'Why not hand it off to someone else?'

Norwalk police chief discusses Ferguson shooting situation
Cary Ashby
Aug 22, 2014


A local police chief said being forthright with what happened in the Ferguson, Mo. shooting and restoring peace would be the best plan of attack for authorities there.

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light also said the best thing to do is for Missouri authorities to bring in the National Guard to restore peace in the Ferguson community and create a citizens review board.

"They have to get a handle on that. Once you restore peace there, you have to get citizens responding," he said.

Light said citizens should meet with law-enforcement personnel and the review board should be neutral so it can analyze the situation. If that happens, the chief believes it shouldn't take a long to time to get to the heart of the investigation of the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown.

At 12:01 p.m. -- 10 minutes after Ferguson police received a call about a robbery at a convenience store, an officer encountered Brown and a friend as they walked down a street, according to USA Today. Brown was shot to death as a result of the incident.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., as he was traveling to Ferguson to be briefed on the federal civil rights inquiry, said Tuesday he promised a "fair and thorough" of the shooting, which he hopes "will bring some measure of calm to the tensions in Ferguson," according to USA Today.

"At the core of these demonstrations is a demand for answers about the circumstances of this young man's death and a broader concern about the state of our criminal justice system," Holder wrote in an op-ed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "At a time when so much may seem uncertain, the people of Ferguson can have confidence that the Justice Department intends to learn -- in a fair and thorough manner -- exactly what happened."

Light said one of the first things Ferguson police should have done was issue a press release about the shooting.

"It's going to be public record anyway. The longer you hold it back from the public, the more suspicious it looks," the chief said.

Also, Light said it would be appropriate for the Ferguson-area prosecutor to recuse himself or herself from the investigation.

"Why not hand it off to someone else?" he added.



"It's going to be public record anyway. The longer you hold it back from the public, the more suspicious it looks," the chief said.

Exactly. Release that report and that dash cam video... although I'm sure the camera malfunctioned, and there is no recording.


The subject shoplifted to provoke a police response, then pulled a knife on the officers as they arrived. They exited, weapons drawn (due to the presence of a hostile individual with a deadly weapon), and challenged the subject. Challenge in this case means directed attention to them and ordered him to drop the weapon. Instead of heeding their challenge, the subject approached the officers once, and then a second time. The entire time, the subject was within 20 feet of both officers. The second time he advanced on them, the officers shot him, neutralizing the threat. Then, as cops are not medical professionals and therefore are not legally able to pronounce someone dead, not to mention unknowing if he was on some kind of drug like PCP (this really happens relatively often), they handcuffed him to ensure he would not become a threat again.


That is a completely different incident. Pay attention!

J Cooper

Unprofessional of Chief Light arm chair quarterbacking since he like the rest of us does not know all the facts yet. Its somewhat hypocritical to suggest that prosecutor recuses himself, doesn't the county prosecutor or city law director many times determine if the conduct of an local officer was appropriate? As for issuing a press release, if all the facts are not known that only can cause problems down the road if your initial statements are latter to be found not accurate. Does the City of Norwalk have a citizens review board? My opinion only I usually agree with Chief Light.b


In this particular case it would be better if the prosecutor recused himself. That would be the right thing for him to do based on his history.

Now The Rest of...

Why, he was elected in a county with a large minority population.


seems like you have your incidents mixed up a little Daniel

as for chief Light,he should know better than to respond about an incident in St Louis since he or nobody else has the facts,very unprofessional


I disagree.


"Why not hand it off to someone else?" Pass the buck please! don"t worry citizens of norwalk ohio, we have a brand new "Tank" in the city that was funded by your own tax dollars just to keep you safe from any upriseing that may occur.


Finally seeing the light . Not so smart ? Spine missing ? Always willing to blame someone else. But he has a tank .


This actually makes me feel safer. If you aren't in the military than you haven't been properly trained on how to use military equipment. If you want to be in the military then enlist. But if you became a police officer stay a police officer and play Army with your buddies on the weekends. Don't play Army in the streets of your town with your own citizens.

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Norwalk has a tank now too!? Wooster and Orrville were "donated" tanks a year or two ago. Creepy

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Its an armored UNARMED wheeled personal carrier, huge difference from a tank.


Snoozer (named appropriately), here are some facts about this new vehicle. The city paid nothing for this vehicle. It cost the city only the for the guys to travel to Indiana to retrieve it and improvements. Free to us at the expense of the Federal Government. The Special Response Team will use this vehicle in lieu of the extended passenger van that was passed down to them from the fire department. This is nothing more than a multi-person vehicle. No different than a shuttle bus. All free. I know because I asked.


Just wondering if you ask if it could be used on streets that don't allow trucks? I've read articles where cities turned these vehicles down because they would ruin normal city streets. I've also read that these vehicles have a high turn over rate and require a special insurance. I don't know if its true but it sounds logical.

In my own opinion, I would think that there has to be more cost associated with the new vehicle than a 15 passenger van. Parts have to be scarce and expensive. Insurance has to be double or close to it. I still feel this is more of a wanting to be in the military thing than a cost saving thing. I wish the police department would release some actual numbers showing a savings in cost over time or something.

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It was free when you compare it to most military vehicles, its a armored SUV on steroids, damage to streets no more than a medium truck like a snowplow. The city is self insured within the Ohio Municipal League, no insurance increase. Parts, still being produced for export. Main function protection for the officers, defensive in nature.


it is one creepy shuttle bus and free to us at the expense of federal govenment,I don't know about you but fed taxes are real money for me every April,and I do mean real money,hard to come up with


this shuttle bus will only move when the boys go out to to a gathering of area cops,otherwise its an eyesore in middle of town


@ now the rest of I love the steroids part,that sounds so cool,what is your rank at NPD?

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Not a member of NPD now or in the past, how's the Big Mac sale going for you at work?


arrogant cops,big part of problem,cops are supposed to protect citizens not hide in an armored truck.
no burgers here, retired and law abiding citizen,also conservative