Fellow church member indicted for acts with girl

Methodist layman, 61, accused of kidnapping and gross sexual imposition involving 12-year-old.
TNS Regional News
Aug 21, 2014


A former layman at Bloomville United Methodist Church has been indicted by a Seneca County grand jury for kidnapping and gross sexual imposition.

Emanuel Lewis, 61, of New Washington, is in the Seneca County jail in lieu of $500,000 bond, which was set Tuesday by Common Pleas Judge Steve Shuff.

The indictment alleges Mr. Lewis had sexual contact March 28 with a 12-year-old girl who was a member of the church.


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Why do people in Norwalk have to read about crap from other areas? Don't we have enough trash to report around here? Or are we just too lazy to do some actual reporting? Maybe investigate how the city gets ripped off by the transfer station for sludge disposal!!

Ben Crazy

You dont have to read anything , some of us that have a life want to know whats going on elsewhere!

swiss family

to BEN I say....AMEN...


I agree. If you don't want to hear about news from other places then don't read it.


It's free...Quit your bitchin....


All you twits are missing the point.

Really are you ...

Nice! Thinking like this is why we are where we are now. In Ohio, where is the biggest job growth? Columbus. If the elected officials live in and only hear about what is happening in Columbus, look what happens to Norwalk or Sandusky. Where is one of the wealthiest places to live in the United States? Washington DC. All the congressmen and women do not care about us. They have their own agendas. When a congress person calls from DC to their home state, who do they call? Their state capitol. A place that is all peachy. What was the biggest bill or item to be voted on by congress? When they were not on recess. Jobs? Amending NAFTA? Some foreign issue? Mainly members of congress have been busy trying to figure out how to tie opposing party members hands, accomplishing relitively nothing. So where they look, everything is great. If it wasn't a waste, we should send our congress representatives, heck even representatives in Columbus, a copy of our daily newspaper. A hard copy were it would actually take some sort of effort to throw it away. Instead of deleting it from their smartphones. If every county and every city these people represent sent hard copies of the daily newspaper.


My guess is that they would never see it as their interns would throw it away or use it for toilet paper...