Local man sent to the slammer

Man shoveled elderly woman's driveway, then stole her jewelry.
Cary Ashby
Aug 23, 2014


A Willard man who stole jewelry from an elderly woman whose driveway he shoveled during the winter was sentenced to 17 months in prison Thursday.

Tyler C. Branham, 25, received one month short of the maximum for theft from the elderly, a fourth-degree felony. He must reimburse the Cashland in Willard $930 and pay $1,870 to the female victim whom he knew from her church.

"She did trust me a lot," said Branham, who spent 151 days in the Huron County Jail and wants to be veterinarian.

He told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway he wanted and needed the "extra push" that comes with being supervised on probation.

"She knew him through her church. ... He took advantage of his relationship with her," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

Kasper requested Branham serve a prison term, but said the state didn't oppose an early release if he has made progress behind bars.

"I truly am sorry for what I did," Branham told the judge. "I have no one else to blame but me."

Conway said he didn't think Branham's remorse was sincere. The judge said he found it disturbing Branham stole jewelry worth thousands of dollars over a time period and continued to do so after having time to reflect on his crimes.

"You keep doing the same things over and over again," Conway told him.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Shannon Lyons investigated the case. On Jan. 28, an 89-year-old Willard woman reported the theft of several pieces of jewelry, which included a ring worth more than $600 and a bracelet with a retail value of $11,000.

Lyons interviewed Branham at his home and later at the sheriff's office. He initially said "he found the jewelry in the vacant apartment he was cleaning," but then admitted he stole it from the victim when he asked to use her bathroom while shoveling her driveway, according to Lyons' report.



This is not this young mans "First Rodeo".. he has been in and out of trouble for years.
And now he is finally going to do some hard time... And he met her in Church ! Nice guy ! He needs to do some hard time.


Do you have first hand knowledge of his pervious troubles? Maybe you should be there with him.


Steamer84; for a first hand knowledge look at his previous troubles in huron county alone..fleeing/eluding officer, breaking & entering, burglary, attempted breaking & entering, petty theft, speed-80/55;75/55, 11 counts of passing bad checks

David Deerest.

No. Thanks, anyway. I don't want this thug anywhere near me or my family.


Steamer84 You should do your research before you have something to say.
I have known this young man for many years... ! I really don't appreciate
your comment. You should listen to M..W..K He has the "Truth".. It's all public
record if you go on line.


Thanks Tex, known this young man a few years myself. He earned this


His family doesn't appreciate the unnecessary articles. There are plenty of criminals that never get covered like this. And almost every article has left out the girlfriend that wrote the checks and pawned the jewerly.


Awwwwe...did someone hurt his feelings? If his family doesn't like the negative press then they should whoop his arse or tell him to leave town. He did it to his family, not these "horrible" comments in the blog. Tough cookies. Sounds like a piece. Needs to go away. Ok. You can come back and yell at me now....

Another Opinion

Again Tyler doesn't deserve what people are saying. There are others who commit worse crimes. Tyler isn't such a bad boy you people!!! His family doesn't appreciate this.


Did he steal the checks that "she wrote"? Did he steal the jewelry "she pawned"? Not sure that makes it better. He still was an accomplice. He is probably getting the coverage due to the fact he stole for the elderly. If his family doesn't like the unnecessary articles, guess he should try and keep his nose clean.

David Deerest.

"His family doesn't appreciate the unnecessary articles."
I see you've failed to mention the family of the lady he stole from. I'll bet they're LOVING having this THUGS name plastered all over the front page of the paper. I'm diggin' it. The kid is a P.O.S. Quit trying to defend his actions. It's people like you that create more harm than good. Get yourself some decent friends, or you'll end up like this idiot.


Actually the families talk regularly and they ask how he is doing!I do have good friends in several states and other countries.


Only because they are kind people do they ask about the THEIF TYLER C. BRANHAM. And good for you, you have friends in other states and countries, maybe you can find one who thinks stealing from an elderly woman is OK.


Most criminals do get this coverage. How else would the general public know what is going on in the community. He deserves no special treatment. He caused the distress being felt by his family. Drug addiction has no interest in what your name is. His family will know where he is and what he is up too for at least 17 months.


Aw lets all feel bad for him because he is covered in the newspaper. Life isn't fair get over it and he put himself in this position.

Chester Lester's picture
Chester Lester

"I have no one else to blame but me". Are those not his exact words?

No doubt his family doesn't like the coverage, but he brought it upon himself. Accept the consequences that come along with being a criminal.


Maybe bubba can straighten him out....the parents should be glad he was stopped now before it escalated to something bigger.


i dont know john, i bet bubba would rather have him bent over rather than straightened out..


This boy has been in and out of trouble for the last 6 years. If the parents don't like it.. then they should do something about it... Sometimes in life you have to stand up and do what is "Right" with children. Take a stand ! Don't play his game ... You can't feel sorry for the young man.


I have seen people convicted of trafficking heroin not sit a single day in jail and get fines well under what this kid got. Now this kid gets caught stealing some jewelry and gets 17 months. I guess the new policy is to hammer the users and let the dealers off easy.


Heroin can be called a victemless crime. Only endangers those who partake. But stealing from an ELDERLY Woman is much, much worse and TuffNutts if you cant see that you need to reevaluate your standards. Luckily I wasnt the handing out the sentence, he would have done 3 yrs and cleaned that womans driveway for free for the rest of her life. TYLER C. BRANHAM is a THEIF PERIOD.


TYLER C. BRANHAM is a theif of the LOWEST KIND. Quit defending him STEAMER84. HE STOLE from the ELDERLY you idiot! His family nearly as much to blame, they raised this scum TYLER C. BRANHAM to think it was OK to steal. There is not enough coverage of the slime of this ilk. Remember the NAME TYLER C. BRANHAM. You will see it again. Prove me wrong!


Tyler Branham is a little punk. He is a thief, coward and worthless piece of trash. The only reason he is sorry is that he got caught. Too bad it is only 17 months that punk is getting. It should have been 10-20. That would have covered all the victims he has stolen from over the years! I hope Bubba makes him his puppet.

Another Opinion

When the storm went through Willard June 19 and the police asked people to stay off the streets due to downed wires and trees. It was reported in the NR the claim of a member of the family was, we needed to check on our building. Don't they have a lawn mowing business? The Holiday Lakes residents living in the neighborhood were inconvenienced for years with the family parking pickup trucks with lawn equipment on both sides of the road with no regard for neighbors after being spoken with. Laws or regard were not for them.


TOAST AND FOODFORTHOUGHT are so right... I have know the boy since he was
12 years old... he has gotten worse and worse.. And they are right , you will read more about him down the line. He is worthless...! He stole from me 7 years ago... I never reported it... but he knows I know. He was 16 years old then. He has not changed.. just getting worse.

Another Opinion

If Tyler wants to be a veterinarian, it is my understanding a convicted felon cannot be licensed. I could be wrong.

swiss family

I am not going to defend this guy by any means.. I think like, everyone else, that he is despicable, for stealing...PERIOD... I think tht by throwing in the term .."Elderly" woman, brings up the vision in people's minds of the Maxwell house Christmas commercials where the young couple next door decorate a tree or the "elderly" sweet neighbor, where the woman has to be at least in her late eighties, I do not know the specifics on this case, but if this guy is in his early 20's .. nearly everyone is "elderly" to him, So I think this guy and his stealing from someone from his Church is bad enough, I would be careful, of the term "elderly.

As for Heroin being a "Victim less" crime, I disagree..it is true that for the most part , it is a self induced crime,but it is NOT victim less in my opinion. there is a big difference between self imposed and victim less.. talk to the family and friends and co workers, and boss of an addict.. have them tell you how much they have changed, and not for the good, listen to their anguish as they tell you how they describe how they fear that they are watching the person slowly die in front of them and how helplesss they feel..then if the addict has children, and a spouse,...well I think you get it...also sometimes the first time, with Heroin can be NOT of your own choice.. there is tar heroin that can be put into pot or a bong or on papers of a joint without the smoker knowing, and then they intake it without knowing that it is in there.. making them possibly addicted from that point as well...anyway.. just my opinion

Dr. Information

89 years old is elderly you nimrod.

happy time

Swiss are you a victim of heroin? Just asking because it would explain a few things if you are.

swiss family

OH sorry... I didn't know you were supposed to read the story first??????? hahahhahahahahaha