Jordan: Republicans will take back the Senate

Congressman talks at Norwalk town hall meeting sponsored by local Tea Party group.
Aaron Krause
Aug 25, 2014


The Republican Party will pick up the six seats necessary for it to gain control of the Senate, a Congressman who represents this area, recently told about 75 people at the Fisher-Titus Learning Center at Norwalk High School.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, a conservative GOP who represents Ohio's 4th Congressional district, held a town hall-style forum during which he fielded questions from citizens and denounced the president and Democrats.

The forum was sponsored by the local Tea Party group If You Believe.


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hit the road jack

Hope you can recruit some voters,people are waking up to the prissy like republicans who couldn't put up a good argument with a mental challenged kid,in other words their just like the dumocrats only have a different party name and no one has any guts to manhandle pipsqueek Harry and put him in his place
I never heard of this meeting,how come registered republicans were not notified?.


because somebody would have showed up with some tough questions that couldn't be answered by reading his script..


The problem with having both the Senate and House controlled by Republicans is that voters then ten to seek a balance of power by electing a Democrat as president. Unfortunately that means "Billary"!


Oh no, not HER! She tells more lies and has more excuses than Obama. REMEMBER BENGHAZI!!


Well the D's took control of both houses of congress in 2006 and Obama still was elected in 2008. No balance there.


@hit the road I'm a republican as you are,maybe i don't do enough to get notifications but i have found that both parties in this county think they are an exclusive club,i could name the names but I won't,think big houses on Benedict ave and eagle creek

hit the road jack

Yea,what was I thinking?


So earl does you last name rhyme with hair?


no it rhymes with witch


Then I know you.


you're a real smart guy kurt


Like Mike said about Willis: "He's a good Republican, he doesn't vote."


Don't count on it Jordan.