Police: Flagger's injuries not life threatening

Case of traffic controller being hit by motorist in Norwalk under investigation.
Aaron Krause
Aug 24, 2014


The condition of a flagger hit by a motorist early Friday afternoon at a construction site at the Benedict/Norwood Avenue split isn't life threatening, Norwalk Police Capt. David Smith said.

Kathryn L. Marchlewski, 45, of Toledo, was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, where she was in the emergency room Friday afternoon. Later that evening, she was not listed as a patient.

Smith said the incident is under investigation by Norwalk Police. He said Marchlewski was wearing all the required reflective gear and standing next to a cone when a vehicle turning north onto Benedict from Norwood struck her.

Smith said the driver indicated not seeing Marchlewski. The name of the driver is not being released because that person has not been charged. A report will be sent to the Norwalk Law Director's office for review, Smith said.

Marchlewski was treated at the scene by North Central EMS (NCEMS) and the Norwalk Fire Department and taken to Fisher-TItus Medical Center by NCEMS.

According to a Norwalk Fire Department report, firefighters responded to the intersection of Benedict and Summit Street at 12:07 p.m., assisted with patient care and loading and returned to the station at 12:25.

Marchlewski works for North Royalton-based Area Wide Protective, dubbed "America's Traffic Control Leader" on its website.



I would bet if the driver did some checking, the traffic control was not set up correctly. I drove through there and she had no clue which way to send people. Cars were exiting Dave's food mart drive thru and she didn't know what to do when they would exit and oncoming traffic was approaching. Poor traffic control company!

God Of Thunder

What an idiotic statement.. So that makes it ok that she got hit by a car.. People have no idea what it's like being in a construction zone and morons not respecting the cones and signs. If drivers would put their phones down and concentrate on the road and slow down, it would be a lot safer out there. When you see orange signs and cones, that means slow down, not speed up. You will get to where you are going..

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Long Duck Dong

No it's not an idiotic statement. I've seen on more than one occasion the flaggers or other workers acting like they're confused or not paying attention. I'm not saying it's that person's fault for getting hit, just that the whole area has been a mess for far too long. A recipe for something bad to happen. Then the people needing to get their beer and cigarettes only compound the problem. The world is a dangerous place and accidents are going to happen. Just be glad they don't happen more often. Its a miracle there haven't been more accidents thru that area, because I have seen some pretty stupid driving. There ought to be steep fines for talking on a phone in construction zones. (Maybe there are, I don't know)


"Then the people needing to get their beer and cigarettes only compound the problem."

@ Long Duck Dong, Who the heck died and left you to be the judge and ruler of what Americans buy?
You despot.

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I don't think Long Duck Dong meant any ill intention by saying that. It was Friday, and people are anxious to get home and start the weekend.


"I don't think Long Duck Dong meant any ill intention by saying that."

You can't convince me of that, JMOP. Such an off topic sentence in his comment and judgemental.
People have the right to shop at Dave's during the construction no matter what they buy.

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I don't disagree that ppl have a right to legally buy what they want, where they want.

I saw LDD comment in a different perspective than you is all.

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Long Duck Dong

The area can get pretty congested and backed up sometimes making it a bit tricky with road construction. Maybe I should have just said "all the people needing to stop and buy lottery tickets."


LDD, " I should have just said "all the people needing to stop and buy lottery tickets."

There you go again. Ok, that's funny. /:}
LDD & JMOP, At least we can "agree to disagree".
I'm glad the flagger is OK. Be safe out there.


People need to SLOW down and PAY ATTENTION. That is the bottom line. Whether she knew what she was doing or not. My husband can stand in front of a police cruiser with his lights ON, a safety vest, flashlight cone and cones in the road. People would still drive AROUND him and wave?!?! When he stepped in front of a girl (late teens) and asked why she was still going thru the intersection, she told him "I thought you were just waving at me and wanted me to come this way".

God Of Thunder

Wow...I'm appalled by all of the nitwits out there who have no compassion for those of us that work in construction zones. You are the same ones who think you are able to drive well and text at the same time...

Let me tell you something...You can't!!!!! Even if the person directing traffic may not seem to know what they are doing... Wait until you are told to go..Don't make your own rules. Yes, you may be delayed a few minutes, but you know construction is going on there...You know there are going to be delays...Deal with it..

modern concrete

Working as a construction worker, and have done traffic control for 18 years. Women in mini-vans are bad drivers. They are usually talking on the phone have three or four kids in the car and get pissed off and forget the traffic law because they have to stop. When told they could proceed through the zone. They haven't paid enough attention to their surroundings to know what to do next. They usually blame the flagger because they don't have a clue. Too in gulf in their conversation.
The Second worse driver out there is men in sports cars or expensive cars and work behind the desk. They think their too good to follow the traffic law or take direction from the flagger. They have a fast expensive car.
The next worse is steel haulers. They will blow through a traffic zone and had not regards for the workers or the flagger. They are too big to stop.
For the people that live in the town, why can't you take a different route? (Linwood and Woodlawn) What is wrong with just taking that alternate route? Some of the congestion can be avoided. But when you see the same person come through the zone 4 and five times a day. Then just sit there and be quiet. You got what you deserved by not considering the alternative.
Plus not only does that flagger at that intersection have to have eyes behind her head since there are driveways all through the route and for different direction traffic patterns. She also has to read her fellow workers mind that running equipment in and out of the zone, Not sure if they are going to run a skid steer in the drive lane after she has released her traffic.
She doesn't get to sit down and take a break for one minute of the day. Most of the time even her fellow workers have forgotten about her so when she may need a bathroom break or just try to eat her sandwich while she does her traffic control she could be a little distracted. For all you that have never worked as a heavy highway construction worker, I challenge you to one day of standing on the hot black pavement, dehydrated because you can't get to your cooler because you're afraid of getting hit as the cars creep up on you. (there is not breaks for the flaggers) 8 to 12 hour's days. Let see if you don't change your mind when you drive through the next construction zone. just be courteous to the flagger or the workers in the zones. Our jobs are not in a building or office it is out on the road. We are wanting to make a paycheck, and make our road better to drive on.
These workers all have people depending on them to get home safe just like your family expect you too. It isn't as easy as you may think.