stup...

guess the jail and prison time ya just did Brandon and Forest wasnt stupid a$$ individuals you are...will you ever learn? sad to say no you probably wont...Im still saying buy a island for the idiots that never learn....


Brandon Hanson was just busted for a cache of weapons. He has been busted for drugs numerous time. His kids want nothing to do with him. Yet he tells on all and will be doing heroin again within days. You pc of sheite Brandon. God could have made a puppy out of your skin. When is enough, enough? Sometimes Darwin should intervene. This is the time.


Wher is this cache of weapons wher did you see that at. In the Paper and discovery it says NO GUNS were found and dodnt you think I would be arrested if there was drugs in my house and my grandchild taken away. We don't do drugs. there were no drugs or weapons found in my house. sk the cops. READ the paper you got. And Brandon turned himself n got help and been off drugs 5 months now there are 3 drug tests to prove it even hair follicle done at fisher titus. Some lame ass peole just need get the right story before you run your mouth. Yea he messed up yea he got in trouble but no he got 2 parapanalia charges. go lok all public knowledge on courts website. Bet you got some skeletons in your closets. maybe we might want air them out on here. we all kow who you maybe Willard should know the real you


Well MOM... Maybe stop enabling him? and are you seriously gonna down play his troubles? How about I go on and put ALL the family records here? Huh? Shut up and go away.
He has twenty three different charges that have went against him. that would be a 2 and a 3 for the stupid. And you say this is a mistake? This time. You're an idiot and a waste of my time. God could have made a cute cat out of your skin. Go away also. That would be 2 shells now...


don't talk about god , cause obviously you don't know him. Got a big mouth but to shy to back it up you know where I live. or are you scared Ya and go ahead I havnt got nothing to hide. maybe few speeding tickets few bills I owe. And I don't enable him hes 27 yrs old he does what he wants. Maybe you should stop hiding behind everyone else fight your own battles. yep your afraid thought so,


How am I afraid? Obviously by your writings we ALL know who he takes after. Stupid is as Stupid does. By the way- if you look REAL close you KNOW who I am..So I'm not afraid of some heroin addict and his lowlife mother.


Already know who you are. That's why I said people who think they know everything and think they better than everyone else. To scared to back up your mouth without your back up. Im always around but you know that.


At leats im not afraid to admit to who I am . Yes im his mom my name is Bridget Shafer. And I didn't do the drugs for him an im not enabling him. hes' my child and no matter what I will always love him. but I cant control what he does, he's 27 yrs old no t12. And I will be here for him while hes tryin stay clean. Why don't you worry about your own problems and stay out of our or is your life so boring you wish it my life was yours. yep that's what I thought. people like you feed on other peoples misery.


Nope...don't FEED on anyone's misery.. I show you how low you two are, by you "letting" him do the stuff he does. He steals and you look the other way...he shoots drugs and you look the other way..he neglects his kids and you look the other way..he goes to jail(s) and you look the other way..when do you look and see who he is? The pc if sheite that he is. When you look and see that, then you will become someone that should be in this world also..till then...go live in the box he will eventually end up I said..when he fails the next test I want to hear your fkn excuse. Till then you're too stupid to even speak to. And trust me.. I walk with NO BACK UP. I am here. If you know me like you THINK you do, then come say hi...I gave you my're too stupid to see it. Go away. I'll chat with you when he fails so I can hear you pleasure...


344890- although I admire you're mind thinkin your son can stay clean, the facts are he won't and probably isn't clean as we speak. He has a chronic disease he has no control over. It's not your fault nor his but you on here looking like a fool is pointless. And sticking up for a junkie on a newspaper site will Always make you seem foolish/naive


Please turn spellcheck on....geez that was hard to read!


Lame a$$ people not knowing what they are talking about just running their mouths. If you knew anything about anything you wouldn't be talking. This is just some junkie kid blaming his mistakes on people that didn't know what was going on. But that's the problem with Willard, they pay these junkies to snitch so they can go get their fix. Alan Sims man the F-word up and take it on the chin like a man.


Forest- you're more stupid than Gump. You are a piece of trash. Shut-up you low life. You and Brandon need to go away. Trash. That is all you all are, and will ever be. Heroin addicts think they are something. Poor bas*ard.


Oh- and by the way Gump and Bransh*t- we make more money and have better things than you will ever your "lame $$s people" comment is way off.. Say hello to you junky friends begging for a dollar on the corner, or stealing from honest people. Hope you find the wrong end of the Magnum. I'll tell you what- I'll make you a deal- I'll furnish the shell if you furnish the gun. I know you have one -of course it isn't yours you thief. But one in your temple and we don't have to deal with at least one of you. Piece of sht




Ok, I don't know any of these people I just wanted to say how pathetic and childish ypu sound togbert. You talk about God, then go on to brag about how much more money you have and more possessions than other people. Then you think you're a genius because you know of Charles Darwin and his Evolution of Species work. Either you're a terrible troll or just a terrible person.


A) I said God could have made cute puppies and kittens out of these low lives.
B) The comment was towards "Lame a$$ PEOPLE". My statement was that WE THE PEOPLE have more than this looser! And I believe that is a true statement and I stand behind it.
C) Did I go into the Evolution of Species? I did? Where? I believe I made the statement that Darwin needs to intervene. Again, read, read read. Enough with you also.
D) I'm a rather nice person. I hate lowlife people that sit around and thieve, rape, rob and pillage the good citizens. If that bothers you, then don't read my comments.


I agree, ignorance and hatred is better.


And one from the peanut gallery...


She just needs to worry about herself and keep borrowing money from her mother to afford the house she lives in. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


well if anything does happen to him we know who to come lookin for. And accually he's been clean 5 months now.And bythe way Brandon-forest is not Brandon and forest post. Maybe you should read that paper you got. It says Nothing was found, except ammo of other ammo. Because the ammo was mine and we got my gun and ammo back. because they wernt stolen.And he hasn't seen his kids because you guys kept him away from him. That's why hes going to court.The cops search my house. NO DRUGS OR GUNS were found. except mine..It says that in the discovery and the paper. Allen Simms took those guns and he has them. About 3 dozen people are witness after the fact. Get your story straight.


Hey dipsht- they were found. 1st hand knowledge. He told on his connection again. So you also need the end of a magnum. And he was clean because he's been in jail doofball. So is he gonna test clean when he takes the test? Huh? Awweee, poor baby. He is trash and obviously you are also. Shut up. We honest people want Darwin to see you also. Do you know who Darwin is you heroin head? Hope you meet him soon.


And no you cant possibly have first hand knowledge unless you were up my A@@ because I was here and NO DRUGS OR GUNS were found except mine and the ammo. and we got them back because they weren't stolen. Gotta protect my family from dips like you. Almost killed my grandson in that fire. you guys will pay sooner or later. Ya he will pass he already passed 3 at fisher titus one was a hair follicle but you already know that.


Check back...when he fails I want your fkn excuse with you soon Momma Heroin.


Isn'tworth my energy to argue with stupid people think they know everything and are better than everyone. And I'm not going to stoop to your level anymore. If ya aint to scared you know where I live. Or are we to afraid to go anywhere with out your back up.


Ummmm. Where's your boy at today? Please come back and tell us! Since you stand for him, come on and tell us the excuse for yesterday...Hmmmmm?


You have one to many digits in the zip code sheite for brains..try something shorter like maybe 419...


Yeah I just printed everything that says that they can supply the shells and any type of talk about a gun being used one someone. That is a threat. So WE THE PEOPLE need to make sure we are safe.


Now..Now..don't be angry about things...just because your boy is hated by a lot of people. Specially the ones he stole me..SO PRINT THAT!