Triple shot -- three restaurants opening in Norwalk

Here are updates about city's three newest eateries.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 21, 2014


It's not often three restaurants open at nearly the same time, but that is exactly what is happening in Norwalk.

Mayor Rob Duncan made reference to this point at Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Los Buenos Amigos opened Monday on Cline Street.

"I was able to attend the ribbon-cutting for Los Buenos Amigos," the mayor said, adding he received two messages indicating the food was very good and the service friendly.

Mia Famiglia's Uptown Cafe is set to open at 11 a.m. Friday. This restaurant, which will be owned and operated by the Segedi family, will feature authentic Italian food at its 5 E. Main St. location.

"Bar145° is getting ready for a soft launch," Duncan said.

Bar145° is located in the former Bob Evans restaurant on Milan Avenue. The facility is known for burgers, bands and bourbon.

In other business, Duncan praised a number of people for their hard work in addressing the blue-green algae situation at the upper reservoir.

Duncan said water/wastewater superintendent Bill Albrecht and assistant superintendent Dave Ackerman "did a fantastic job working on this."

The mayor received a positive message of support from Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins and also was the recipient of messages from U.S. Sen. Rob Portman and U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan stating they would provide whatever support they could in dealing with the water issue.

Duncan added State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) was investigating the availability of grant money to help ease the cost of treating the water.

The city has been working with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to properly treat the blue-green algae and to determine what caused the algae to grow.

Finally, the city is pursuing funds through the Safe Routes to School program that could provide about $5,000 worth of new school/crossing zone signs.


Kottage Kat

The new Mexican restaurant is great. Food excellent, service very good. Pleasant atmosphere. Prices reasonable.
I was very satisfied.


Good to hear !


I don't know about everyone else but we can not wait to try Bar145!!!


Bar145 is the one I'm waiting on also!!


I will be visiting all 3! So happy that we finally have decent places besides Bob Evans-lousy- Berry's- downhill since the son took over and lousy fast food places. I will gladly pay $15-$20 for lunch and $40-$50 for dinner as long as it's good! Hope the others get off the moldy money to support them all!!


@togbarf71 I want to apologize first by saying I wish i had moldy money!
Guess it left when my job left five years ago. was nice having that choice to eat where I wanted when I wanted.
Regardless of your opinion on eateries, too spend $50.00 on a meal or $6.00 on a meal is redundant!
Does it make you fuller in the belly if you spend more money? if the cow was from texas or ohio?
You just sound like a sheep to me! Please waiter give me the maximum axx reaming please! oh and desert thats worth at least $75.00...Ill take the star dinner any day of the week over your prissy footed $50.00 tab!


Snoozer- Sorry about your job, but find another like other people do and stop whining. You pay for quality food, atmosphere and service. If you want a deep fried hushpuppy and other crap go to Vargo's. As for my prissy meal, please stay away..that is why I am hoping the dinner is more upscale. Keep people like yourself away. And I will guarantee this- My $50 meal will be A LOT better than your $6 meal. Enjoy your Whopper & Fries- oh, wait- you can't even get that garbage for $6. And it does matter where beef is raised. Read up on the restaurant business and you would understand. Ever hear of Kobe Beef? Only 1% of all beef is labeled Prime. Ya- there is a big difference. And I will pay for that difference.


not going to sell many $40-$50 dinners in Norwalk,lucky to sell $20-$25


That's why you have crappy fast food and nothing good to eat in Norwalk.


My point exactly L5...Cheap Food Isn't Good, And Good Food Isn't Cheap!!!


The $40-$50 would include a couple beers or cocktails. $7 app., $18-$22 entrée, $6 dessert, 2 beers @ $4 = $39-$43. Free entertainment, and nice dining atmosphere. Not a bad night out in my book.


No different than Applebee's or Red Lobster.

Tippythehippy's picture


Tippythehippy's picture

And not to forget the tip! Those generally run 10-20%

the bull

Blue Ribbon cafe also sucks. Not same without the old owners.


see what i'm talkin bout tog,Blue ribbon has $5.00 dinner


And Blue Ribbon Catering sucks...and I'm not the only one that thinks that either.

Kottage Kat

All sound good. Norwalk needs some upscale eateries. Hope those who can will support them.

J Cooper

Looking forward to all three restaurants opening, but I disagree about Blue Ribbon, I attended a graduation party that they cantered recently, the food was excellent, last Thanksgiving we purchased our family dinner from them and again, it was excellent.


Black haired lady at blue ribbon can chase away more people than the food. She needs to contain her attitude. Good news for Norwalk 3 !


I'll gladly pay more if the quality is there.


Learn to cook; save money. You're going to need it.


To the bull & togbert71, I am very sorry you feel that way, but instead of bashing Blue Ribbon here, why not contact me directly to address these concerns? Sometimes the business owner is unaware of certain things and unless people come forward and let us know how are we to make improvements to make things better?
May I ask your real name so I may contact you to see why you feel this way and see if there is anything I can do?
I can tell you that there are issues that I am aware of and we are making changes in the near future to address and improve these things. Professionalism is a must, along with pleasant attitudes.
I am excited as well to see new businesses/restaurants coming to Norwalk. Everyone will benefit from it. I wish them good luck and I am excited to try Bar 145 as well!
J Cooper, thank you very much! I have recvd a lot of positive feed back on our caterings and it has been a busy summer! Hope to see you again this Thanksgiving! If you need anything just let me know! Melissa

Just a Girl

Can't wait to try all 3. I work in Norwalk, live in Sandusky. Want to tell you about a new Mexican place in Sandusky. Just east of TGIFriday's in the South Shore Inn on Cleveland Rd. Las Cuevas-the most awesome salsa of ever. Tried beef burrito, tamale, Pollo Chorizo, and Pollo Tropico. All hot, fast, and delicious. Pretty small in there, no fancy decor-but give it a try. Great prices too.


We have tried the new mexican restaurant..The food was good, our server was very good, & the owner very pleasant & friendly..Last night we went to the new italian restaurant..The food was good, the server we had needs to learn more about the menu so that when the customers ask questions, she can answer..The servers are very busy so they really could use a hostess to seat the customers & help clean off the tables..It was very warm in there, maybe the ac needs a little work..Everyone is very friendly..I'm sure we will go back..Just like everything else, it will take time to work the bugs out..Togbert71, stonybaby, & the bull, I agree with you totally about Blue Ribbon..They used to be a great place to eat, buy meats, pasta salads, & cater..Not any more..MelissaV, I have called & complained two separate times..NOTHING was done.. I was made to feel as if it was my fault the food wasn't good (fresh) & that miss attitude was rude..As most of the old customers, we go else where now..Sunday by appointment,not a good idea for the summer hours..


It's no use to complain. I have several times and I get "The look". I'll go elsewhere. There is a chef that does side jobs that I use now. Good food and nice guy. Sorry Blue Ribbon. No use giving names or anything else. You already chased me off.